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Culture refers to a way of life that members of a given group or society identify within a given time (Baldwin, J. R., Faulkner, S. L., & Hecht, M. L., 2006). The culture of a given group of people manifests in various aspects of social life which include the shared values, beliefs, behavior patterns, and customs that define their day-to-day interactions. It comprises accumulated knowledge and developed habits from past experiences that shape social relations of people coexisting in a particular place and period. A society develops various symbols and signs to represent their cultural features as a way of preservation and ensuring continuity to future generations (Aggleton & Parker, 2002). Culture is passed from one generation to the next mainly through oral communication and imitation. Culture shapes an individual’s perception of different aspects of social life such as interpersonal relations, communication, self-identity, spirituality among others. However, culture changes over time with changing experiences, interactions with others, and emerging insights that may contradict past convictions about certain issues.

Impact of Culture on Person in Writings
Words • 1378
Pages • 6
Being surrounded in a culture that thinks specific ways, heavily impacts the people who are surrounded. In “The Naked Citadel,” written by Susan Faludi, Faludi examines the case of Shannon Faulkner, who was mistakenly admitted to the all-male military academy. There, she also discovers how the Citadel who sits idly by while violence and segregation is occurring within the school. Throughout the reading, Faludi points out the fourth-class system which the boys fulfill and act in such ways in order…...
The Influence of History on Changing Culture
Words • 1107
Pages • 5
There are lots of different cultures around the world. In some cultures, Woman, Men, Children and Older people are treated differently, from past to present. People in society believe that there is world peace but sometimes that isn't the case. Kids are mistreated, they could possible treat them as there nothing or abandon them, in some cultures people would treat our elders with respect, but others may not even think of them as a fragile soul but a nuisance to…...
Influences of Culture on Business
Words • 1949
Pages • 8
Government policy, political stability or instability in overseas markets, foreign trade policy, tax policy, labour law, environmental law and trade restrictions should be taken in mind by a firm. Firms need to be able to respond to the current and anticipated future legislation, and adjust their operations and running policies accordingly. Political risks are among the first crucial risks to consider when going internationally. Political changes, instability, government geopolitical changes, taxes are hard to face and control. These risks may…...
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Four Faces of Culture Analysis
Words • 2340
Pages • 10
Introduction At first glance, Berger and Barber seem to be worlds apart, their arguments are that different. If you look closer, however, there share a common theme: globalization. What Globalization is, what helps it, what hurts it. Berger takes a more cultural approach, basically saying that culture is everywhere, even in language. He also mentions “Davos culture”, it being the “international culture of business and political leaders” (Berger, 2002). He goes on further, talking about individualization. Individualization is the process…...
Racial Diversity and Jazz Music
Words • 929
Pages • 4
Racial discrimination has always been a prominent issue in America and it has been even more prevalent in the artistic and musical realm. While racial issues and injustices have died down in the musical world since the 1920s, it is very important to recall the struggles that many jazz artists faced during their career due to the color of their skin, and the ways in which some jazz artists tackled these racial issues. One important jazz figure whose career demonstrates…...
Effect of Negative Racial Stereotype of African Americans
Words • 2362
Pages • 10
Stereotypes are characteristics imposed upon groups of people because of their race, nationality, and sexual orientation. These characteristics tend to be generalizations of the groups involved, and while some people truly do embody the traits of their stereotype, they are not necessarily representative of all people within that group. Stereotypes are a big problem in our society, this creates a distortion of how every person should be and ultimately creates a wall of separation between communities. Stereotypes creates misinterpretation, hatred…...
Specific of New Orleans City
Words • 768
Pages • 4
The city of New Orleans is in Louisiana. It is the biggest and most populated city in Louisiana. It is known as the Big Easy because of its round the clock nightlife, vibrant live music and their spectacular cuisine. Its history reflects as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. New Orleans most famous festive event is Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras is a carnival for festive costumed parades and street parties beginning on or after…...
Mardi GrasSociological Imagination
New Orleans and Mardi Gras
Words • 1650
Pages • 7
I have only lived in a couple of places that are famous for some things but not as interesting as other places like I have read about New Orleans. It is not unheard of that New Orleans in Louisiana is a popular vacation spot with friends but there are several cultural ideas that people, including myself, do not know about. New Orleans’ culture is based on their historical timeline, traditions, major contributions, institutions, education, and communication. New Orleans first started…...
