Insanity: Average Work Out or Insane Challenge?

One of the toughest, most physically demanding, at home workout D. V. D programs is Insanity. With over one million “insane” men and women that successfully completed “the Insanity challenge”, it has become the number one workout in the United States. It was created by a former U. S Marine, physical trainer and expert, Shaun T. He claims to achieve dramatic results of which one would gain in one year of working out on their own, in only sixty days by following his program or what Shaun T.

calls “an in home, sixty day, total body transformation system. People of all ages, shapes and sizes have proofed that Insanity worked for them. Based on the commercial it seems to be a hard but timely mannered workout. Insanity’s advertisement focus is to capture the viewer’s attention by creating a visual challenge right from the start. It attracts us by displaying a variety of intense workouts with fast paced music performed by a group of diverse, male and female athletes that appear to be drenched of sweat and exhausted from the exercise but still able to perform.

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This helps create an assumption that these people are super models from a sports or beauty magazine, another reason, is that they are all in great physical shape and condition. There after we see pictures and video of the same people before and at the time they were beginning Insanity, the results are amazing!. This technique is used to motivate us, the viewers, because the advertisement shows you the progress of people that were out of shape and not in very good condition from the beginning of the program to the completion of it, and it makes us create an image of our-self in their shoes.

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The creators of this advertisement used great choreography by showing customers in home-made videos of themselves and by actually having real customers performing exercises from the product in the commercial setting, because not only does that proof that just about anyone can do it but it also shows that it can be done just about anywhere. Many people know that working out at home can be terrible because we don’t always know what we’re doing and we often don’t have the space for large workout equipment. With Insanity there is no need for space consuming exercise equipment, eavy weights or expensive gym memberships, all that you need is a television with a D. V. D player and about ten feet of space enough to be able to perform the exercise and break a sweat. Indeed it can be done in various spaces throughout your home a list of examples would be in a bedroom, a living room, a basement, in a garage and etcetera. It is truly the right program for the viewer that is capable of and willing to commit to it. People big and small, obese and slim have seen outstanding results in a nine week period, that is due to the expertise and research that was emplaced into this training system by Shaun T.

The monologue of the advertisement gets its point across by emphasizing almost every detail. For example Shaun T. cannot stress enough the fact that following the exercises and techniques the proper way will give the trainee a harder workout in a safely manner, meaning that the tasks to be performed can be dangerous if not done correctly as performed on the program. Another subject they emphasize repeatedly is the overall intensity of the workout and they do it in many different ways for example by showing video clips of Shaun T. peaking into the cameras, motivating the viewers by saying things like “push it, let’s go,” and also reminding the viewer to recover before resuming the exercise and all of this is while he is exhausted and breaking a sweat. Stress like that is used to give the viewer a sense of being there and living the moment as if we were there, it brings a feeling from the trainer to the viewer that they actually care and that they are not just trying to sell a product. Insanity’s effectiveness comes from a method that Shaun calls “MAX Interval Training”.

By researching more detail about Insanity It is fact to say the method it uses “MAX Interval Training”, will often be misinterpreted as interval training but its different. Most interval workouts consist of moderate cardio exercises with short, high-intensity intervals. But in Max Interval training, the moderate intensity exercise, and the short intervals of intensity are replaced by maximum intensity exercises and short periods of rest. In which you are working harder and longer and only taking a small rest. With this method you are not only doing aerobic intervals.

It was created to alternate with anaerobic intervals which make you want to catch your breath a little more often. The system is sixty days or nine weeks it is broken down into three parts that will then each be broken down into smaller parts. Three overall sections of the system are month one, it is a total body conditioning program that builds your fitness base. It is made up of the following elements, (D. V. Ds) plyometric cardio circuit that will burn fat with cardio intervals, (approx. 40 min. ) pure cardio that’s intense cardio with no rest, (approx. 40 min. cardio power and resistance to get strong and lean with intervals of strength, resistance and sports drills, (approx. 40 min. ) cardio recovery to help your body and muscles prepare for more work, (approx. 35 min. ) and cardio abdominals it’s a abs and core work out (approx.. 20 min. ).

Followed by month one is recovery week, it is a six day schedule where you would only use the core cardio and balance D. V. Ds to prepare you for month two. During month 2 you would use the following D. V. Ds which are the hardest workouts of all, max interval circuit (approx. 60 min), max cardio conditioning (approx. 50 min. , max interval plyometrics (approx.. 55 min) and last but not least, max recovery. The Insanity package deal comes with ten D. V. Ds for the workout program along with an elite nutrition guide for healthy eating, a getting started guide short and brief, a calendar that allows the trainee to record his or her progress and last but not least it comes with instructions on how to get a free t-shirt that reads, “Insanity” in the front and “I EARNED IT’ in the back. Assertively this advertisement and workout system is vigorous and efficient to anyone who is brave enough and disciplined to execute it, Are you “insane”?

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