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The Life and Musical Career Perspective of William Byrd
Words • 2775
Pages • 11
Perhaps I did not acknowledge how fortunate I was to have such a long musical career under the Tudor monarchy in England during the second half of the sixteenth century. Upon my death, I was recognized in the Old Cheque-book of the Chapel Royal of London as “William Byrd, Father of Musick”l and died a wealthy man. My career as an Anglican composer was characterized by periods of constant vigilance, anxiety, and longing, and such emotions coupled with my own…...
A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson
Words • 625
Pages • 3
What could two people born two centuries apart possibly have in common? The answer is more than you may think, but they also have their differences. These two people are Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson. Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson were two of the most noteworthy and well known musicians the world has ever seen who were comparable in their childhoods, career, life, and death. Wolfgang Mozart and Michael Jackson have many striking similarities and differences in their childhoods. Wolfgang…...
Michael JacksonMozart
Tchaikovsky’s Inner Struggles & Creations
Words • 1055
Pages • 4
Tchaikovsky's Inner Struggles & Creations Peter Tchaikovsky, a well-known Russian musician, made his mark through the creation of many operas, concertos, symphonies, and other works. He began as composition student and worked his way up to being remembered as “one of the most loved of Russian composers” (World Biography 1). Tchaikovsky made it through many ups and downs of his life, including family issues, struggling with his own identity, and a doomed marriage. While plagued by depression for many years,…...
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The Child who Changed Music
Words • 913
Pages • 4
A Prodigy’s Childhood Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria, Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart began his music changing life. This brilliant composer would, later on, write over 600 symphonies, operas, concertos, and sonatas throughout his thirty-five year lifetime.At age seven, Mozart’s sister Nannerl started getting clavier lessons from their dad, Leopold. Wolfgang, who was only three, would sit on the floor listening to her practice. But he wasn’t satisfied. After Nannerl’s lesson, Mozart would go up to the…...
Classical MusicMozart
The Mozart Effect and Mathematics
Words • 572
Pages • 3
In 1993 an article was published in “Nature” reporting results of an experiment where students listened to Mozart’s sonata for two pianos in D major, K448, before performing on one of three measures from an IQ test (Rauscher, Shaw, & Ky, 1993). The scores were then subject to a manipulation “we ‘translated’ them to spatial IQ scores of 119, 111, and 110, respectively. Thus, the IQs of subjects participating in the music condition were 8-9 points above their IQ scores…...
Classical MusicMozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and His Operas 
Words • 2976
Pages • 11
During the classical period which is from 1730 to 1820, W. A. Mozart was the most famous composer among other talented and great composers. He wrote a lot of pieces for the different types of music. This essay addresses his two operas “The marriage of Figaro” and “Don Giovanni”. In 1786, he finished “The Marriage of Figaro” and the show was performed, and the composing of “Don Giovanni” was finished and performed in 1787. During this time, Mozart wrote those…...
Classical MusicComposersMozartMusic
Female Composers and their Treatment Across History
Words • 1266
Pages • 5
History  In our society, how do we deal with the problem of sexism in classical music? Why have there been no great female classical composers? Why throughout music history textbooks is emphasis only placed on Western, male composers and not on celebrating diversity in classical music with both female and male composers of every race and orientation? What are we doing to reimagine our relationship with togetherness throughout western music history? In this research proposal I attempt to answer these questions…...
Classical MusicComposersHistory
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5
Words • 367
Pages • 2
Ludwig van Beethoven is a German composer, the predominant musical figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras.He was also recognized as one of the greatest composer.Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in c minor,op.67, The fifth symphony is consider in that the compelling energy of the entire first movement is obtain from the opening reason of the four notes. Basically Most of the element were derived from this motive. Even the contrary second subject is based upon the…...
BeethovenClassical MusicMusic
Age of Enlightenment and Romantic
Words • 1097
Pages • 4
During the Age of Enlightenment the major style was Rococo and artist expression centered on the theme "the pursuit of pleasure. " This is most evident in The Swing, painted by Jean-Honore Fragonard in 1769. Sculpture in the Age of Enlightenment wasn't much different than the paintings. Just as in the paintings it centered on pleasure. This is clearly seen in the sculpture The Intoxication of Wine, by Clodion in 1775, the intimate playfulness of the individuals as they frolic…...
AgeCandideMozartThe Enlightenment
Reflection of a Digital Composer
Words • 1324
Pages • 5
This Academy award-winning composer is arguably the popular most composer across the globe for his versatility and creativity, who can write for any musical genre (incidentally, there are around 115 genres), all the while magically interweaving one with another. While Pirates of the Carribbean is the current hot property of the music lovers all around the globe, his award winning score for "The Lion King" saw its soundtracks sold over 10 million copies. He certainly is the most inspiring example…...
