The Journey of Finding My Path

The journey of finding my path started from my curiosity about autonomous devices that were routinely operated in daily life. Growing inquisitiveness and zeal for understanding the coalescence between hardware and software made me opt for Electrical and Electronics Engineering for my under-graduation at Meenakshi College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai. From thence started my understanding of the domain, which grew into admiration and a strong passion for autonomous systems.

One of my favorite subjects – both theoretical and laboratory – was Embedded Systems.

I was one of the best academic performers and I stood among the top 5-10% in embedded coding in my class. The mini-project which I did during my third year was Home Automation using Arduino Uno R3. The thesis of this project was to operate home appliances through a remote-control mechanism, which can also be interfaced with theft-detection systems. Due to my predilection for autonomous systems, I worked on developing the project GSM-based Automatic Fire Fighting Robot in my final year.

This project aimed at detecting fires and ceasing them autonomously, without involving humans in the scene, thereby considerably reducing the casualties caused during the conventional fire-extinguishing process. This successful life-changing project taught me a lot about robotics, vehicle dynamics and the applications of integrated circuits for solving real-life problems. Indeed, these moments of joy and accomplishment made Electrical Engineering so stimulating to pursue.

I developed my knowledge by attending several workshops and hands-on training classes during the years of my under-graduation. Upon the completion of my third year of college, I underwent a summer internship at Uniq Technologies, Chennai.

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During this training process, I was a member of the team that developed an embedded application for Home Automation. Concurrently, I provided knowledge transition to ten junior interns by conducting practical training classes and assessments. Added to this, industrial visits to Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Neyveli, and Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, helped me learn how theoretical concepts were put into action.

Supported by well-informed parents, I was able to seize all opportunities and succeed throughout all my years of education. The thesis of my final year project gained approval from the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology (TNSCST). The government body provided me and my team-mates with the funds required for designing a prototype of the Fire Fighting Robot. I, as the team leader, was responsible for directing my team in assembling the robot and developing the code required for its successful operation. During my under-graduation course, I presented my thesis at the International Conference on Recent Developments in Engineering, management sciences and Technology (ICRDET 2019).

Adding on to my activities and achievements, I won the Discipline Award during high school for a convincing code of conduct. My technical aptitude and acumen put me in the top place, because of which I received merit scholarships from national banks and minority organizations for pursuing higher education. Besides, I have a proclivity to pencil sketching and photography, and I enjoyed participating in citywide competitions.

I am confident and firmly believe that a master’s degree would help me put together my academic knowledge to achieve my career goals, one of them being developing unmanned machines. I am looking forward to contributing my bit to the field of research in Automation. I aim to further work towards a doctoral degree in Embedded Systems after I complete my master’s degree in order to bring myself to the level of expertise in Sensing and Control. In the long-term, I would like to work as a Researcher in the field of autonomous systems in aerospace, medical technology or automobile sectors in order to serve mankind.

Now, with the help of a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA, I want to realize my childhood dream of pursuing higher education in a globally reputed institution. The special emphasis on Computing Systems offered by your university is a perfect match for my aspiration of contributing to the area of Micro-electronics. I find the extensive robotics resources available in the Sensing, Robotics, Vision, Control and Estimation (SeRViCE) lab and the Laboratory for Autonomous Robotics and Systems (LARS) fascinating and suitable for my field of interest. The research interests of Professor Farokh Bastani and Professor Justin Ruths are intriguing, and I hope to make a worthwhile contribution to the research efforts in Embedded Systems. Several notable alumni of your university, like Naveen Jindal and Julio Sadorra, have always inspired me.

Besides academics, the opportunity to interact with a global community and experience diversity of culture are the things I look forward to with avidity. A master’s degree at your highly regarded university will allow me to build a plethora of connections, which would prove to be useful, both professionally and personally. Your university provides me with the right platform to move towards my goals and aspirations. Looking forward to being enrolled at the esteemed University of Texas at Dallas, I am certain that I will fare well during my tenure and bring laurels to your institution.

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