Factors for HR Planning in Organizations: Internal vs External

In this task I will be talking about the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements of an organisation. I will be specifically talking about Sainsbury's with the internal and external factors required when planning their HR requirements.

Internal factors

There are many internal factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements in Sainsbury's, one of which is the organisational needs. The workplace needs to be able to adapt and overcome any changes for example the addition of self-checkouts will mean that less counters will be required, meaning less employees will be required to work at the counters, therefore making less space for work.

However, the self-checkouts can be the alternate for the people working at counters because employees will be required to work there and assist customers, in order to work at the self-checkouts, the staff should learn how they work and gain the skills required to successfully operate them.

Another organisational need which helps Sainsbury adapt to changes is that during holidays or celebrations, especially Christmas and black Friday they make 5,500 jobs as well as extra hours available during this time period.

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Due to these events, Sainsbury's has already got a way to adapt to the changes and loss of colleagues so they seek temporary ones in order to make sure the service during the holidays is good. This internal factor allows Sainsbury's to successfully plan their human resource requirements and prepare for the future events.

The demand for different products and services can affect the number of people needed in certain roles for example, if the level of demand surpasses the level of stock will mean that customers won't be happy since the company won't be able provide more of that product until they get more stock.

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In order to fix this, Sainsbury's will need to hire more suppliers so they can receive the stock much quicker and satisfy customers. Other than that, the company has a method of dealing with this with their stock checker which can be found on their website which can check the stock of a specific product in your local store, this is good for customer because they will be able to check what items are available and save them the hassle of going to the store.

Skill requirements and assessing the skills of employees is important for HR planning because it allows Sainsbury's to build a profile of the experience, skills and qualifications of the staff. Sainsbury's requires their colleagues to 'develop diversity and skills' This can be done by giving their colleagues 'externally accredited training and internal career progression'. By tracking and having the right skill requirements from employees allows Sainsbury's to plan their Human resource requirements in order to build a strong workforce.

The workplace profiles are also a key internal factors for HR planning at Sainsbury's, these are very useful for the managers at because it allows them to monitor and view the employees in each shop. The workplace profile usually includes the information of each employee such as their age, ethnicity and their gender. Knowing the age of the employees allows the manager to plan and put colleagues in suitable age groups because large gaps in age can cause problems between colleagues such as bad cooperation. The workplace profiles show the skills and qualifications each employee has; this will allow Sainsbury's to give staff the most suitable job role for them which relates to the skills they own

External factors

An external factor to consider when planning human resources is the employee expectations, this is things such as how long the working hours are and the different types of contracts available ranging from part-time, full-time and permanent. Each person is different therefore they need to consider the amount of working hours they can fulfil as well as what type of contract they should get depending on how suitable it is for them. This allows Sainsbury's to plan their HR as they can provide employee expectations with job descriptions which tell them about the basics of a specific job role such as the type of contract and working hours per week, therefore allowing the employees choose the most suitable job role for them.

Labour costs is another external factor required for HR planning because

Updated: May 03, 2023

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