A Biography of the Composer George Frederick Handel
Words • 915
Pages • 4
George Frederick Handel was born on February 24, 1685 in Halle, Germany. One of the greatest composers of the late baroque period (1700-50) and, during his lifetime, perhaps the most internationally famous of all musicians. Handel was born February 24, 1685, in Halle, Germany, to a family of no musical distinction. His own musical talent, however, expressed itself so clearly that before his tenth birthday he began to receive, from a local organist, the only formal musical instruction he would…...
BiographyClassical MusicComposersMusic
George F. Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach Great Composers
Words • 686
Pages • 3
George F. Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach were two great baroque composers back in sixteen hundred who used primary language that consisted of extravagant Italian and French styles. Handel and Bach were from an ancestry called Saxton and came from neighboring towns called Eisenach and Halle. They were born in Germany in 1685 in the same year, Handel was born in February while Bach was born in March just a month apart from each other. Handel and Bach were masters…...
Classical MusicComposersMusic
Danzon for Piano Trio by Composer Paquito D’Rivera
Words • 960
Pages • 4
Danzon or dance is a piece for piano trio by the renowned Cuban performer and composer Paquito D'Rivera. The piece is written for piano and two separate parts which have the option of being performed by a cello, trombone or bassoon in the bass part, and a violin, clarinet or trumpet in the treble part. The piece, like D'Rivera's musical style, blends traditional Cuban dance rhythms with contemporary jazz harmonies which create a fusion of Latin/jazz styles. Danzon is a…...
Classical MusicComposersDanceMusicPianoViolin
Baroque Opera Through the Ages
Words • 826
Pages • 4
Baroque is defined as a historical period from about the start of the 1600s, through about the end of 1750. It is expressed as a style of music, art, and architecture which flourished in Europe during this time period. In this essay I will be defining what exactly Baroque Opera is, where it originated from and show those whom expressed this defining style. At the very early start of opera, which was pre 1600s, the first piece to be credited…...
Classical MusicComposersMusicOperaSonataViolin
An Analysis Of Romantic Opera Drama Essay
Words • 1046
Pages • 4
The Romantic Era was a period in music in which there was much alteration during the 1850 's to the 1920 's in the theory and compositional pattern of music. The composers wrote their pieces with more artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativeness than the creative persons of the classical epoch and this caused the tune to go the more dominant characteristic in the vocals composed. Some popular composers that originated out of this epoch are: Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert, Frederic…...
Classical MusicComposersDramaMusic
Hendrik Hofmeyr
Words • 760
Pages • 3
The programmatic content of the title is directly related to the legend of Luamerava, and there are clear influences of traditional African melodic material. Hofmeyr specifically references mbira music in this work. The mbira is a traditional African instrument which belongs to the lamellaphone family. It is an instrument with a series of thin plates, each which is fixed at one end and has the other end free. When the musician depresses the free end of a plate with a…...
ComposersMusicMusic Industry
Female Composers
Words • 2096
Pages • 8
Between the years 1789 and 1914, commonly known as the long nineteenth century, female composers were not widely known and rarely accepted by society, unable to make as powerful a contribution to art song as they may have done. However, there are a few whose works made it to light decades later and whose names now roll off the tongue as easy as those of their male counterparts, such as Fanny Hensel, Clara Schumann and Amy Beach. Their compositions are…...
Classical MusicComposersMusic
Ludwig Van Beethoven Composer
Words • 1188
Pages • 5
Ludwig Van Beethoven is a composer that has an ascendant musical figure in the period between the 18th-century classical era styles that he admire sand the 19 th-century romantic styles that his music would come to anthropomorphize .In classical music, Beethoven remains as one of the most famous and creative composers that makes everyone acknowledge his talent. Ludwig Van Beethoven,viewed June 4,2019 Ludwig Van Beethoven is born on December 16, 1770, in Bonn -Germany. He is the eldest son among…...
Classical MusicComposersMusicSong
To see through the veil society has put around Mozart Susan McClary
Words • 901
Pages • 4
To see through the veil society has put around Mozart, Susan McClary breaks down Mozart's music through political and social boundaries. Its these boundaries that McCleary says dictate how Mozart composed his music. Her inquiry into Mozart sparked from an intellectual debate in which her colleague's opinion of a soloist's interpretation of a movement from a Mozart concerto which led to a discussion on the significance of the eighteenth century. McClary's thought is that many people who are intellectually cultivated…...
Classical MusicMozartMusicSociety
George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach were both Baroque composers They
Words • 1199
Pages • 5
George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach were both Baroque composers. They both used the basic languages of Baroque, French and Italian. Both composers were of Saxon ancestry and were from neighboring towns, Handel from Halle and Bach from Eisenach. They were both born in 1685, Handel in February and Bach in March. Both composers learned their art by making copies of all the works of known masters. They were both studious copyists throughout their lives. Bach's influences were Frescobaldi,…...
