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Thomas Lecky
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Pages • 4
Dr. Thomas Lecky was an agricultural scientist born in Jamaica. He was a pioneer in crossbreeding and greatly influenced Jamaican and tropical farming habits. He achieved many awards and recognitions, most notably the Order of Merit, the highest civilian honor in Jamaica. Thomas Lecky was born in Portland, Jamaica on December 31, 1904. At the time of his birth, Jamaica was a British colony. Furthermore, Jamaica gained independence in 1962, when it also became a Commonwealth Realm. As a Commonwealth…...
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Geography And Culture Of Panama Cultural Studies Essay
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Pages • 11
Full state name: Republic of PanamaArea: 78,000 sq kilometer ( 30,420 sq myocardial infarction )Population: 2,611,000 ( growing rate 2 % )Capital metropolis: Panama City ( pop 610,000 )Peoples: 62 % ladino, 14 % African descent, 10 % Spanish descent, 5 % mulatto, 5 % IndianLanguage: Spanish, English and Indian linguistic communicationsReligion: 84 % Roman Catholic, 5 % Protestant, 5 % IslamicGovernment: DemocracyPresident: Mireya Moscoso ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )Location and Geography. The state is a natural land span…...
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Dancehall is the most potent form of popular culture in Jamaica
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Pages • 7
Dancehall is the most potent form of popular culture in Jamaica. It is a field of active cultural production, a means by which black lower class youth articulate and project a distinct identity in local, national, and global contexts; through dancehall, ghetto youth also attempt to deal with the endemic problems of poverty, racism, and violence. It is almost impossible to move though Jamaica's urban and rural spaces without encountering dancehall in some form. Dancehall has received many blame for…...
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Community Service and Volunteerism
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Vision 2030 and Community Service: What does community service/ volunteerism mean to you? Community Service means willingly offering your service to work to positively benefit others and also the community without the aim of gaining a profit. Which 2 of the four goals of Vision 2030 do you think is most closely linked to community service/ volunteerism? Why? The four goals of vision 2030 are: Jamaicans are empowered to achieve to their fullest potential. The Jamaican society is secure cohesive…...
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Extended Reality in Jamaica
Words • 700
Pages • 3
Extended Reality has many ways that it can support economic growth in Jamaica. All over the world countries have started to implement extended reality. Extended Reality allows us to create and provide a personalized learning experience. Many public schools in Arkansas have launched an initiative that will integrate VR headsets and equipment into classrooms across the state. The Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson stated during an interview that this initiative sets out to "empower Arkansas students to sharpen their computer science…...
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Worker’s organizations factor unequivocally in Jamaica’s
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Pages • 4
Worker's organizations factor unequivocally in Jamaica's political history and have been in presence from as right on time as 1938. In present day Jamaica, there are a few dynamic worker's organizations, each with huge participation, huge clout and acknowledgment in specialist portrayal and bartering rights. Regardless of the death of the Child Care and Protection Act in 2004, which unequivocally forbids youngster work, there have been a couple of revealed episodes of kids taking part in casual financial movement. The…...
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Time for emancipation from foreign food
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Pages • 3
The article Time for emancipation from foreign food published on Sunday August 4, 2019 by Carolyn Cooper bemoans the existence of Jamaica's negative food import bill. Cooper underscores the idea of growing our own food and supporting local farmers. The root cause of preference for foreign food is deeply embedded in what Cooper stated is our mental enslavement. No amount of mental enslavement can rival the gross levels of diseconomies of scale, globalization effects and industrialization that drives the production…...
Counter-Discourse in Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place
Words • 1840
Pages • 8
In the Western world, the Caribbean has long been viewed as an Edenic paradise. As a result, it has attracted legions of tourists from all over the world seeking an escape from the crushing banality of their day-to-day existence. While popular culture would have one think otherwise, many Caribbean natives resent the masses of innumerable tourists that frequent the region annually. Caribbean writers, in particular, have expressed contempt and indignation towards the tourist industry and the economic and environmental exploitation…...
Europeans in Jamaica
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Pages • 6
When did they come? Jamaica was first colonized by a native group of South American origin who, in the early history of Jamaica, called their home a paradise of wood and water. The Arawak were there to greet Christopher Columbus when he arrived in Jamaica in 1494, beginning a long period of European colonization there. The history of Jamaica as a European outpost saw the island under Spanish rule for 150 years, during which the city now known as Spanish…...
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Traffic and Pollution of Goat Islands
Words • 600
Pages • 3
The controversy of allowing the Chinese to occupy the Goat Islands thus developing it into a logistics hub has caused uproar from the relevant institution in Jamaica and its citizens toward the Jamaican government. This has caused the asking of these questions what the environmental regulation issues are? What are the contemporary infrastructure development issues? Will this multi-billion dollar project cost more to the people of Jamaica than it benefits them and has the Jamaican government adequately informed the electorate…...
Place You Should Visit In Jamaica
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Pages • 6
Did you know that Jamaican is amongst the most chic and interesting island found in the Caribbean, that one would wish to visit? Are you aware that the beaches in Jamaica are thought to be among the purist and most beautiful in the world? They have clear blue waters coupled with white sand which makes a visit to Jamaica a really wonderful experience. Let us first explore Jamaica in general, Jamaica is one of the Caribbean islands and it is…...
The Language Attitude Survey of the Caribbean
Words • 2720
Pages • 11
In the Caribbean and specifically in Jamaica, the most accepted language for communication is that language left to us by our European colonisers. The pidgin that developed from the contact of the African slaves and European masters later developed into their own individual languages (or Creoles). They (the elite in society) shun these languages as inappropriate or inadequate for public and sometimes even private use. This notion is widely accepted by even those who can speak nothing else but the…...
