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Eating out Essay Examples

Essays on Eating out

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China Buffet Restaurant Review

Review of China Buffet Restaurant I am a food lover, and I enjoyed eating in a Chinese restaurant. I tried different restaurants in our place, but what interests me most is the China Buffet Restaurant. China Buffet is located at Madison Avenue at the heart of Mankato, one of the biggest cities in Minnesota. The restaurant has a seating capacity of approximately 100 people. They have several food stations. Although the name China Buffet speaks for itself, their food stations…...

Perfect Pizzeria Restaurants Management

Perfect Pizzeria Restaurants is a chain of 125 pizza establishments around the country with headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. There are three locations in Bloomington, Indiana however they have financial and employee problems particularly at the location near the Indiana University campus. Each location has one manager and two shift leaders. The employees are mostly college students, with a few high school students performing the less challenging jobs. Nearly all of the employees, with the exception of some managers, are employed…...

Casa Di Italia Restaurant Review

Company Description Casa Di Italia, a partnership, will be a new type of restaurant for the Baldwin Hills area of Brenthall. It will be an Italian restaurant that features delicious meals for people who are interested in healthy eating. In addition, the restaurant will have a small display area where diners and others can purchase quality Italian food products that are used to prepare the meals served in the restaurant. Casa Di Italia will be located at 881 McCabe Road…...

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Resto bar feadibility study

Pinoy Restaurant Bar, the reason why we choose this name because Pinoy Resto Bar are few place you can reliably turn to for a meal serves Filipino Cuisine that is excellent and innovative. However, is almost never a problem at citizen easily of the reloved and be respected restaurants in the province both among foodists and chefs combining impiceable service and a modern atmosphere. We also considered some services like for the celebration of the program like graduation, wedding reception,…...

The Global Strategic of McDonalds

The McDonald’s Corporation is one of the most successful global restaurant chains around the world. They have used effective management and global expansion strategies to enter new markets and gain a share of the foreign fast food market. This report presents how McDonald’s has achieved this enormous success, its best practices in the global food industry, international growth trends and challenges, and effect on its operating income and number of increasing restaurants across the globe from their expansion in foreign…...

In-N-Out Restaurant Review

The value it provides for customers Throughout the years, the restaurant chain In-N-Out has accomplished excellent customer service and satisfaction. Moreover, their customer service is now classified among the top rated when compared to other fast food restaurants that are within In-N-Out’s range of service. Presently, the profit they are making is comparable to, if not higher than Burger King and McDonald’s. Many experts reviews have favored In-N-Out because they are known for giving customers secret menu items, which overall…...

Oldtown Restaurant Review

The biggest kopitiam restaurant linkage in Malaysiais Oldtown Berhad .Oldtown Berhad occupied in the manufacturing of beverages and manage a chain of caféunder the OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE brand name. Oldtown using its formulated blendof coffees to served. Its major headquarters is in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The served areas are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China. Its linkage of Oldtown café outlets is sustain by two coffee manufacturing equipment,consist of three centralized food processing centers and bean roasting and processing facilities .…...

The Cohesion Case: The Broadway Café

Abstract The Broadway Café was first established in 1952 by my grandfather. The Broadway Café immediately became the hotspot, but over time lost business due to its lack of ability to compete with competitors in the 21st century. I have recently inherited the Broadway Café and have transformed it into the business it should be in the 21st century. I started the café off with a competitive advantage where it can level with competitors around the area. The café has…...

Case Analysis: Profitability of Wendy's Chilli

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's restaurant, opened his first restaurant on November 15, 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. Dave was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 2, 1932. He was adopted at six weeks old by Rex and Auleva Thomas. Dave moved from state to state with his father when his mother passed at the age of 5. At the age of 12, Dave obtained his first job at a restaurant in Knoxville. Thus, he began his love…...

Production System of Benihana Restaurant Review

The essential distinction was the method which food was prepared. During the time period of the case Teppanyaki design dining was unknown in the United States. In this design, food was prepped table side by a chef instead of a kitchen in back. In this setup, clients were captivated with a "dinner program" and were able to see their (foreign/exotic) meal being prepared, something which Rocky Aoki felt would ease a few of the reservations Americans held for "exotic foods."…...