Words • 877
Pages • 4
WOMEN COMPOSERS concert was performed by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra with Harout Fazlian, Ph.D. as conductor, the Swiss pianist soloist Andrea Wiesli, Ph.D. and the alto singer Fadia Tomb El Hage. It took place in Saint Joseph's church, Ashrafiyeh, Lebanon, on Friday, the eighth of March 2019 at 8:30 PM. Six pieces were performed on that day which are all created by women composers. The pieces performed respectively in order are the following : Concerto for Piano Єt Orchestra, Faust…...
19th and 20th Century Music Composers
Words • 600
Pages • 3
Debussy had a sense of musical style that allowed the listener to enjoy the moment and to not really wonder about what was coming next. Although Debussy was influenced by Wagner and Liszt, (which can be seen in his usage of chromatic and whole-tone chords), his music is free from the need to constantly resolve. Debussy also tends to keep a tonal focus. However, in his piece L’isle joyeuse he chose to defy the predictable tonal relationships between chords and…...
Amadeus Biopic
Words • 1538
Pages • 6
Told from the flash back perspective of an aged Antonio Salieri in an insane asylum to a priest for a confession, the movie reveals Antonio's introduction to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his professional career with Mozart, and his bitter rivalry and betrayal of Mozart. The film depicts an inaccurate account of Mozart’s life but still delivers on the pieces which he composed. Throughout the film, we’re exposed to what are clearly historical inaccuracies. I understand that this film is an adaptation…...
ArtFamous PersonFilmMozartMusic
Breathless Reaction Paper
Words • 1600
Pages • 6
According to the many articles and film history that I read, this is the first feature film directed by Jean- Luc Godard who was considered the influencial director that started the French New Wave. And based on our lectures, what makes the French New Wave famous was the technique like jumpcuts, shooting on location, using handheld cameras, loose narrative form or improvised dialogue. Godard also uses the history of cinema art and music. He also includes pictures in posters of…...
Classical Music in Pop Culture
Words • 706
Pages • 3
There may just be a glimpse of good news for the music front. Recently I’ve heard numerous television commercials using pieces of classical music to display the message. Two of them, it must be stated, were for the same product, one of those so called daily vitamins. One had a piece of Wagner - the theme from Die Walkure – and the other accented a melody from Mozart’s Die Zauberflote. Actual operas, please note. And then another commercial for a…...
Classical MusicCulture And MusicMozartMusicResearch
The Creative Genius in the Analysis of Amadeus
Words • 1063
Pages • 4
Amadeus is a creativity not just to praise the great Mozart but it also highlights cruelly of his rival Salieri; who was in himself a great music lover, with the knowledge of his failure in his talent. There is dependably a film that is the primary adore; it truly gives us that feeling that film is more than pictures on a screen, that there can be more profound implications, and that has been, for a long time now, a similar…...
Music App 4
Words • 1434
Pages • 6
In music, the early twentieth century was a time of revolt and change The most famous riot in music history occurred in Paris in 1913 at the first performance of Igor Stravinsky Rite of Spring Composers worked in the early years of the twentieth century except Igor Stravinsky Composers in the twentieth century drew inspiration from folk and pop music of all cultures Twentieth-century composers incorporated elements of folk and popular music within their personal styles because they were attracted to unconventional rhythms, sounds, and melodic patterns. A great twentieth-century composer who was also…...
Words • 4326
Pages • 16
The composer whose career was a model for many romantic composers was Ludwig van Beethoven. The Erlking, in Schubert's song of that name, is a romantic personification of death. Until the age of thirty-six, Franz Liszt toured Europe as a virtuoso All answers are correct. pianist. cellist. conductor. pianist. Schubert's primary source of income came from his musical compositions. When a composer writes new music for each stanza of a poem, the form is known as through-composed. Which of the…...
Music 201
Words • 2451
Pages • 9
The opening of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is probably both the briefest and the best known theme in all of music. a. True In his art song, "Erlkonig," Schubert uses a repetitive rhythmic figure at the beginning to capture the constant forward movement of the pair on horseback and the sound of the hooves racing against time. a. True At the beginning of his career as a composer, Berlioz's music was: c. not understood. Perhaps the single most remarkable aspect of…...
BeethovenMusicWest Side Story
Music 241
Words • 1849
Pages • 7
Listen to the excerpt. The primary rhythmic motif (short-short-short-long) is played first by which instruments in this excerpt? horns Listen to the excerpt. In this excerpt, the strings and which group alternate playing the main rhythmic motif of the movement? full orchestra How many symphonies did Beethoven complete? nine The rhythm of the opening motif of Beethoven's Symphony no. 5 occurs throughout the entire symphony When the individual movements of a large work are related in a tangible and distinct…...
