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Yoga makes you feel better
Words • 439
Pages • 2
Stress is something inevitable in our life. We unusually look for ways we can relieve all the stress specially us college students. This is when I feel yoga is the best thing to deal with everyday stress or anxiety. I feel that yoga all together is very calming and relaxing regardless of what kind of exercise you perform. The first yoga exercise mainly focusses of stress relief. The calming breathing exercise start a rush of blood through the body keeping…...
MeditationPhysical FitnessSpiritualityYoga
Every Kid Should Be Required to Take Gym
Words • 1516
Pages • 6
70% of children in the United States don’t meet the 60-minute daily exercise recommended goal says the CDC. Chances are that your child is one. The main cause of this problem is that once gym becomes an elective course, only 29% of kids end up taking it. This means that only 1% of kids in the us meet the exercise recommendations without the help of gym. This is only one subsection of the four most important reasons why kids should…...
ChildrenExercisingGymPhysical EducationSports
Physical Education: Concepts and Legal Basis
Words • 261
Pages • 1
Physical education is the training in physical fitness and in skills that engages psychomotor learning promoting such fitness. It is the education through physical activity for the total development of the body and mind of a person. It was once excluded in most societies, giving more importance to literacy. But once literacy was spread, it was included in school programs because of the awareness that fitness helped the mind. In the West, people developed a teaching system for physical education.…...
EducationPhysical EducationPhysical Fitness
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Health Benefits of Hiking 
Words • 1601
Pages • 6
Regular hiking is said to bring tremendous benefits to physical and even mental health. What’s more, it can boost your social life as well. Find out more about the benefits of hiking in this article. If you want to enjoy picturesque views and savor nature’s fresh air, heading out on a hike can give you just that. And it doesn’t stop with a breath-taking experience. Hiking can give you so much more! From improving your overall fitness to boosting your…...
HealthHikingMental HealthPhysical Activity
Best Hiking Backpacks for under 100 Dollars
Words • 839
Pages • 4
Hiking in the great outdoors should be a fun and memorable experience. But there's nothing fun about spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, it can be tough finding well made hiking backpacks for less than $100. The good news is that high quality low-cost backpacks do exist, it just takes some digging around online. This guide has already done that for you, and will list the best hiking backpacks for under $100. It will also go over some of the…...
The Effects of Exercise on Memory Retention
Words • 989
Pages • 4
Introduction Memory is the facility and process by which the human brain acquires, stores, and later retrieves information (Cherry 2018). The human brain has the ability to remember and recall information and past experiences by means of memory, substantially influencing human behavior (Mastin 2018). Neurologically, memory is a set of encoded neural connections in the brain, and such neurons fire in the brain when the human remembers the original information or experience (Mastin 2018). Memory involves three major processes: encoding,…...
Exercise Effects on Depression with Traumatic Brain Injuries
Words • 2446
Pages • 9
Introduction Approximately 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries each year. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are classified by a significant physiological change in the function of the brain due to a blunt force trauma to the head (1). The change in brain function is measured on a scale of mild to severe and is calculated by the Glasgow Coma Scale. The Glasgow Coma scale provides a practical technique to evaluate and assess the impairment of conscious level in…...
BrainDepression DisorderExercisePhysical Activity
Why Hiking is Good for Your Health?
Words • 503
Pages • 2
Do you love nature and its diverse formations? There are a variety of mountains worldwide that you can choose to hike depending on your time and budget. This does not require any form of training or special abilities. Just psyche yourself up and dress appropriately. Hiking is one of the most effective cardio exercises that you can engage in and is also a fun-filled activity. It is a vacation experience of its kind. If you love hiking and care about…...
HikingPhysical Activity
Importance of Exercise in Old Age
Words • 727
Pages • 3
Introduction to the Article Gretchen Reynolds in his July 2018 article “Exercise Makes the Aging Heart More Youthful” as published by the New York Times attempts to present his argument on the need for the old adults to practice physical fitness during the middle and old age. Old people usually face many challenges which include heart problems, and it requires special attention from individuals nursing them. The author has, therefore, mentioned the importance of daily exercises to reduce heart failure.…...
ExerciseExercisinghealth and exercise
Healthy Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss
Words • 1090
Pages • 4
Approximately, over 2.1 billion (or 30%) of the world’s population are obese (Strasser & Fuchs, 2016, para. 2). Obesity is a public health problem as well as a worldwide epidemic due to the direct and debilitating consequences it exerts on life’s quality. Genuine action and hard work is promptly needed to end this global development. What is obesity? Obesity occurs when the Body mass index (BMI) is 30.0 or higher for adults (CDC, 2016a, para. 2). Conversely, teens and children…...
