The 7 Dimensions Of Health And Wellness

The seven dimensions are a group of states whose balance contributes to good health and wellness. These are the physical, emotional, environmental, occupational, intellectual, social, and spiritual health.

Physical health means a body that functions from an anatomically and physiologically perspective under the best conditions, and for this, it takes a healthy lifestyle.

It means to eat healthily. Breakfast is never to be absent being the most important meal, that gives us energy for all day. It's important to have three meals a day and the diet from which they are made to be balanced.

To eat vegetables and fruits daily and fast –food and processed foods to be a small part of our diet. Sleep (7-8 hours per day) is another important element because it helps us restore our energy and the body has time to regenerate. It also increases our ability to concentrate and memorize. It is important to go to bed and try to wake up every day at the same time.

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Sleeping between 10 PM and 12 AM has the best effects, being the time of the night in which our body secrets the most melatonin. Also avoiding destructive behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco,o and drug use, complements a healthy lifestyle. The use of those favoring the appearance of many diseases, the most severe of them being cancer.

Emotional health helps us have a fuller life and have a better relationship with ourselves and those around us. Healthy emotional people are those who have control over their own emotions and behavior.

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Also, good emotional health makes us stronger when we encounter problems and helps us build strong and long-lasting relationships. The most important for this are positive emotions and optimism.

Health and the environment are tightly interconnected, but many people don’t understand the impact that their life has on this planet and the lives of others and vice versa. We can’t live in a healthy society with healthy people if we live in a polluted environment. Pollution and misery bring diseases. Polluted air causes bronchitis, asthma, allergies, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Toxic substances and pesticides from soil and water do not seem to have a significant effect in the short term, but in the long run, they lead to cancer and affect our reproductive capacity. We must not neglect this important aspect of our lives because ignorance and lack of concern will lead to the aggravation of environmental pollution and implicitly to the destruction of our health.

In terms of occupational health, it refers to the feeling of personal fulfillment that we get from our job or our career field. Work organizes our program, gives us social status, offers a sense of usefulness, increases our self-esteem, and helps us develop a social network. At the same time, however, affects our health negatively.

From an emotional and social point of view, and inadequate work environment can lead to depression, irritability, excessive worry, and sleep disturbances. Physically it affects us through the specifics of the workplace: pollution, noise, intense physical exercise, night shifts, or lack of breaks.

Spiritual health is based on concepts such as purpose in life, hope, and peace. It refers to the belief and spiritual values of each one. Among the things that help us to be more spiritually fulfilled are volunteer activities, prayers, meditation, participating in religious gatherings, and walking in nature.

Intellectual health has a close connection with the emotional one. Good intellectual health helps us be more creative, improve our decision-making capacity, and better plan our lives. With time our intellectual capacity decreases but by learning new concepts, improving and acquiring new skills, and looking for new challenges, we can maintain our intellectual capacity even in old age.

Social health refers to the ability to communicate effectively with people around us, be it family, friends, or strangers, and maintaining these social connections. A healthy social life helps us prevent certain diseases and social people are more satisfied with their lives. In contrast, people without such relationships end up developing various disorders. There are several ways to develop social relationships, but most often it is done by interacting with others, accepting different beliefs and cultural norms, but also by improving our communication skills.

In conclusion, each of the dimensions of health and wellness may seem unimportant at a first glance, but they are like a puzzle that needs to be completed for everything to have sense and to develop a healthy, harmonious, and complete life.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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