Is Macro-Diet a Good way to Lose Weight?

What Is Macro Diet?

Weight loss has become one of the major concerns of daily life. The macro diet is a very good plan for reducing weight as it does not make one deprives of food. It is basically a form of diet plan in which the three nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fat are generally taken by a person are calculated.

A ratio of the nutrients is set for every body type so that the required amount of each nutrient is taken in order to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

It will not deduct anything from the diet but will only limit the quantity.

How to Count Macros?

Macros for weight loss can be easily counted with the help of an online macro calculator. The online macro calculator requires knowledge like current weight, the weight that a person desires to achieve, and the normal activity level of a person.

The online apps help a person to keep a record of their daily calorie intake.

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To lose weight, one should burn 10 to 15 percent more calories than the ones which are consumed daily.
After getting the result about how many calories should be taken per day, one needs to figure out the ratio in which the three nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) should be taken for weight loss.
The average ratio for a balanced diet is 45 to 65 percent carbohydrates, 20 to 35 percent fats, and 10 to 35 percent proteins. It is important to take the food which is healthy and stay in the limits of macro diet ratio and calculate it each day to have a check and balanced system.

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Pros of Macro Diet

Improves diet quality

The macro diet may improve diet quality as it consists of healthier and nutrient-rich food. The balanced diet plan will lead to a healthier lifestyle as it does not restrict food but includes a wide variety of healthy food focusing on the quality of food and not on quantity.

Weight loss

This diet plan helps in weight loss because it involves more burning of calories than consumption. This diet plan involves a reduction of around 500 to 750 calories each day which helps in losing weight.

Helpful for those who don’t exercise daily

It is a very good plan for those who are not involved in any physical activity. The macro calculator calculates the activity level as well and gives the results and diet plan accordingly to help in weight loss.

Cons of Macro Diet

No involvement of micronutrients in the diet

This diet plan doesn’t involve micronutrients like minerals and vitamins which are also an important part of the diet. The human body doesn’t produce micronutrients naturally, so our body is dependent completely on the diet for their consumption. So, avoidance of these will affect the health and development of the body.

Inflexible calculations

Macro diet calculations don’t involve the exact calculation at the time of changes in the body like illness, injury, and during breastfeeding during which more calorie intake is required. So, this is indeed a negative thing when considering a macro diet for weight loss.

Consumes a lot of time and effort

The calculation pattern takes a lot of time and effort of a person which sometimes makes people lazy and leaves the diet plan in the middle especially those who have a very busy lifestyle.

Macro Diet Comparison With Other Diet Plans

It is quite like the Paleo diet as both the diet plan focuses on the consumption of whole food rather than processed food for weight loss. It also has a resemblance with calorie counting as in both the plans, one needs to check the exact amount of calorie intake to be within the limits of the set ratio. It is different from others as in this plan one doesn’t need to focus on only one thing for weight loss as it involves taking every kind of nutrient just in their right amount.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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