Human Resources department in William Hill

Human Resources department in William Hill are important because they have a connection with the quality of employees and market success. William Hill will not be able to work effectively if workers are not committed to meeting corporate objectives so it is the HR management job to ensure this quality by recruiting, developing and retaining these staff. In order to do the above it is essential for HR department to look at various information internally and externally to plan for human resource.

Internal and external information is important for William Hill as they need it to determine what they are doing, what they should have done, and what they are about to do. For this company to be the best and to strive to the highest levels they should make sure that they know all legislations that they need to follow in order to stay on the same side of the law.

Internal in formation consist of what is happening in the business such as below:

Labour Turnover

This means the number of employees that leave over a period of time, are replaced

and the average length of time workers stay and reason for staff wastage.

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This can

either be advantage or become a disadvantage to William Hill. This is because it can either bring in new employees with new ideas and skills, or it can be expensive to recruit new staff. Due to high costs that it will produce, this can also become time consuming. Employees may leave because of poor career prospects, allowing little chance of promotion or simply better opportunities elsewhere.

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The way to measure labour turnover is:

Wastage rate: No. of leavers in a period

* 100

Average number of employees in the period

Average No. Employees at start of period + Employees at end of period

of employees:


Companies including William Hill can use this calculation on a yearly basis for the whole organisation or just the department. This is highly useful when used as a comparison with previous years. One disadvantage is that the equation (wastage rate) doesn’t measure the length of service of the employees that leave.

Stability Index means that means how long an employee has been with the firm. It can be measure by using this formula:

No. of employees with one or more years or service

* 100

No. of employees at the start of the year

This equation shows the stability of more loyal and settled workers. It ignores short-term workers or those most likely to leave.

William Hill Labour turnover for Evelyn Street Branch is:

Labour turnover = 3 * 100 = 20%


This result includes the amount of part time and full time workers employed in my branch. This is a really good indication that numerous workers love their job and want to stay employed in William Hill. As there is high retention levels it makes planning for human resource easier because it seems that more workers are staying.

The amount of people leaving one branch would require the attention of the HR department, this is because the company can observe what is wrong and try to find ways to fix it. This would help the department as it can grow from the results of the turnover. Being able to put back into working order the things that became a problem in the past would make the company more successful from within.

Age, Skills and Qualifications

According to studies the older you are the more experience you would have. Analysing the age of the workers at William Hill it would show that mostly young and middle age groups are being employed. William Hill tend to take staff during night racing and hiring people around these times would be essential for the company but not for the employee, this is because in that short space of time the workers will not gain the qualifications that they need. William Hill’s most reliable staff would be the middle age groups.

This is because they would be more experienced and have been in that trade for such longer period. In addition to this they will gain maximum experience and qualifications to match. Where this is rewarded by annual pay they will be more expensive to employ, their length of service may make them more expensive to make redundant. Younger staff may lack experience but they may be more receptive to change and new ideas, also they may inexpensive to recruit.

When looking at the gender of William Hill you will find that most of the employees are female:

FEMALE – 60%

MALE – 40%

There are more women on the shop floors than in the Head Office of William. Also the male population tend to be the betters and it means that the female will tend to serve them especially when it comes to individual betting shops. William Hill is a company that employ regardless of qualification or skills in providing their services to customers however it would aid employment if you had rather good maths skills, good communication skills and working with other workers as a team. But William Hill do offer training where it is needed to new or previous staff because it essential time is not wasted in not knowing what to do but being productive and offering good Customer Service.

Staff Absences or sickness

Staff absences cost industries in terms of money and time due to less productivity. Staff absences is not only included in absences but also bad time keeping such as arriving late and leaving early but also due to industrial accidents. Accidents at work can be avoided by the use of common sense and consideration. Hazards caused by leaving paper on the floor, having the ladder obstructing the way, blocked entrances and exits with boxes and trailing leads. So it is part of the Human Resource to keep sure that safety is kept by each shop and that appropriate planning is made for training in First Aid in case of accidents caused by other individuals. Apart from accidents the workplace can cause illness to workers in a variety of ways especially those that are doing night shift also due to constant smoking by workers and customers it may lead to further health problems in the future so this may cause absences. The staff absences in the Evelyn Branch of William Hill yearly are:

Part time employees 18%

Full time employees 32%

Full time workers have the highest


This can be done within the business or outside, according to the training needs of the employee. There are different types of training: Induction, Mentoring, Coaching, Apprenticeships, and Off and On the job training. Staff training is required if William Hill are to continue and to be successful to be the best in their market. The process of training is to help employees reach their maximum efficiency. William Hill will need to meet their annual targets therefore employees would need to develop their skills.

