Further Physical Education Lessons Are Nothing More Than a Surplus

Physical Education lessons are definitely a nice way to take a break and unwind ourselves. In addition, it is public knowledge that doing exercise can make us hale and hearty. However, have we ever thought of the question of whether too much Physical Education lessons will do harm?

To start with, additional Physical Education lessons cannot reduce stress. It is debatable that Physical Education lessons can relieve stress and let students relax from the work at school which is literally breath-taking.

However, the inclusion of more Physical Education lessons will cause the lesson time of main subjects to wane. Due to the fact that the curriculum of DSE exams is the same for all schools however much lesson time they have, we will be far behind other schools if we gave up our other lesson time. It is more preferable to deal with the pressing issue of academic results rather than thinking of ways to reduce stress. More lesson time will result in students having more time to improve their academic achievements and therefore stress will soon be reduced since the academic pressure is decreased.

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Moreover, having more Physical Education lessons will not benefit students’ health greatly. It is a fact that doing exercise can undoubtedly make students fitter and healthier; however, researches indicate that the amount of exercise Hong Kongers have is already adequate. The World Health Organisation proposed the goal of “10000 steps” per day and doing at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on five or more days each week.

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“Walking 10000 steps” requires around an hour and can be easily achieved by students owing to the fact that most students travel to school by means of public transportation. On average, the time needed for students to arrive at school is 30 minutes. After school ends, students will use another 30 minutes to return home. The average duration of walking per student is around 60 minutes a day which is totally sufficient to achieve the goal. The standard of doing 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity can also be attained easily. We have a 20 minutes recess and lunch break of 65 minutes every day. Students are free to play basketball or any other sports and the amount of exercise is already abundant. What about the students who rarely do exercises? In fact, we all have an 80 minutes Physical Education lesson each cycle already which not only does it encourage us to take part in doing exercises, but also arouses students’ interest in sports. Therefore, students are already in pink and we will not profit from extra Physical Education lessons.

Last but not least, the purpose of Physical Education lessons may not really be what we think. It is said that Physical Education lessons tackle the issues of overweight, obesity or weak immunity to diseases. Many may also argue that Physical Education lessons can help us concentrate in class and increase our productivity. In spite of all the researches, analysis, and data, is this true in our daily lives? Will-less students are overweight or are more attentive in classes? I am afraid that it is far from our expectations. Physical Education lessons might have a chance of improving our physical conditions but it is only for the pupils who really participate in the lessons. In our school, students are free to decide whether they exercise during Physical Education lessons or simply sit on the side bench. Teachers cannot force students to be more active in lesson time. The students who really become healthier are the ones who take part in the lessons which are usually the fitter group. The other group which is less healthy cannot benefit from Physical Education lessons. As a result, students who have poor physical conditions cannot improve their health conditions. Besides, Physical Education lessons are a distraction, resulting in students becoming exhausted and less focused on classes afterward. After Physical Education lessons, students become sweaty and worn-out. It is also demanding to change the exciting atmosphere back to a studying mood in a short period of time. Hence, not only do Physical Education lessons not improve our attentiveness, but also make us weary and distracted in other classes.

To sum up, there are ample Physical Education lessons already and there is not the slightest doubt that no more is needed to be included in the syllabus. Instead of deciding whether or not should we add more Physical Education lessons, why not think of an antidote that truly helps students, a solution that responds to the goals of relieving stress, becoming healthier, or becoming more concentrated in classes.

Updated: May 21, 2021
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