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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine recommended me to read a book “God is always hiring” written by Regina Brett. Reading it every day, I found it to be exciting and inspiring. Now I want to analyze this work by writing an evaluative essay. Different criteria and evidence support them are intended to help you understand whether you want to read it or not.

Lots of people trying to find a job of their dream. The soul needs this job just like the ground needs fresh water.

Not all of them know that it is real. The book “God is always hiring” shows their readers that everyone has his/her own place in this world. If you don’t think so, you may create it. Why not?

Firstly, the book consists of short stories; each of them has its own plot and can be read independently of others. The main character is the author. Brett’s life became the background of her books.

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“God is always hiring” contains 50 lessons in the form of essays about ways of finding a fulfilling job. It is the bright example of genre book-motivator. People need to know how God is interested in helping them become successful and how he takes care of them. Lessons are formed in short essays, which you can read every day and day by day. Each of the essays has inspiring stories about ordinary people, who choose a job as their vocation. Doing this work, they make the world better, because, actually, each job is aimed to change the world for better.

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Following the recommendations, you will feel completely happy.

Secondly, the third chapter can be compared with two previous publications of the same author: “God never blinks” and “Be a miracle.” Books are not completely different: they tell us about different important things but in a similar manner. I wasn’t excited much with the primary one. It tells about the uniqueness of each person in the world. However, “Be a miracle” was exactly what I needed and came across very well: it gave examples of situations where kindness and love make people be magicians in this world. After reading you fill you really can work wonders. The third book “God is always hiring” was unquestionably the best one – a work of art I would say. Each of those three works is inspiring, but the last one is more practical. It contains lessons that show your identity, as in “God never blinks,” lessons in being a wonderful person, like in “Be a miracle.” Moreover, it helps readers to understand their talents. “God is always hiring” teaches how to explore your inner world and shows that you are capable of doing lots of magnificent things you may be unaware of! You are a gigantic star. This book may help you to start shining brighter than galaxies, brighter than the sun.

Thirdly, the author is prominent in spheres of journalism, the periodical press, and literary profession. Regina Brett is also a columnist for newspapers The Plain Dealer and The Cleveland Jewish News. Brett was managing 2 different radio programs for seven years. She is the double Pulitzer Prize finalist; all of her books are bestsellers and widespread in more than 25 countries. The New York Times considered “God never blinks” a bestseller. Do you still have doubts in enjoying her books?

Lastly, work of art describes absolutely real stories about real people that Regina Brett met in her life during the period being a journalist. If you desire to meet them – you can. Furthermore, you are able to contact the author by e-mail, her website or in social networks, too; she is an open-minded person and glad to communicate with the readers. Who knows, maybe in the next chapter she will write about you?

To sum-up, with those different criteria, you can decide whether you should read this bestseller or not. Thousands of people chose to read, and so do I. If you are seeking an interesting ideal job and have a need to explore yourself, it is worth reading.


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