The Influence of the Internet: More Harm than good or Vice Versa

The Internet can influence us in many different ways. The internet is a great resource for subject you need help with. Without the internet we would be looking through book for hours, most books can be outdated. It helps us stay up to date with the latest news. The internet is made up of information that anyone can put up, even you. Which means most information can be incorrect, or someone trying to troll users online. Everything on the internet is not always true.

Not only will you find false information, you will find scams, sexual content, and illegal downloads.

Finding false information is very common, it is like a rumor or a gossip. Since the internet is accessed by anyone, it can be changed by anyone. Websites like “Yahoo Answers”, Wikipedia”, Blog Sites, forums and even social websites, can be easily add information that is not always true. Since Yahoo Answers are answers answered by people can be answered incorrectly.

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And Wikipedia is made so anyone can make and edit information so most can be hoax.

Scams is a really common activity online, you pay for something nice that was shown, and few days later you receive something completely different or a ripoff or not even get anything. Most are just trying to get information such as credit cards. Most common scams are Adverts “Turn your computer into a money making machine” and craigslist. Its very easy to fall into a scam just by a simple email.

Behind the educational side of the internet, there is a sick side we’re people enjoy posting sexual content on any website.

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its not too hard for a young child to click and end up on a pornographic content. Even making a simple Google search will bring up at least one type of sexual content in your search.

Since you can post and share anything on the internet, its made it easier for people to download something that cost from a .99 cent mp3 download to a $200 Microsoft Office for free! Which means the composer or developer isn't making much money from the product they released. Which isn’t right for something they worked on. An example is LimeWire, The Peer-To-Peer program
made music industry lose allot of money. After Limewire shut down, the music industries increased their sales 25% more.

This is why the internet can be a dangerous place, depending how you use it.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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