Strategic HR Planning at William Hill: Examining Internal and External Information

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The Human Resources department at William Hill is essential for the company's success as it connects with employees and ensures their dedication to meeting corporate goals. HR management has the duty of recruiting, developing, and retaining top-notch staff to ensure effective functioning of William Hill. To achieve this, the HR department must strategically plan for human resources by examining both internal and external information.

Both internal and external information are crucial for William Hill in determining their actions, evaluating past decisions, and preparing for the future.

Adherence to relevant legislation is essential for the company to be the best and reach high standards. Internal information refers to factors within the business, including labor turnover. This involves tracking the number of employees who leave over a specific period, their replacement rate, average tenure, and reasons for staff attrition. Labor turnover can have advantages such as bringing in fresh ideas and skills but can also be costly and time-consuming to recruit new staff.

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Limited career prospects or better opportunities elsewhere may contribute to employee turnover. The calculation of labor turnover can be done using a formula: Wastage rate equals the number of leavers in a period multiplied by 100 divided by the average number of employees during that period (which can be calculated as the sum of employees at the start and end of the period divided by 2). This calculation allows comparisons with previous years on an annual basis for both the entire organization or individual departments. However, one drawback is that it does not consider the length of service of employees who leave.

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On contrast, The Stability Index measures an employee's tenure duration with a company. The formula for determining the stability of employees is as follows: No.of employees with one or more years of service * 100 / No.of employees at the start of the year. This equation evaluates loyal and settled employees, disregarding short-term workers or those likely to leave. The Labour turnover rate for William Hill's Evelyn Street Branch is calculated using this formula: Labour turnover = 3 * 100 / 15 = 20%. It should be noted that this rate includes both part-time and full-time workers in my branch. This percentage suggests that a significant number of employees enjoy their job and want to stay with William Hill. The high retention levels make human resources planning easier, indicating that more individuals are choosing to remain employed. When a large number of workers leave a branch, it requires attention from the HR department. This allows the company to identify issues and find solutions by addressing past problems, contributing to overall success. Factors such as age, skills, and qualifications should also be considered, as studies suggest older individuals have more experience.The age distribution of employees at William Hill shows that the majority are young or middle-aged. The company tends to hire staff during night racing, which is important for the company but may not be advantageous for the employees as they may not have enough time to gain necessary qualifications. Nevertheless, the most reliable workforce at William Hill is found among those in middle age groups.

The reason for this is that older employees possess more experience and qualifications, which may make them more costly to employ and let go due to their higher salaries and longer tenure. On the other hand, younger staff members may lack experience but are more adaptable to change and potentially cheaper to hire. At William Hill, there is a larger proportion of female employees compared to male employees, particularly on the shop floors where they often serve male customers who tend to place larger bets. While specific qualifications and skills are not mandatory for employment at William Hill, possessing good math and communication skills as well as being a team player can be advantageous. The company offers training programs aimed at preventing wasted time and ensuring excellent customer service. Staff absences have a negative impact on productivity and result in financial losses for industries. These absences encompass various factors such as missed work days or poor timekeeping like arriving late or leaving early, along with industrial accidents. To mitigate these issues, it is crucial for individuals to exercise common sense and consideration. Workplace hazards such as leaving paper on the floor, obstructing paths with ladders, blocking entrances/exits with boxes, or having trailing leads can lead to accidents. Henceforth, Human Resources bears the responsibility of upholding safety standards in each shop location while also planning for First Aid training sessions to handle accidents caused by others. In addition to accidents occurring at work premises, workers may face illnesses especially if they are assigned night shifts. Furthermore, constant smoking by both workers and customers can contribute to future health problems leading to increased absences from work.The annual staff absences at William Hill's Evelyn Branch are 18% for part-time employees and 32% for full-time employees. It is crucial to provide training specifically to full-time workers who have the highest absence rate. The training can be conducted either internally or externally, depending on the individual employee's training needs. There are various types of training available, including induction, mentoring, coaching, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training. Staff training plays a vital role in ensuring William Hill's success and enables them to excel in their market. This training process aims to assist employees in reaching their maximum efficiency levels. To achieve their yearly objectives, it is imperative for William Hill employees to enhance their skills through this ongoing training process.