Mardi GrasSociological Imagination
Role of Surfing in Bethany Hamilton`s Life
Words • 1202
Pages • 5
Many have heard her life threatening story. Her dedication, love, and passion kept her going. She’s handled more than most people ever could. Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration to so many because of the way she’s held strong through these life changing events. Surfing was a huge part in Behthany’s life. Cheri Hamilton, Bethanys mom, started home schooling her in the sixth-grade. For Bethany there was no time for public school and professional surfing. A flexible schedule was necassary for…...
CultureSurfing And Bodyboarding
Bethany Hamilton`s Life Path
Words • 1500
Pages • 6
Introduction Attention Getting Device: Could you imagine being attacked by a shark at the age of 13? Well, Bethany Hamilton was. Everyone has a past, but it is your choice whether you want to learn from it. Bethany was the person that chose to learn from these challenges thrown at her to face. She chose to use her surfing and shark attack experience for good. Audience Adaptation: Everyone experiences a rough time/patch at some point, but it is your choice…...
CultureSurfing And Bodyboarding
Bells Beach as One of The Best Beaches
Words • 2983
Pages • 12
INTRODUCTION When most think of surfing culture they immediately think of places such as California, Hawaii or the Gold Coast of Australia as centers of influence in the sport. Yet a small beach on the southeastern tip of Australia is one of the birthplaces for modern surfing. Bells Beach is a small beach that has had such a profound effect on surf competition and surf industry that it still plays a huge role in surfing world today. Its consistent surf,…...
CultureSurfing And Bodyboarding
History and Uniqueness of Surfing
Words • 908
Pages • 4
Surfing is a unique sport that one is able to learn anytime, just looking at the waves and seeing people surf and being taken away by the waves looks so relaxing. No one really knows about the really early years of surfing but it appeared in the late 1700s by Europeans and Polynesians. During 1769 Botanist Joseph Banks writes the first explanation of wave riding in Matavai Bay, Tahiti. Surfing didn't have its first official contest until 1928 in Corona…...
CultureSurfing And Bodyboarding
How Washington Irving Created a New Mythology for New York State through Stories Based on the Earlier Dutch Colonists
Words • 2397
Pages • 10
Introduction Most of the folklore of early America was rejected by many authors who preferred the romantic tales and European ballads. Washington Irving was perhaps one of the first who recognized the romance in the tales. It was easier for him, as his folk surroundings were Dutch, while he was from the Scotch Presbyterian background. Because of this contrast, he could provide a more objective view. Irving saw the Dutch stories as fascinating remains of literature, and as he was…...
A Discussion on American Cultural Values
Words • 1774
Pages • 8
America is not just a country; it is a concept, an ideal. It embodies the Enlightenment ideal of freedom, the golden arms of liberty welcoming the huddled masses yearning to be free. “Give me your tired, your poor”, as goes the famous poem by Emma Lazarus, is an enticing idea for the huddled masses of the world seeking a better place to live and thrive. So the masses came, chasing this dream, perhaps not fully realizing how this jump into…...
Cultural Identity
Steven Bantu Biko’s Attitude Towards Negritude and Black Consciousness
Words • 1639
Pages • 7
As we move through the September of 2017, a feeling of bitterness sweeps through the progressives of South Africa: this month commemorates the 40th year since the killing of Steven Bantu Biko. His philosophy of Black Consciousness is deeply rooted in the notions of Negritude. Biko's claim that “the most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” pays homage to this link as Negritude focuses on forming a unique, black identity and hence liberating the black…...
African American Culture
An Analysis of the Use of Puppets in Noh Drama
Words • 1101
Pages • 5
"A puppet is an inanimate object moved by a human agent before an audience with the intention of communicating something through the process of representation." -Jane Law It never occurred to me that Puppets might be utilized in Noh drama. Class discussion and the readings never approached the topic. I was very surprised to find references to it as I began to compile research for a journal entry assigned by my professor. The decision was easy, something had to be…...
DramaJapanese CultureTheatre
The Evolution of Visual Art, Pottery, and Architecture in Japan
Words • 2828
Pages • 12
Traditional Japanese design functions mainly on the four schools of design called Wabi-sabi, Miyabi, Shibui, and Iki. Wabi-sabi is comprised of the sub-principals of Fukinsei, asymmetry, irregularity. Kanso, simplicity. Koko, basic, weathered appearance. Shizen, without pretense, natural. Yugen, subtly profound grace, not obvious. Datsuzoku, unbounded by convention, and Seijaku, tranquility[1]. This school of thought is derived mainly from zen buddhist philosophies regarding life and how it should be lived. Miyabi, which piqued in the Heian period[2], also centers on buddhist…...
