Importance of Exercise in Old Age

Introduction to the Article

Gretchen Reynolds in his July 2018 article “Exercise Makes the Aging Heart More Youthful” as published by the New York Times attempts to present his argument on the need for the old adults to practice physical fitness during the middle and old age. Old people usually face many challenges which include heart problems, and it requires special attention from individuals nursing them. The author has, therefore, mentioned the importance of daily exercises to reduce heart failure. He claims that as we become older, our heart muscles start to deteriorate and weakens (Reynolds, 2019).

Moreover, the blood vessels that pump blood to various body organs stiffened too. As a result, the changes in heart functions leads to blood pressure resulting in health problems that hinder one from living a healthy life. Although the author has enlightened us on the importance of the exercise in reducing heart failure in old age, his article has failed to give solid conclusions that are based on the research study.

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Summary of the Article

The author uses two examples of individuals to present his argument and to demonstrate the importance of physical fitness in reducing heart failure (Reynolds, 2019). In this case, the research study targeted inactive and physically active individuals: the results obtained differ in the way the hearts functions. Old individuals who actively practice regular exercise experienced a healthier heart that has the capability of pumping blood to every part of the body. These characteristics are experienced among young individuals whose hearts usually functions healthy.

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But those who fail to conduct regular exercise often experience various complications in their hearts that result to other health problems.

The Research Study That Supports the Argument

Additionally, the success of the author's research has been achieved from various illustrations and sources that support the presented evidence. The first study was conducted on 102 participants to determine the heart’s health during the old age. The second study assessed the age and the stiffness of the cardiac arteries in the heart among 100 adults with at least 70 years and practicing regular exercise. Finally, the last study determined whether physical activity among women and men resulted in better functionality of the heart. Based on these studies, the results showed that left ventricle of the heart functioned healthily for individuals who practice regular exercises (Reynolds, 2019). Concerning stiffness and relative age of the cardiac arteries in middle age adults, the author contradicted himself by not giving the right stand to support the presented argument (Reynolds, 2019). It is because the study claimed no change in the structure and heart functions for individuals who did not exercise regularly.

Significance of the Study in Nursing Practices

The information from this article positively influences nursing practices since it equips us with the knowledge and understanding of the best caring practices that will help maintain the health and to prevent heart failure among the old people. Many old people in society experience health problems which require nursing skills to handle them. The article, thus, helps us acquire skills that benefit these individuals as well as improving the services provided in our health facilities which further inform the society about the importance of regular exercise.

Importance of Watson’s Caring Theory in the Study

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring plays an essential role when nursing various individuals with health problems. The two creative behaviors; loving-kindness and authentic presence are some of the practices that positively impact the care of old adult when performing the regular exercise (RN, 2019). Showing them love and becoming available to provide basic needs encourages the old adult to routinely carry out regular exercise which improves the health status of the body and heart function as a whole.


In conclusion, the study tries to reveal the importance of regular exercise during the old age. The author has described his argument by informing us of the importance of physical fitness in old age which helps one remain younger and healthier. The participants that were included in the study gave related results that supported the author's argument. Although the study doesn't provide room for further research, much should be done to improve the accuracy of the results.


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Importance of Exercise in Old Age
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