My Passion is Track and Field

My name is Mieana Lum, and I have a passion that allows me to feel stronger, free calm, and relaxed in a mental way. My passion is Track and Field or just running in general.

I got my passion from my earliest childhood because when I was little, I always loved to run and just be wild outside and active. I just always loved running. But I didn’t realize that it was going to become my passion until I was 5 years old and started running track.

When I started running track that was all I ever wanted to do was run, run, run, and even more running, my little legs were going places. I used to go and watch a family friend named Jasmine run at her track meets and I always wanted to be as fast as her but faster, and I got most of my inspiration from Jasmine because I wanted to be like her. I would train so much and run the stairs on the bleachers to where I would throw up, even when I threw up I still kept going because giving up isn’t in my families vocabulary so we strive for greater.

I’m passionate about Track and Field because when I took the time to dig deeper into the feelings of Track and Field I noticed that it’s very challenging, and it shows how much dedication and motivation you have to push yourself. In my opinion, if you practice and push yourself while you’re off the track then when you get on the track you will be wonderful.

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But track also builds your character in a way, it allows you to realize who you are in a physical and mental way. It also builds a healthy habit, confidence and also becoming a good sport. Plus when you think about it running is basically in almost every sport.

Track and Field have been my passion ever since I was 5 years old. I stayed with this passion because one day I know I’m going to make it to the Olympics Trails and when I arrive at the Track and Field Olympics Trails I want to make sure I’m in good shape. But Track is just that one sport that in my opinion out rules every sport, and its that type of sport that makes me want to keep going and it’s a type of sport that makes me happy when I run, it releases so much, like stress from school and just everything. Track is just that type of sport that’s going to stay with me forever and me starting at a young age allowed myself to improve over the years.

Others can get involved in my passion as well. My passion for track pushes me during my track meets. My competitors push me to work harder at my craft. In turn, I help to push others when I run against them. Let’s say they’re faster than me; I’m going to strive to beat them. If I’m faster than them, I’m pretty sure they’re going to push themselves to beat me. In reality, we’re helping each other.

My passion connects with my future because when I get older I want to be known as a track star athlete. My main goal in the future is to compete in the Olympic Trials and become the next fastest female behind Allyson Felix. I would also like the opportunity to meet Olympic Gold Medal Champion Usain Bolt. Ultimately, I would like to maintain my physical shape as I grow older to ensure my health remains good.

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