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Specific Approaches for Physical Education and Sport

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (610 words)
Categories: Importance Of Exercise, Physical Education, Physical Fitness And Health
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Physical education strengthens the body and soul just as the brain becomes stronger in math and science. Physical education should be part of the education of each and every individual through this concept. Physical education, through a variety of activities, produces well-rounded, healthy people. Physical education deliberately opens the minds of learners to forms of living life. This teaches children how to be prepared for a lifetime and introduces them to things they may not be open to otherwise.

That’s what attracted me into this career, the ability to make life comfortable for learners.

My primary focus is on making the school in physical education as fun as possible. The objective starts with a safe and comfortable setting. It occurs when each student feels physically and emotionally secure, and it is anti-bullying. Students’ passion and appreciation are also important to cultivate a pleasant environment. I will be open to all students in order to further build trust and provide a fun environment to allow them to engage me in areas where there is an opportunity to learn from each other.

I believe that the best way to guarantee satisfaction is to include learners in course choice. This will help students become much more active in the program rather than being forced to participate in events where students do not have any personal meaning. I would allow students to help shape the study course where they can choose most of what they’re studying without neglecting their overall physical education progress.

We agree that the performance of the Physical Education curriculum is important to our learners. Why do kids need a program of quality PE? The easy answer is to keep them physically active and reap the benefits of doing so during their lifespan. Quality PE provides a multitude of important learning experiences for students that can not be duplicated in the classroom. Physical education is the learning process that focuses on teaching skills, enhancing physical fitness, reinforcing certain topics, self-discipline, teamwork, and collaboration, developing self-efficacy, reducing stress, and increasing peer relationships.

I can provide the tools and awareness for students to live a safe, active lifestyle. Students are encouraged to find individual ways to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally, in a comfortable manner. It’s not enough to have an awareness of how to be physically fit. I have to try to help students stay physically active outside the school. This can be done by offering additional credit to participate in sports activities related to non-school activities such as triathlons or road races. I can encourage parents to play or join their children in the activities they enjoy in order to further emphasize continued participation in physical activity.

I want students to learn about athletics, health, and their bodies. I’m one of the few reasons for an individual to be involved in life-long sports. I would like participants to be physically active. I’ll teach them the advantages of an active lifestyle and try to incorporate ways to keep them involved in physical fitness at all times. Society plays a major role in student success.

I conclude that physical education offers a unique opportunity to contribute to every student’s overall well-being and growth. I see teaching as a way to help students build life-long abilities and a strong base of expertise across a range of content areas. As a professor in physical education, I think the most important thing I will give my students is a sense of well-being for life. Between heart disease and rising obesity, I think it is my responsibility to teach kids how to take care of the most important place they’ll ever stay in their own bodies.

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