Darden’s Global Supply Chain

Darden Restaurants, Inc. is an American multi-brand restaurant operator headquartered in Orlando. The firm owns several casual dining restaurant chains: Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Eddie V's Prime Seafood, The Capital Grille and Yard House. Until July 28, 2014, Darden also owned Red Lobster. Darden has more than 2,100 restaurant locations and more than 200,000 employees, making it the world's largest full-service restaurant company. As of 2012, Darden is the only Fortune 500 Company with its corporate…...

The Comparison of Two Restaurants

This is a comparison of two fast food restaurants and the interesting facts that have been uncovered. In uncovering the vast and complicated world of fast food and the many comparisons the information that is found here will be very interesting. While both restaurants are both very similar both restaurants are equally both very different. When you consider the many different choices that can be made when choosing where to eat. In past times the fast food restaurant industry had…...

Do You Prefer Eating Out to Eating at Home?

Nowadays, some people like to eat at home and prepare food by themselves but others prefer to eat outside in restaurants or at food stands. As far as I am concerned, I prefer to eat at home. Of course, there are some advantages eating out. Firstly, restaurants offer a more comfortable environment to eat and the food there tastes more delicious than home-cooked meals. Everyone has different favorite dishes and restaurants may satisfy all tastes of its customers. In addition,…...

Narrative Report in a Restaurant

Challenge is test of one's abilities or resources in a demanding. Andchallenges are always present. During the trainee’s on-the-job training, he met some challenges that pushhim to work much better. First is when one of his co-workers challenged him tobe greedy in learning new things and skills. That is also the time when thetrainee’s supervisor said than if the later want high grade, he must work like areal employee. That was a big challenge for the trainee. He was only…...

Om 10 Decision of Hard Rock

From your knowledge of restaurant, from the video, from the Global Company Profile that opens this chapter, and from the case itself. Identify how each of the 10 decisions of operations management is applied at Hard Rock Cafe? Design of goods and service Hard Rock Cafe us famous for foods from classic American -burgers and chicken wings- . So they try to be good in service to customers and always modifying the menu. The experience concept is to provide not…...

Restaurant Evaluation: Azteca

One of my favorite restaurants to eat at is Azteca it’s a family operated restaurant by four bothers. Azteca is a well know authentic Mexican restaurant in Washington State that offers a variety of authentic Mexican foods. Azteca is far on price, casual dining for any occasion, and it specializes in Mexican food. The experience at Azteca is very welcoming for all ages, the food is delicious and service is outstanding. A visit a month ago still proves to me…...

The Yolly’s Pancit Malabon Restaurant

This chapter explains the wholeness of the project where in it explain the background of the company and the project. In realization, Yolly’s Pancit Malabon Restaurant has been using manual system since they started to open this business. Traditionally, the firm had not use a computerized system to support the needs of the customer in daily transaction. Introduction The Yolly’s Pancit Malabon Restaurant is a family business. It is owned and managed by Cruz Family. This business is located at…...

Restaurant Review

Toronto, with a population of 5.5 million people, is the largest, modern and culturally diverse city in Canada. As it is one of the most multicultural cities on earth, no other city has this unique international atmosphere than the Greater Toronto Area. There are presently over 140 languages and dialects spoken in Toronto and because of these reasons, many immigrants choose to live in this beautiful city. It is certain that the increase in immigrants will definitely bring a positive…...

Cafe Bijoux

What is the current positioning strategy? Is it working? Why or why not? Positioning strategy helps a company in creating its identity and its products/service it provides (Anderson, 2011). Café Bijoux offers a relatively low price for a cup of soup and a sandwich, while offering healthy and tasty meals to their targeted market (primarily workers at the City Hall). To keep the cost low, the management did not printed a menu instead it was written on a chalkboard and…...

Kababji Grill

Kababji grill was a principle developed in Lebanon in the early 1990. It is a fast casual dining establishment, service is raped however products are ready and cooked to buy. The company's motion is to serve healthy food todays and future generations. Their vision is to rely fined and fulfill customer cravings for new taste experiences with thoroughly established recopies that attract all tastes and present the principle of eaten pledger once again to markets that are bored with the…...