BeethovenMusicWest Side Story
My Humorous Experience
Words • 421
Pages • 2
My pal and I when took our snack at a peaceful corner in the college lunchroom when he shared to me an experience he had while offering in a house for the senior. He stated that one time a hearing impaired grandmother had her good friend, who was then likewise deaf with aging, for a go to. When left by the caretaker, the two old ladies had a conversation. The grandma had been trying to squeeze a good tune from…...
The Marriage of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Words • 715
Pages • 3
The Age of Enlightenment was a period in European history when philosophies and trends were changing considerable. The Enlightenment was a time when reason and equality became accepted principles. Aristocracy and the over-indulgence of the very wealthy as compared to the peasantry was a concept that was being transformed into a philosophy that heralded the concepts of independence and equality. The period itself is known for the revolutions it spawned in the political realm, such as the French Revolution and…...
Beethoven Research Paper
Words • 683
Pages • 3
While many men and women throughout history have made significant, valuable and lasting contributions to society, Ludwig Van Beethoven is an especially remarkable figure worthy of special note because he embraced and devoted his whole life to music. Born to a drunkard father and an unhappy mother, the young Beethoven was exposed to a brutal training in music at the hands of his father, who hoped that the young boy would prove to be another prodigy like Mozart. Ludwig Van…...
Cookies as Spyware
Words • 608
Pages • 3
This paper addresses Cookies as Spyware. The option chosen was to analyze the issues associated with cookies being used as spyware. Are cookies pieces of malicious, benign, or innocent software? The next paragraphs of this paper will discuss the various uses of cookies. And, then, the paper will conclude with my opinion about cookies based upon my research findings. Since web browsing uses a stateless connection, cookies are used to maintain the state of a browsing session. Cookies are small…...
ComposersComputersInformation SystemsInternet SecurityTechnologyWorld Wide Web
John Williams (Composer)
Words • 635
Pages • 3
Born in Queens, NY, in 1932, John Williams is arguably the most sought-after composer in Hollywood today. Musically, John Williams greatly influences my work and I find his grandiose, sweeping scores a benchmark to which I would like to progress to in my composing career. With 47 Academy Award nominations, he is the most nominated musician in Academy Awards history and the second-most nominated person of all-time (second to Walt Disney). However, Williams' rise to fame has been slow and…...
Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven
Words • 470
Pages • 2
Something brand-new made me extremely motivated today to examine an extraordinary piece of music. Actually this my very first time examining or perhaps talking about piece from that design of music. Today, I am going to introduce really good piece of music for all my schoolmates in the musoc appriceation class, and this piece call" Symphony No. 5" for among greatist musicians and authors in the entire universe, who is" Beethoven ". Generally, my preferred style of music is that…...
Exultate Deo
Words • 516
Pages • 2
Exultate Deo, the choral work of art by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, is based upon Biblical Psalm 81 and was composed in 1584. Composed in Latin, the piece is typically performed a capella and features 5 voice parts: one soprano, two altos, one tenor and one base. Psalm 81 is comprised of happy verses, prompting rejoicing in God and appreciation. The happy nature of this music can be heard beginning with the extremely first notes, when the melody begins a…...
For Elise by Beethoven
Words • 1007
Pages • 4
While Ludwig van Beethoven’s more popular works are his symphonies, one of his works remains popular with piano students- Fur Elise. The piece was created around 1810, by the time Beethoven had gone deaf (Forelise. com, 2007). Like its composer, Fur Elise is a subject of much speculation. Fur Elise translates to For Elise and since Beethoven did not marry, several theories have cropped up as to who Elise is. According to some scholars, the title was supposed to have…...
Johann Sebastian Bach’s Fugue
Words • 335
Pages • 2
Johann Sebastian Bach’s Fugue 16 in G Minor is an example of a conventional fugue. What is interesting about this piece is that the body of the fugue is comprised of fragments of the subject and countersubject. The material within the episodes are a unique to this fugue. Also, inversions are found in key spots within the piece, and also create a similarity between the answer and countersubject. Within the first 3 measures, you find Bach brilliantly transcripts the first…...
Classical MusicClassical Music ConcertComposersCulture And MusicMusicMusic Industry
Music Affects Mood
Words • 2049
Pages • 8
Music is any form of sound in a synchronized pattern that affects the brainwaves. Together with many instruments, an emotional harmony is created that can single-handedly manipulate human emotion. When music manipulates emotion to an extreme degree, the practice can become an addiction. There are many causes for being a music addict. It provides an artificial sanctuary, bringing out the emotion that a person is feeling. Music is limitless; there is no end to its boundaries. Music affects how you…...
Classical MusicEmotionMozartMusicPerception
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The Child who Changed Music
...A well known composer for these early symphonies is Giovanni Battista Sammartini. One of his compositions is the Symphony in F Major. This is a wonderful symphony, but the listener can clearly hear the difference in difficulty and drama when listenin...

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