At the beginning of your employment at William Hill or any other workplace you will have to have an induction. This is an introduction to the business for new employees. This can be used to familiarise the new recruits with the organisation. Based on a good induction the employee will feel at ease with the organisation and some of the employees. Your skills and qualifications may be based on your training. Your ability to gain as much knowledge as you can will be reflected in your skills to do certain jobs. Employees of William Hill will be trained to suit any area no mater what the task in question is. This will then help the company to strive to be the finest it can be.

Succession and Promotion of Staff

Succession is the process of staff that has left being trained and promoted although it has become common for William Hill to recruit experienced staff from outside the business it would be advantageous to start promoting those within the organisation.

So in order for employees to stay and require less human resource planning it helps to encourage staff to remain loyal by giving them good career prospects. Promoting within William Hill will ensure continuity of style and culture of the organisation so that everyone watching out for each other style will still exists to continue increasing productivity. The human resource department do not always approach staff for promotion but teletexting is placed on Managers betting screen to tell staff or posters are placed out side individual LBO if they need certain staff. Nevertheless there is always that problem that internal staffs are not suitable so advertising the need for staff will have to be done for William HR department for planning for the future.

External information relates to the information outside of the business and these tend to be things which are beyond William Hill’s control. So in order to overcome these problems it helps to use the PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal) analysis which looks at all aspects of the external influences which will prove crucial to the outcome of William Hill in coming years.


With there being a stable political environment it enables William Hill to make predictions about their future because they have that degree of certainty due to knowing that the Labour government will be in power for another four years and hopefully they will stick to the same economic policies. If there was an increase in company taxation levels, this could mean that William Hill will have more cost to pay and may not be able to recruit as many staff as they previously would.

For the Human Resource department it means that they may have to recruit staffs that are less ‘expensive’ such as those that don’t have as much experience as someone that may have been in the industry for 10 years. Changes to taxation levels in general would have an affect on William Hill as certain things such as concessions and incentives given to workers could increase or decrease. However some of the company expenses are tax deductible meaning that William Hill can set these off against tax burdens and may make them more willing to recruit workers if costs can be cut through not giving away company cars. The level of protectionism that the government have could affect trade and could affect demand for William Hill services hence demand for labour to supply services could fall or ascend depending on their restrictions.


Economic forces affect both the organisation and its customers. Depending on the sector that the business lies on the economic influences will be different. The economic environment may change, William Hill will need to understand how their suppliers and customers will be affected if they are to successfully adjust to change. Unemployment has a relationship with the demand of product or products in general. With a high unemployment level the demand for products will go down as people have less disposable income.

If William Hill were to set up in an area that has low employment levels then they could make the percentage level increase thus giving the company more sales as unemployment is low. If interest rates are high then it becomes a lot more expensive for companies like William Hill to borrow money from banks, meaning that William Hill will refrain from expanding and less staff will be needed. The Human Resources Planning department may have to delayer the hierarchy of the company leaving some without a job. With high interest rates people in general will become hostile to purchasing luxury or high priced products or services therefore the demand for them will decrease. The Human Resources department would need to invent ways for this to change in their favour.


People’s spending habits may vary during different seasons because of various races during the course of the year such as Cheltenham, The Grand National and many more. William Hill will realise this and take advantage for it. When recruiting staff WH Smith would need to think carefully on whom to take on. Taking in the knowledge that younger employees would be more responsive to change. However someone of the senior generation may offer more years of service. This will effect the HR department of WH Smith because they will need to consider a lot. Since younger people may have new skills and new ideas they may be beneficial to the company, and older employees would stay with the company longer.


As technology is advancing WH Smith need to move with the times by using technology They may want to make sure that their products are of the highest standards so WH Smith would use technical equipment thereby reducing the amount of staff required. If WH Smith engages in Internet sales it may also cut down the staffs that is needed. The Human Resources department will take into consideration the affect that this would have on WH Smith and they will use this to interpret the outcome for their future.


Environmental issues are a very big part of all industries as everyone wants to be environmentally friendly. Some of WH Smith’s customers would like to buy recyclable products to be kind to the environment. If WH Smith were to be concerned with the environment they could buy more recyclable stationery enabling this to be part of their policy concerning the environment. There may be some customers (like me) that don’t really mind whether their goods are recyclable. To them they may think that just because they can be recycled they are not good quality, therefore they would not buy it. The HR department would need to analyse this area and make sure they know and understand the ramifications that may occur from their decisions. This could have an effect on staff as they may need to employ more people to assist with sales or not employ anyone at all.


All companies follow an equal opportunity policy as it is part of a legislation that all businesses should follow. For legal reasons William Hill may have to pay one employee more money than another, this would not be because one’s a man and the other is a woman, but, because one is a minor (under 16) and the other is above 18. With this policy people under 18 yrs would be paid �3.60 and anyone older would get �4.20. Within this company they do not discriminate against people, this could be from sex discrimination to racial. This could effect the HR department as it could higher the cost of labour that they recruit, meaning that they would reduce the amount of staff.

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