Secret Recipe: Cafe Chain SWAT Analysis

Background Secret Recipe, a popular lifestyle cafe chain, has become a household name following its debut in 1997. Secret Recipe has successfully established in brandname in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Pakistan,Brunei and Australia by virtue of its fine quality cakes, fusion food and distinctive service. A leading and largest cafe chain in Malaysia, with Halal certification awarded by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JKIM), Secret Recipe in committed to continue toad here to the standards of preparations of all…...

Popeyes vs Kentucky Fried Chicken

Popeyes: To be the world's best fast service restaurant. Being the best ways supplying impressive quality service, tidiness, and worth, so that makes every client in every dining establishment smile. SWOT Analysis: Strengths The strength of Popeyes is based on its distinct brand name and style of Louisiana spicy chickens that it supplies on its menu together with its chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, fried shrimps and other seafood, jambalaya, red beans and rice and other regional items. Popeyes is an…...

My Favorite Dine in Restaurants

I love all different kinds of food. There are a lot of places to go sit and have a nice family dinner or a dinner date with the boyfriend. The best friend also loves to dine in at a small restaurant out in Sturtevant. Its small but the breakfast is very good there. I love to eat but I don’t like the weight gain. I don’t think anyone does really. Food now days have gotten us so overweight with all…...

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Customer Service One of the main issues that management has to face in the hotel and restaurant industry is dealing with difficult customers. Dealing with these customers takes patience, finesse, and knowing what steps are possible for management to take. A manager usually has the power to provide a free meal, entrée, or even to comp a room for a night for a guest when there is a difficult problem. The manager has to know what is appropriate given the…...

Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Review

LOCATION In the heart of Cubao’s shopping paradise, Barrio Fiesta, Araneta is situated in one of the most zestful and busy area in Quezon City. It’s just a few steps from theaters, banks, bookstores, airline, offices and it’s also located at the heart of Araneta Coliseum Arcade. Its proximity to many business establishments, shopping malls like Shoemart, Rustan’s, Plaza Fair, Isetann Farmers and even amusement centers like Fiesta Carnival, all these strategic location make it a popular restaurant for hungry…...

Do You Prefer to Eat Out or at Home

Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants while others prefer to prepare and eat food at home. I have a predilection of eating food at food stands and restaurants because there is a lot of variety of food, the food is cooked and prepared more professionally and it helps in giving a change in the atmosphere. In restaurants, there is so much variety of food to choose from while at home it is always the same kind…...

Eating Home or Eating Out

To human, eating now is not only an action to survive. But it has also become one kind of culture. People now are not only care of what or how they eat. But where they eat is also important. Nowadays, people are too busy with school and work. So, most of the people think that it is more comfortable to eating out than eating at home. But in my point of view, I’d still prefer eating at home than eating…...

Eating Home and Eating Out

Thanks to eating at home families are able to save more money in the recession. Eating out on the weekends and during the week makes families spend much more money than they expect. But mostly some fast food restaurants have specials going on during the weekday. But many families are starting to cook at home because of the cost of food at restaurants. The money that they are spending at fast food restaurants they can be saves at the grocery…...

Eating Out vs. Eating

Intro: Is it simpler to eat out or consume in? Now in the 21st century, individuals all around the world are hectic. A lot of are hectic with work, school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. And in addition to being so hectic, nobody ever has time to prepare. For that reason families are constantly heading out to eat. Nevertheless after awhile, eating in restaurants everyday can be really expensive. And as I have actually experienced, eating in restaurants is not…...

Eating out Vs. Eating In

Throughout the years the economy has changed drastically, putting us into a terrible recession. Gas prices have increased, taxes have increased, and many foolish, young girls are having babies that they cannot support, causing them to go on welfare, making hard working citizens such as you, and me pay for their needs. Food is an essential part of daily life. Why waste even more of my hard earned money by eating out, when I can easily save it, and be…...