A Healthy DietHealthy Diet And Exercise
Exercise and Diet for for Weight Loss
Words • 1162
Pages • 5
Approximately, over 2 billion (or 30%) of the world’s population are obese (Strasser & Fuchs, 2016, para. 2). Obesity is a public health dilemma as well as a worldwide epidemic due to the direct and debilitating consequences it exerts on quality of life. Genuine action is promptly required to end this global trend. What is obesity? Obesity occurs when the BMI (Body mass index) for adults is 30.0 or greater (CDC, 2016a, para. 2). Conversely, in teens and children, obesity…...
A Healthy DietExercisingHealthy Diet And Exercise
Physical Activity is the Key to Weight-loss
Words • 835
Pages • 4
Many dieters think that the key to a healthy weight-loss is through different varieties of food and the intake amount. What they don’t put in mind is the importance of physical activity and how it is actually the key aspect to maintaining a healthy weight-loss. Physical activity in general terms is literally anybody's movements made for a purpose at any intensity, at any time of the day. Whether it is a simple sport or an extreme exercise workout routine, they…...
ActivityExerciseHealthNutritionPhysical ActivityWeight loss
How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss?
Words • 1051
Pages • 4
Introduction To stay fit many people choose to take up some form of weight loss exercises. The food habits and the lack of physical exercise have made obesity a common problem people are faced with. We see that some people do not just have the time to go to a gym to take care of their physical well-being. Although one does not have time doing exercises at home is an ideal alternative for many who wish to do exercise of…...
ExercisePhysical FitnessWeight loss
Is Macro-Diet a Good way to Lose Weight?
Words • 654
Pages • 3
What Is Macro Diet? Weight loss has become one of the major concerns of daily life. The macro diet is a very good plan for reducing weight as it does not make one deprives of food. It is basically a form of diet plan in which the three nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fat are generally taken by a person are calculated. A ratio of the nutrients is set for every body type so that the required amount of each…...
A Healthy DietExerciseFoodHealthHealthy Diet And ExerciseNutrition
Physical Education in Schools System
Words • 499
Pages • 2
Today most of us carry on with a hectic way of life and in this manner doing some physical activity to keep ourselves healthy is one of the most extreme significance. Therefore, to make me realise people about the importance of physical education, physical activities should be made mandatory in schools. This essay will highlight some main advantages of introducing physical education to schools as a mandatory subject. There are numerous points of interest in presenting physical education at the…...
Education System TodayPhysical EducationSchool
Health and Physical Education Standards
Words • 2678
Pages • 10
Physical Education and Health Education are subjects that emphasize learning based on the basic skills of movements and healthy lifestyle practices through psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains. The relevance of physical literacy and health-based physical education, as well as a balanced use of information and communication technologies (ICT), is highlighted in several chapters in this book, and this clearly indicates the future direction of physical and health education that scholars, researchers, and educators need to take. The analysis of several…...
EducationHealthJusticePhysical EducationPsychology
Sport Science, Coaching and Physical Education
Words • 1570
Pages • 6
Sports coaching and physical education have both progressively developed as an educational subject over the years, which demonstrate that there is a critical connection between educating and coaching. Phil Jackson, head coach of Chicago Bull's from 1989 until 1998 became an avid practitioner of meditation after reading the book Zen mind beginner's mind (Suzuki, 2005). Jackson led meditation within his team, resulting with increased compassion and mindfulness. By doing this it massively helped towards him obtaining eleven NBA championships. Jackson…...
Physical EducationScienceSportsTheory
Further Physical Education Lessons Are Nothing More Than a Surplus
Words • 755
Pages • 3
Physical Education lessons are definitely a nice way to take a break and unwind ourselves. In addition, it is public knowledge that doing exercise can make us hale and hearty. However, have we ever thought of the question of whether too much Physical Education lessons will do harm? To start with, additional Physical Education lessons cannot reduce stress. It is debatable that Physical Education lessons can relieve stress and let students relax from the work at school which is literally…...
EducationExercisePhysical Education
Specific Approaches for Physical Education and Sport
Words • 610
Pages • 3
Physical education strengthens the body and soul just as the brain becomes stronger in math and science. Physical education should be part of the education of each and every individual through this concept. Physical education, through a variety of activities, produces well-rounded, healthy people. Physical education deliberately opens the minds of learners to forms of living life. This teaches children how to be prepared for a lifetime and introduces them to things they may not be open to otherwise. That's…...
EducationHealthPhysical EducationPsychologySports
Training programme
Words • 771
Pages • 3
I have chosen press-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups in my training programme because this will improve my muscular strength, as muscular strength is extremely important in football this will give me a better chance to win air challenges. Also muscular strength is helpful because, football as it is a contact sport and it is also very physical, players need to be able to guard the ball and hold other players off when they are challenging for the ball. Also muscular strength…...
