Eminem "Lose yourself"

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After analyzing ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem, I’ve understood Eminem’s emotion in this song. He raps about taking a chance at success and being able to take it without anyone stopping him. He also refers to the movie 8 mile, where he failed his first chance and knew that his second opportunity he had to succeed. Analyzing the lyrics, with all the expression he has on him he’s starting to lose his desire and momentum of being an artist. At one point he says “A normal life is boring, but super stardom’s close to post mortem” which means that having a normal life is boring, but being a superstar is almost being dead.

Eminem feels like being a superstar is a lot of pressure and the expectation levels are very high because you need to keep producing content that is bigger and better which he said in this sentence “It only grows harder, only grows hotter”. He’s been through tough times in his career and tries his best to gain respect from other rappers in the industry.

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My final thoughts on this analysis would be that this song is about his tough times and what he goes through in his career and he truly does a great job expressing it in ‘Lose Yourself’.

Everyone in life goes through tough situations and I can reflect on this when it comes to school grades. As I explained in the following paragraph “It only grows harder, only grows hotter” means you have to produce better content for better results is something I can reflect on.

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It’s never easy to get good marks; you always need to put in motivation and dedication to succeed. You need to put in better work and effort to get the results you want which is why Eminem’s verse in this song reflects me. Overall though, I must say this is one of my favorite songs of all time and it was very interesting to analyze Eminem’s lyrics.

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Eminem "Lose yourself"

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