Eating out habbits

The aim of this report is to review the existing knowledge on consumer’s attitudes, choices and behavior when eating out. this report will enhance knowledge about eating out. our points of interest were: The capability of food services to provide good foods. Certain eating out occasions of people. Frequency of people going out to eat. Likes and dislikes of people while eating out etc. DEFINITION OF EATING OUT: “ Meals, beverages , snacks consumed out of home. If more data…...

Hong Kong’s lifestyle in “Cha Chaan Teng”

Hong Kong identity is a complicated issue and many different perspectives have to be taken into consideration in order to study this issue. This paper mainly focuses on the cultural perspective of the Hong Kong identity. Hall.S (2000) “identities are never unified and, in late modern times, increasingly fragmented and fractured; never singular but multiply constructed across different, often intersecting and antagonistic, discourses, practices, and positions.” This implies identity is regarded as a shared culture in Hong Kong. Most Hong…...

Restaurant Review (Boston Pizza)

Each time I return home after a stint of travel to other countries I always head out to one of my favorite restaurants, Boston Pizza. Boston Pizza has been around since the 1960’s and started out as a small one store location but has grown into one of western Canada’s most popular restaurants with over 150 locations in Canada with a few locations also spread out in the USA. There are many choices that can compare in some aspect to…...

Jose's Mexican Restaurant Review

Problem Statement Jose’s Mexican restaurant is a small yet popular spot. Lately they have been losing customers and profits due to service issues. In order to improve the restaurant, Jose’s Mexican Restaurant must provide service that is top-notch, in other words fast, efficient, great testing, convenient and heartwarming. What must the restaurant do in order to improve service? Areas for consideration: Quality at Jose's restaurant should be defined by service, value, reliability of the experience and overall customers' satisfaction. The…...

Chili’s Restaurant

In the decision making process, it helps to look at all the information. This SWOT is comparing Chili’s restaurant to two of its competitors, Ruby Tuesday’s and Applebee’s. Company History Chili’s restaurants are part of the company, Brinker International Corporation. Chili’s Bar & Grill is a casual dining restaurant that was founded in 1975 and has expanded to include 1,200 restaurants located domestically and internationally. There menu consists of fresh and healthy American dishes and limited amount of southwestern style…...

Success of Benihana of Tokyo

Benihana of Tokyo has been very successful for the last 40 years since 1964. From a small restaurant, it has developed into a chain of themed restaurants. The success of Benihana has been attributed to the superb total quality management (TQM) process especially in maintaining the overall exotic ambience and the high quality food provided. All these strengths contribute to providing an unforgettable dining experience to its consumers and are reflected in their ability to retain consumers which is shown…...

Evaluation of Chilis Bar and Grill

Eating out is an event that has become very common. People eat out to celebrate, to gather with family or friends, or when they just don't feel like cooking. Whatever the reason people choose to eat out, everyone wants somewhere that provides good food. Chili's bar and grill not only provides good food they provide great value. You'll have the confidence knowing that everyone will find something they like. Chili's restaurants are conveniently located making it perfect for a last-…...

My Visit To The Restaurant

Every day between 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., you will find numerous individuals at local restaurants. The reason behind it, is that everyone is trying to get lunch. I searched for a sophisticated but very cozy restaurant. In this case, I found a local restaurant with a variety of authentic Mexican dishes. From reading the menu to having your mouth watery while the waiter puts your food down in front of you. As I entered the restaurant. I felt welcomed…...

In N Out Burger

The In N Out Burger There are many enjoyable fast food restaurants in California. No matter where you are or what your direction you can find a fast food restaurant. One of the types of fast food restaurants are pizza . Another type of fast food is Mexican style fast food. The largest type of fast food in California hamburgers. Some of the smaller fast food places are the chicken fast food restaurants and hot dog fast food restaurants. they…...

Beefeater Restaurant Review

The aim is to identify a marketing strategy for the Lydiard Travel Inn, Beefeater Restaurant, and Pub and Touch base, for the future success of the Beefeater restaurant. Introduction: Samuel Whitbread established Whitbread plc in 1742, originally as a beer producing company. Since then, Whitbread has moved from strength to strength incorporating wider varieties of businesses under its wing with each growth. Today, Whitbread owns and operates some of the most popular business in restaurants, hotels and leisure and health.…...

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