ExercisePhysical FitnessTraining
Interval training
Words • 1484
Pages • 6
It is the start of my PEP; some of exercises are set a bit too high that I can't do. In the shuttle run, the resting time between each repetition may not be plenty enough (30secs), I found that it was hard to finish it. Finally, the quality of the last few actions during the bout is worse. So next time I will set the resting time between the repetition longer (45secs), which I still feel hard before start of…...
ExercisePhysical FitnessTraining
An Isokinetic exercise
Words • 559
Pages • 3
Introduction An Isokinetic exercise is a form of dynamic exercise in which the speed of muscle shortening or lengthening and the angular limb velocity is held in constant by a rate-limiting device known as an isokinetic dynamometer. The Isokinetic term is means that the movement occur with the velocity of the muscle remains constant. The load is change varies to train the velocity of the limb movement. Isokinetic Dynamometer The benefits of the isokinetic dynamometer are that it can measure…...
ExercisePhysical Fitness
The continuous training
Words • 527
Pages • 2
Sana can use practice methods to work on her specific needs such as shooting, passing and marking. For her shooting she can practice shooting from all different areas of the semi-circle, practicing different techniques of shooting, shooting to reach a specific target e.g. shooting until she constantly scores 10 out of 10 shots, adjusting current position of shooting to a more successful position of shooting and then continuous practice of the new adjustment. For her passing she needs to continuously…...
EducationExercisePhysical FitnessTraining
Personal trainer
Words • 166
Pages • 1
The profession I have chosen for my career is a Personal Trainer. A personal trainer is a fitness professional who helps clients achieve fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle. I chose it not because I had to but because it is something that I am extremely passionate about. I am in a fitness environment on an almost daily basis. I have the capability of making fitness a fun activity for my friends and motivate them to incorporate a healthy fitness…...
CertificationExerciseGymPersonalPhysical Fitness
Marketing Plan of a personal training centre
Words • 1646
Pages • 6
Before reaching the decision to open and operate a personal training centre, extensive research identified the need for one that will offer the ultimate solution to the several health fitness needs that are very crucial to the surrounding community and the general society at large. Health and fitness services have been a rare thing and many people have had to forfeit them due to either their rarity or unavailability altogether. A spot-check showed that many people are willing to enroll…...
HealthMarketingPersonalPhysical FitnessTax
Leisure Facility
Words • 491
Pages • 2
What are the different groups of customers that would be interested in using a new Leisure Facility? One of the first things to consider is the possible target areas we should be aiming our Leisure Centre at, in order to do this accurately I will now draw up five different (perhaps stereotyped) groups to assess what kind of people we are looking at. People of all different ages, sexes, sizes and ability will be using the leisure centre but I…...
Business ManagementGenderLeisure ActivitiesPhysical Fitness
Insanity: Average Work Out or Insane Challenge?
Words • 1107
Pages • 5
One of the toughest, most physically demanding, at home workout D. V. D programs is Insanity. With over one million “insane” men and women that successfully completed “the Insanity challenge”, it has become the number one workout in the United States. It was created by a former U. S Marine, physical trainer and expert, Shaun T. He claims to achieve dramatic results of which one would gain in one year of working out on their own, in only sixty days…...
ExercisePhysical FitnessWork
Badminton: Popularity and Personal Experience
Words • 914
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Personal essays
The origins of badminton can be traced back thousands of years though it was not formalised into the game we know today until the 19th century. Badminton takes its name from Badminton House - home of the Duke of Beaufort in the English county of Gloucestershire. Though the estate is now better known for horse trials and hunting, it is credited as the formal birthplace of the racquet sport. But badminton's roots date back thousands of years. Sports played with a shuttlecock…...
BadmintonExercisePersonal ExperiencePhysical FitnessPopularitySports
Hiking Trip
Words • 972
Pages • 4
A personal story of a hiking trip.This morning Darian, Danny, Laura, and I were bored so we decided that we would all go on a hike at Blue Ridge Mountain. All of us went home, got our hiking equipment, and packed a lunch. We then met at my house. I drove all of us up to Blue Ridge Mountain. We got there in a half hour it was around 10:30 AM. It was probably one of the most beautiful days…...
6 Week of the Interval Training
Words • 684
Pages • 3
The interval training worked well, as I did 4 x 50m sprints n the first week and increased the number of sprints I did each week as it became easier and I got fitter. The circuit training didn't work as well, because I found it quite hard, especially at the beginning. I noticed a decrease in my heart race from the beginning of the PEP to the end, which means I must have been getting a bit fitter. There were…...
ExercisePhysical FitnessTraining
Employee Wellness Programs
Words • 1980
Pages • 8
The Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle impact on human personality and his day- to-day life. The corporate wellness agenda will interpret into fever injuries and there will be very less human error and provides humanitarian office surroundings. They are intended to know once business activities about the business following certain general health and well being. However a well managed corporate well being program will result in the reduction in stress. Hence the United Nations called the program is ‘the…...