Japanese Culture
Old Traditional Christmas Song
Words • 1233
Pages • 5
There are many old traditional Christmas songs that people sing, play, and dance to every year. Sometimes it might not even be on Christmas when they’re playing the music. You have Christmas songs like Frosty the Snowman, Little Drummer Boy, This Christmas, Jingle Bells, Motown Christmas, Whiz it’s Christmas, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. All of these songs bring out the jollyness during Christmas time. Without Christmas music the holidays just wouldn’t be the same. Have you ever…...
A Christmas CarolChristmas
Tradition of Christmas Tree in Different Country
Words • 738
Pages • 3
While the beauty of Christmas trees are common in many homes during December, the traditions and meanings behind the trees vary from culture to culture. During the Christmas season, putting up Christmas trees is an exciting family tradition. Christmas trees are put up by many differnet familes for multiple causes. The tradition of Christmas trees started around the 1700’s in Germany, and the trees symbolize everlasting life to Christians and the coming of spring to Pagans. In the beginning, the…...
“The Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens
Words • 499
Pages • 2
The tale known as “The Christmas Carol” by is a story about a miser old man named Ebenezar Scrooge. Although in a spam of one night, a strange series of events led up to a tremendous amount of growth. Growing up in a harsh and unkind household took a huge toll on Scrooge’s stages of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Abused, lonely and protective of himself, he grew up with an attitude that stuck with him and evolved over a period…...
Greek Religion and Myths
Words • 634
Pages • 3
The Greeks had a perfectly reasonable religion and belief system. To be clear, this is not a defense of Greek superstitions, as superstitions are irrational, and plague nearly every religion both modern and ancient. The defense of the Greeks can be first outlines through the telling of “The Trick at Mecone”. An apparent superstition of burning bones to Zeus, through animal sacrifice, is easily viewed as contrary to a reasonable practice. However, through exploring the context and roots of this…...
Greek mythologyMythologyMyths
Elder Holland: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Words • 1165
Pages • 5
After listening to Elder Holland’s talk, “The First Great Commandment,” I decided at age 12, I was going to go on a mission. His message in the talk was simple, it was if you love the Savior, then one should go out and serve.” It just made sense to me; I loved the Savior, and going on mission would be one of the best ways to express my gratitude to Him. There’s a joke swirling around on the internet that…...
Myths about Roman Civilization
Words • 532
Pages • 3
Authors tend to put their own opinions on the subject in their literary works; some do it subtly and others prefer to impose their opinion on their readers. When the author is retelling the history of a civilization, they often criticize or support the government or ruling authority. Both Virgil’s epic, the Aeneid and Ovid’s Metamorphoses are considered a commentary on the Roman Empire and specifically the reign of Augustus. Virgil uses minor details as well as Aeneas’ deteriorating humanity…...
A Cultural Perspective of the Broadway Phenomenon
Words • 1030
Pages • 5
The purpose of this essay is to provide a cultural perspective of the workings that make up the equally reputable and infamous New York marvel that is Broadway. Through the analytical framework of the ASHME acronym, this paper will give a specific analysis to the Broadway phenomenon, which is explicitly a stage performance presented to an audience. Hamilton, a show dedicated to the incredible feats accomplished and mistakes made by the U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton, will be our case…...
Dealing with Hispanic American
Words • 605
Pages • 3
To complete the cultural presentation, I participated in the Red Group that involved five class members. Together, we decided to do our cultural presentation on the Hispanic Culture. My role in the cultural presentation was to research and present communication practices among the Hispanic Culture. According to the US Census Bureau, 18% of the population is Hispanic, making Hispanic Americans the largest ethnic minority group in the United States. Arizona is one of many states with more than 1 million…...
The History of Imperial Chinese Architecture
Words • 1993
Pages • 8
When comparing ancient Chinese structures side by side, the untrained eye will struggle to differentiate between their purposes as the vast majority of Imperial Chinese architecture follows the same form as that of its surroundings. A temple and an old house located next to each other will likely share many stylistic traits common to the indigenous architecture, such as building material and roof style. With access to floor plans, one might guess at a structure's purpose, but in order to…...