During the commencement of your employment at William Hill or any other workplace, an induction process will be carried out. This serves as an introduction for new employees and helps them familiarize themselves with the organization. A well-executed induction is crucial in making employees feel comfortable within the company and establishing relationships with their colleagues. It is essential to acquire extensive knowledge as your skills and qualifications often rely on training. Hence, William Hill offers comprehensive training tailored to various areas or tasks that may be assigned. This level of training contributes significantly to the company's objective of achieving excellence. The growth and development of the organization heavily depend on succession planning and staff promotion. While experienced individuals from outside are recruited by William Hill, promoting internal candidates also proves beneficial. Doing so encourages employee loyalty and minimizes the need for extensive human resource planning. Furthermore, internal promotions ensure a consistent style and culture within the organization, fostering an environment where everyone supports each other leading to increased productivity. The human resources department does not always approach employees directly for promotions but instead uses teletexting to inform them about available opportunities or places posters outside licensed betting offices when specific staff members are required.The HR department at William Hill may need to advertise to attract new staff for future planning due to the challenge of finding suitable internal candidates. External information, including political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal influences, is beyond the control of William Hill. To overcome these challenges, a PESTEL analysis is beneficial in examining all aspects of external influences that will significantly impact the company's future success. From a political standpoint, a stable political environment allows for predictions about the future based on the knowledge that the Labour government will be in power for another four years and will likely maintain the same economic policies. However, an increase in company taxation levels could result in higher costs for William Hill and potentially limit their ability to recruit as many staff as before.

The Human Resource department may need to recruit less experienced staff instead of those with 10 years of industry experience in order to reduce costs. Changes in taxation levels can affect William Hill by altering concessions and incentives given to workers. However, some company expenses are tax deductible, allowing William Hill to offset these against tax burdens and potentially increasing their willingness to hire workers if costs can be reduced by not providing company cars. The level of government protectionism can impact trade and demand for William Hill's services, thus affecting the demand for labor which could either decrease or increase depending on the government's restrictions.

Economic forces have an impact on both the organization and its customers, but the specific economic influences vary depending on the sector in which the business operates. To successfully adapt to change, it is important for William Hill to understand how changes in the economic environment will affect their suppliers and customers. Unemployment rates also influence product demand; high unemployment leads to decreased disposable income and a decline in overall product demand.

If William Hill establishes itself in a region with low employment rates, the company may experience an increase in sales as people are more likely to spend money when unemployment is low. However, high interest rates can make it more expensive for companies like William Hill to borrow money from banks, making expansion difficult and leading to reduced demand for labor. Consequently, the Human Resources Planning department may need to downsize the company, resulting in job losses. Additionally, high interest rates tend to discourage people from purchasing luxury or high-priced products and services, negatively impacting the demand for these goods. The Human Resources department of William Hill would need to develop strategies to counteract this effect. Furthermore, consumer spending patterns can vary throughout the year due to events like Cheltenham and The Grand National. During these periods, William Hill targets specific customer segments to take advantage of seasonal races. When hiring staff, WH Smith must carefully consider whether younger employees who are more open to change and may bring new skills and ideas or older employees who offer years of experience and loyalty would be a better fit for the company.The HR department at WH Smith must carefully consider these factors when making hiring decisions. Technological advancements necessitate that WH Smith keeps up with the times by utilizing technology, which may reduce the need for staff as technical equipment is used to ensure high-quality products. Implementing internet sales could also lead to a decreased staff requirement. The Human Resources department must assess the impact of these changes on WH Smith's future and utilize this information to make informed decisions. Environmental concerns are crucial in all industries, including WH Smith's. Some customers prefer eco-friendly options and seek out recyclable products. To align with environmental policies, WH Smith could increase its purchase of recyclable stationery. However, there are customers who prioritize product quality over recyclability and may not purchase such goods. The HR department needs to analyze this aspect and understand the potential consequences of their choices, which may affect staffing needs requiring either increased sales support or no additional hires at all. Regarding legal requirements, all companies must follow an equal opportunity policy mandated by legislation. For legal reasons, William Hill may need to pay one employee more than another based on age rather than gender. This occurs when one employee is a minor (under 16) while the other is above 18. The policy states that individuals under 18 years old will be paid £3.60, while those above 18 will receive £4.20. The company does not discriminate based on sex or race. However, this may impact the HR department by increasing recruitment costs and potentially resulting in staff reductions.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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