HealthPhysical FitnessWellness
Could you benefit from Herbalife Quickspark?
Words • 350
Pages • 2
Those keen to lead a healthy lifestyle may regularly be looking for supplements or other options to help boost their overall levels of health and give the more energy on a daily basis, and Herbalife Quickspark could be a brilliant choice for many fitness and health fans. Herbalife Quickspark helps to naturally boost energy levels, giving people more drive and spark to go about their day to day lives. When it comes to buying Herbalife Quickspark, people should ensure they…...
HealthOtherPhysical Fitness
Cardiovascular endurance
Words • 1762
Pages • 7
The targets I want to achieve over my six sessions is to improve my cardiovascular endurance levels. I also wish to then use my improved levels of cardiovascular endurance to beat my 1500m personal best of 4 minutes 40 seconds, and it is for this reason primarily why I am carrying out this project and conducting this exercise regime. In order to asses my progress towards this target, I will measure changes in my heart rate, and recovery time in…...
CarExerciseJewelleryPhysical Fitness
A Brief History of Physical Fitness
Words • 986
Pages • 4
Ever wondered about the history of physical fitness, and how we ended up with gym memberships and training centers? Well, here’s a brief look back in time at the development of our fitness history: "Run For Your Life" 0-10,000 B. C. E: In the age of primitive man no one was buying memberships to the gym; they were too busy running from predators, hunting down food sources, and trying to survive to worry about ‘working out’. 10,000-8,000 B. C. E:…...
ExerciseFitnessGymHistoryHumanPhysical Fitness
The Pros and Cons of Travel
Words • 331
Pages • 2
It is said that travelling to extreme environments is no longer impossible for not only scientists but also tourists. This essay will examine both its advantages and disadvantages and also point out the benefits outweigh the inconveniences. Let's first analyse some positive influences towards scientific experts and travellers which have been generated by this type of travel. Firstly, we could not deny that this brings an opportunity for scientists to discover the wildlife and nature. In addition for scientists, by…...
Challenges Of Modern LifeEcology And EnvironmentHikingScientistTourismTraveling
Health and Fitness Exercises
Words • 220
Pages • 1
Health and fitness are not only about physical appearance or muscle, but it is also about being internally, mentally and emotionally fit that will largely influence your day to day life. In earlier days people like our grandparents have kept good care of their health and fitness through healthy food and by leading a better lifestyle. The recent generation was more ignorant of their health and fitness, but the situation has changed a lot recently. Better awareness about the importance…...
ExerciseHealthPhysical Fitness
Benefits of Physical Education
Words • 328
Pages • 2
Physical education is often included in the curriculum of many educational institutions from primary school to college. In this course, students have to learn about various physical exercises that are designed to keep the body healthy. Many people believe that introducing physical education from the moment children start education will make people develop healthy lifestyles. That is why physical education has become an important part of educational process. Physical Education is very important in Kazakhstan in two main reasons: the…...
EducationExerciseHealthObesityPhysical Education
Health Benefits of Playing Sports
Words • 523
Pages • 2
Do you guys like playing any sports? Well, you should Or are you just lazy? This essay is about the health benefits of playing sports. I hope this is will change your perspective and behavior towards your health. Playing a sport is an excellent way for you to exercise. It's one of the best exercises which helps us to maintain our fitness and health. It involves physical activities like running, jumping, stretching People who play sports mostly have a better…...
ExerciseHealthPhysical FitnessSleepSports
History of Physical Education
Words • 1141
Pages • 5
A quick history of athletics in the United States would begin in the nineteenth century. There was growing appeal of formal athletics programs all throughout Europe where calisthenics and gymnastics were all the rage. American schools aimed to follow the European model by integrating athletics into the curriculum for primary and secondary schools. And a short history of athletics would not be total with a factor to consider of institutes of higher education that slowly developed exceptionally effective sports programs.…...
EducationHistoryPhysical Education
Physical Education
Words • 1609
Pages • 6
Intelligence and ability will solely perform at the height of their capability once the body is healthy and strong. (John F. Kennedy) or It's wide acknowledged that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, said Dr. Dregan. The term education defines that the person is that the one that possesses a robust mind with a strong body thanks to physical education. This may solely be approachable if students show a positive perspective towards their tutorial and conjointly education. There might…...
EducationMindPhysical EducationPsychology
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Why Hiking is Good for Your Health?
...One great but simple way to improve your overall health is to cultivate a habit of hiking. Have this as your priority when selecting the next holiday destination. This can help you to have fun and work out at the same time. Some medical problems such...
How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss?
...You are making a serious investment towards your goals relating to weight loss. So, it is apposite that you get the best machines that can ensure that you achieve them successfully. Always keep in mind that using an elliptical machine would help you ...

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