AttitudeEnglish LanguageJamaicaLanguageResearch
Crime and Violence in Jamaica
Words • 1637
Pages • 7
Jamaica is a small third world country in the Caribbean with a population of approximately 2, 709, 300 people. The country faces many problems yearly but the worst is the ever increasing crime rate. In October 2011 Jamaica was ranked 3rd in a report of countries with the highest crime rates by the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development . The country has taken a turn for the worst over the past few years. Our local television stations and…...
AdolescenceChildCrimeEssay gangJamaicaViolence
History of West Indies Federation
Words • 962
Pages • 4
Federation is the act of forming a political unity under a federal government. In 1958, the British Caribbean nests came together to form a West Indian Federation. There were 10 units in this union: Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, St. Kitts, Montserrat, Grenada. This attempt was short-term as it was dealt with in 1962. There are several reasons for the failure of the West Indian Federation; the federation was a weak one, the question…...
Jamaican Creole vs Standard English
Words • 1031
Pages • 5
As we can see, this is not the situation in Jamaican Creole. Case is always demonstrated by position. Any pronoun before the verb is the subject, and after the verb it is either the direct or indirect object. Other features to note are the lack of gender and absence of nominative and accusative case forms. Also lacking in Jamaican Creole are possessive pronouns like my, your, his, her, its, our, their. To demonstrate possession, Jamaican Creole either has the simple…...
Early Childhood
Words • 688
Pages • 3
In Jamaica not much is recorded about the early history of Early Childhood in Jamaica except for the contribution of the early theorist and Pioneers and what they contributed throughout its early development. In the early history of Early Childhood in Jamaica the majority of children’s education was not given priority not much thought was given to their developmental process and teachers who taught them were not properly trained. It was decided that every child had a right to proper…...
Globalisation on Jamaica
Words • 1605
Pages • 7
1. Causes of globalization affecting Jamaica: * For Jamaica, the main reason for globalization was darker. The energy Crisis of the early 1970s forced the Jamaican Government to take out loans from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to cover the rising expenses of fuel based imports. However they weren’t interested in cooperating with Jamaica in developing native infrastructure and resources, so they enforced a short-term repayment of the debt, budget cuts in areas supporting long term development,…...
Financial NewsGlobalizationJamaica
Cultural Immersion
Words • 1304
Pages • 6
Culture has been characterized as the beliefs, arts, morals, customs and traditions exhibited by a group of individuals within a particular society (Langness 1987). It has long been believed that culture has been associated with one’s ancestry. My trip to Jamaica has made it evident that this entirely is not the case. There are a number of other factors that could cause two groups of individual from the same ethnical background but living in different societies. My paper will be…...
Problems faced by the sugar industry
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Pages • 4
Topic: Problems faced by the Sugar Industry in the British West Indies specifically Jamaica. Research Question: The problems faced by the Sugar Industry affected the British West Indies during the period of 1838-1876. In light of those problems to what extent did this result in the decline of sugar and the economic state of Jamaica. Rationale/ Aim It is believed that the problems faced by the sugar industry were caused due to the fact that the planters had a very…...
“Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 514
Pages • 3
In the short story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid the author gives a perspective of the relationship between a strict mother and her young daughter. Jamaica Kincaid wrote series of sentences that sets the tone of the story to be uptight, oppressive, and informative. The author described her daughter into becoming a ‘slut’ which tells the readers that the mother is worried and is disapproving of her daughters actions. Others might think that the story is only about the daughter repeating…...
Girl By Jamaica KincaidJamaica
Jamaican Culture
Words • 634
Pages • 3
Probably one of the most lively and rich cultures of the world is of the Jamaican culture. It is perhaps due to its exotic surroundings and the various regions of its origin. Today in Jamaica, there are obvious influences of African, English, Spanish, and Indian. Being only the third biggest island in the Caribbean its impact is huge on the rest of the world. The official language of Jamaica is English. However, most civilians in Jamaica speak patois. Think of…...
CultureEducationEnglish LanguageJamaica
“What I Have Been Doing Lately” by Jamaica Kincaid
Words • 689
Pages • 3
The short story “What I Have Been Doing Lately” by Jamaica Kincaid, is told from within the dream of a young girl. She encounters many conflicts throughout her dream stemming from personal problems. The story is written in a circular structure that continues without resolution since her troubles are never resolved. The story makes use of small, choppy sentences which help the reader follow the quick, fast-paced actions happening during the dream. The non-traditional circular structure helps show the adolescent…...
Privatization Study
Words • 3111
Pages • 13
Privatisation can be defined as 'the partial or total transfer of home of responsibility from the public sector (federal government) to the personal sector (company) or private persons. Privatization can consist of the transfer of duties and not solely change of ownership. Privatisation consists of simply 'the transfer of all or any of 3 kinds of home rights from the state to the economic sector; ownership rights, operating rights and development rights since these make up the most common kind…...
Robert Nesta Marley
Words • 1580
Pages • 7
In a time of political, economic, and social unrest, a new way of protest was beginning to emerge from Jamaica in the form of reggae music. It was 1963 when a young man from Jamaica by the name of Robert Nesta Marley, better known as “Bob Marley”, formed a band called The Wailers, who would undoubtedly become one of the only reggae bands to rise up from the oppression of the third world country. The country of Jamaica had just…...
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