Reading is to the mind like exercise t the body

Long before the development of printing people valued books as gold mine of the human knowledge and experience. Hand-written manuscripts took months of writing and were gathered and kept in abbeys with all utmost care. Why are they so valuable? To my mind, a book is one of the biggest wonders on the planet. It gives us a special possibility to connect with authors who lived hundreds and thousands years ago. Thanks to the books we can speak with people who lived in various ages and countries.

Books are the surest method to bring countries together.

They give us an insight not just into the past but also into the future. A book is a loyal friend. Books stir my imagination, broaden the borders of the familiar world. Some books teach us to live, form our ethical worths, some entertain us and offer satisfaction, some are extremely useful in tight spots. Even in the modern age of quickly developing infotech I still feel the biggest and most efficient way of expending our understanding is by reading.

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Reading resembles doing workouts. It’s very essential for individuals to have some regular workouts.

This is excellent for the posture, which I think significantly affects the general health of the body and makes you more powerful, and makes you feel good. After doing some laborious exercise followed by a shower, you can really feel that your life is renewed and you have a fresh vitality with which to face the day. It appears to me that the more you work out, the more you want to work out.

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When you want and when you are able to utilize your body, you don’t feel a lot like relaxing slouching.

The same can be stated about reading. It establishes an individual’s logical and analytical thinking, it improves an individual’s vocabulary and gives a great deal of life experience. It assists to comprehend other individuals, teaches how to act in tight spots, assists to prevent issues. Books satisfy of knowing, teaching and advising. They influence our feelings and form our moral worths. After checking out an intriguing book I can truly feel to my life is restored and I have a fresh vitality with which to face the day.

The more I read, the more I want to read. I feel thirst for new information, emotional effect and good piece of advice which can be obtained through reading. There are different kind of books, such as historical novels which show people’s life in old times; adventure stories which tell us about brave and clever people and their adventures; popular science fiction books which create imaginary worlds; detective stories which show crime, criminals and clever detectives; romantic novels which tell us about happy and unhappy love, people’s feelings; psychological dramas which show how people behave in different situations; and fairy-tales with imaginary heroes who fight for the good against the evil.

I have always had a lot of books to read. But it’s difficult for me to choose my favorite writer out of a range of talented authors. Frankly speaking, I’m not keen on reading women’s novels, one-day fiction and tabloids. I am interested in real literature, the books that are to be “chewed and digested”. In my view, a good writer must have an ability to portray life truthfully, to describe nature with love and understanding. A good writer can always make people laugh or cry. He has a sense of humor, great lyrical power rich imagination.

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Reading is to the mind like exercise t the body

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