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My Passion is Track and Field
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My name is Mieana Lum, and I have a passion that allows me to feel stronger, free calm, and relaxed in a mental way. My passion is Track and Field or just running in general. I got my passion from my earliest childhood because when I was little, I always loved to run and just be wild outside and active. I just always loved running. But I didn't realize that it was going to become my passion until I was…...
AthletesRunning and jogging
How Running Has Changed Athletes and the Environment?
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The Elusive 2 Hours When it comes to technology, most people immediately think of electronic devices such as computers and smartphones. It surprises many people that shoes have a similar level of technological development and grow at a similar rate. Companies like Nike and Adidas are introducing revolutionary technology in the shoe market to further increase runners performance in marathons, pushing closer to the dream of breaking two hours. The current record is held by Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge by running…...
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Here Is Why You Should Be Running Native Ads
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There are multiple options when it comes to attracting customers online -- promoted social media posts, pay-per-click ads and banner advertising are just a few options to throw your advertising budget at. While these are all very effective, there is another option that you should consider -- native advertising. It’s a form of advertising that’s designed to match the look and feel of the website upon which it appears. Kyle Ryan, CEO of , a native advertising platform for both…...
BusinessRunning and joggingTechnologyWorld Wide Web
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Running From Reality
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I sometimes find myself gazing off over the giant deep blue waters called the Pacific Ocean. It is as wide and far as the eye can see. The dazzling yellow and orange sun begins to fall from the sky as the day comes to an end, casting beautiful shades of pink, purple, and gold onto the white capped swells drifting toward the coastline. I am sitting the edge of a cliff which once extended hundreds of feet out towards the…...
Running and joggingStorm
Running Race
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Generally speaking, a rabbit is no match for an Oldsmobile '88. Especially, when this Oldsmobile is driven by a well-trained race car driver. Let me stop there and give you the whole story! One day a rabbit named Hubert decided to enter a race against an Olds '88. The man driving was named Hunter and he hated rabbits! The race is in two days at six o'clock sir, Miss Lily, the race host, told Hubert as he signed up. Alright,…...
Hidden FiguresRunning and joggingRunning Race
Yo David wait up man I turned around as Cameron jogged up
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"Yo David, wait up, man!" I turned around as Cameron jogged up beside me. "You comin' to Phineas's tonight?" he asked as we trudged down the school steps."Can't," I replied. "I've got to take some pics for photography class."Cameron and Phineas were my two best friends. I had known them almost all my life, and we had stuck together throughout school. Cameron was good with machines; he wanted to be a car mechanic when he grew up. He had light…...
Running and jogging
The Effects Of Shoes On Our Physical Performance While Running
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Hypothesis My expectation and inspiration for this analysis is based upon my prior knowledge that I have gained during our healthy body systems unit, looking deeply into the bodies muscular system and how it can affect a person's physical performance. My hypothesis for this experimentation is that the different varieties of shoes and their soles will affect the physical performance of a person while running. Introduction This experimentation consists of different characteristics of the human bodies (lower) muscular system, specifically…...
Enders GamesPerformanceRespiratory SystemRunning and joggingShoes
Cypop 24
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Phonics enables children to experience regular, planned opportunities to listen and talk about what they hear, see and do. Phonics is a six phase learning programme that is incorporated within nurseries and primary schools. It enables children to blend phonemes for reading and segmenting for spellings. Phase one is aimed at the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as it falls within the communication, language and literacy section. This phase recognises the importance of developing speaking and listening skills. This enables…...
ChildhoodEducationFamilyLearningRunning and jogging
Bleep Test
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Power is strength and speed together. A good example of this is running. Coordination is the capability to utilize your limbs successfully. This would be used in sports like tennis and cricket. Versatility is the amount of motion at a certain area of your body. This can be seen when doing gymnastics. Dexterity is the ability to move and alter direction on your feet, changing your body position. Squash is an excellent example of this. Balance is the capability to…...
ActivityExerciseRunning and joggingSports
Comparing Classic Folktales
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Before reading and writing were common practice; history was told in the form of legend; fiction was told in the form of myth; and lessons about life were taught to children through folktales and fables. Folktales not only served a role in teaching children, but often helped define the common themes of life in general for that particular culture. Most folktales have a specific message which they try to portray through symbolism, writing style, and plot. Many folktales from different…...
Ancient GreeceArtArt HistoryRunning Race
Mexicans Begin Jogging
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Gary’s Soto “Mexicans Begin Jogging,” describes an event that happened when he worked in a factory where illegal Mexican workers were employed. Although the poem is simple, Soto brings identity, ironic, drama, and imagery to his audience. The narrative reflects irony the speaker went through and the dilemma that Mexican Americans go through. The poems tone is ironic and not taking too seriously. The poem begins explaining to the reader the story of a Mexican American as he worked in…...
BossIronyRunning and jogging
Summary of Maniac Magee
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Characters' Name: Jeffery Lionel Magee- (Maniac Magee), Amanda Beale, Mars Bar Thompson, John McNab, Piper McNab, Russell McNab, Earl Grayson, Mrs. Beale, Hester, Lester. Personalty Traits: Maniac Magee, the main character, has very kind and a nice personality. He is also brave, and trusted and very athletic. Physical Features: Jeffery's parents died by a car accident when he was 3 years old. Andout Questions: Title of the book: Maniac Magee Author: Jerry Spinelli Number of pages: 1-184 Name of the…...
CharacterFamilyHomelessnessInterpersonal relationshipNovelsRunning Race
Transcript of ‘Herbie’ By Archie Weller
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Pages • 2
Colour Symbol Image 'Herbie' by Archie Weller Colour, Symbol, Image By Samuel Beech The colour black is very symbolic in the story “Herbie” by Archie Weller, the colour black is associated with dark, sinister and contentious acts as is apparent is this morally challenging piece of text. The text challenges our values as a young boy is bullied until he falls to his death out of a tree he is forced to climb. The fact that an indigenous writer has…...
AustraliaCountryCultureRaceRace and EthnicityRacism
Runner Analytical Essay
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Paper Type:Analytical essays
Essay topic: Runner shows that even though the world can be harsh and miserable, there are good people out there who make life worthwhile. Runner, by Robert Newton, is set in the slums of Richmond 1919 and also happened to be the home of the infamous gangster, Squizzy Taylor. The novel is about a 16 year old boy named Charlie Feehan, who is trying to survive in a cruel and depressing world. Although his life is tough, kindness and love…...
FamilyPovertyRunning RaceWorld
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How Running Has Changed Athletes and the Environment?
...The Christian Science Monitor, p. The Christian Science Monitor, May 11, 2016. Woolf, Jake, and Nils Ericson. “Adidas Boost: the Sneaker Technology That Changed a Company's Fortunes.” GQ, GQ, 1 Feb. 2018,
Here Is Why You Should Be Running Native Ads
...Ryan founded his native ad platform after being on the other side of the table -- he understood what both the publisher and advertiser required in order to be successful. I have seen several of my consulting clients experience success with native ads...

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