ArchitectureChinese culture
The Beauty of the Administration Lawn on the University of Idaho Grounds and Its Memorial Statue
Words • 1163
Pages • 5
There is a certain calm to be felt when in the presence of a monument of historical significance. It is as though the statue presides over the area, regulating the atmosphere and affecting those around it. In the essay "Monuments to Our Better Nature,” Michael Byers addresses the issue that Americans are a part of their history. Byers recalls his experience as a child visiting the National Museum of Natural History and the National Mall with his mother. It was…...
The Yami Culture and Tradition
Words • 1513
Pages • 7
Orchid Island is located off the coast of Taiwan and is today incorporated as part of the Republic of China. The history and culture of the island intertwine and create a phenomenon where there is a multiplicity of names and terms referring to the Island and its inhabitants. It is first seen on early 17th century Japanese charts as “Tabako Shima”. A French map within that century refers to it as Tabaco Xima. To the Chinese, it is Hung-tou Yu,…...
Cultural DiversityCulture
Health Care in Greek Culture
Words • 1229
Pages • 5
It is important for health care providers to consider cultural beliefs, values, and behaviors while interacting with patients so that relationships can be built upon trust and respect. Understanding and respecting culturally diverse beliefs will help to provide competent care for clients and practitioners of all cultures and in all settings. The Greek culture is very unique and is well known for its naturalistic approach to health care. Hippocrates, also known as the “Father of Medicine”, based his philosophy on…...
Deep Culture and Learning
Words • 815
Pages • 4
Culture is the learned base-point reference that one has in life from their parents, their friends, and their community. It is, generally, linked to a common language, and it is the common language that unites people to others. Like an iceberg, only a small portion of culture is seen at the surface. Deep culture has been defined as a sub-category that is linked to an even smaller circle of people (members of a particular cultural group). It was proposed that…...
CultureCulture Diversity
Sijos versus Japanese Poetry
Words • 1281
Pages • 6
They also compare the unity of the Takasago pine and Sumiyoshi pine to the celebration of the past and present. It is also important to note what they associate with their past and present. The old man said that the past was “when the great poems were written” and the present was the “peaceful reign of the Emperor” (Surtasky). This shows that they valued poems as a part of history, heritage and even an essential part of life as they…...
Japanese CultureLiterature
The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu
Words • 2026
Pages • 9
The Tale of Genji is considered the first novel in the world, written in the 11th century by Murasaki Shikibu. The novel is based around a central character, Genji, who though in line to become the Emperor of Japan, is demoted and exiled by his father. The novel follows his life in exile, his return, and the romantic aspects of his life. Gengi’s gives the reader a look into the life of the aristocratic people and the culture of Heian…...
Japanese CultureLiterature
History of Japanese Art by Penelope Mason
Words • 1225
Pages • 5
In the third chapter of History of Japanese art by Penelope Mason, it covers three main topics such The Heian, the imperial palace, and the growth of Buddhist and Shinto arts. The chapter all supports the Heian period and the coming of native aesthetic. With the growth of Buddhism in Japan, it allowed for change in the cultural and political affairs of the nation. This sparked Japan to consciously change their artistic and cultural forms. This change flourished during the…...
Japanese CultureLiterature
The Tales of Genji and 1001 Nights
Words • 828
Pages • 4
The tales of Genji is a classic work that follows the rules of Japanese Literature. The book mainly contains references from the early 11th century years. It is a depiction of the life of the courtiers in the Heian period. In this case, the book discusses only the highly regarded courtiers and the reasons why they were considered so. The book is diverse and also focuses on gender specific situations in line with relationships and how they are rated. The…...
Islamic CultureJapanese CultureLiterature
Rokujo Haven in Genji Monogatari
Words • 677
Pages • 3
Furthermore, one of the most impactful characters in the story which one can debate whether she shows female empowerment or not is the Rokujo Haven. According to how she was described in the story, she seemed to have had a high status earlier in her days but had lost her power. She does not seem to be treated with the utmost respect in the story. Personally, to have a female character start off as one of the highest rankings possible…...
Japanese CultureLiterature
How Manifest Destiny Affected Native American Culture?
Words • 2132
Pages • 9
What is no one spoke English anymore? What if it was illegal to celebrate Christmas? What if a new race of people decided to invade America and force Americans out of their homes? This was what happened to Native Americans during America’s Westward Expansion. Native American culture disappeared because America’s westward expansion forced them out of their homeland, disease and violence killed millions of them, and new laws gave them no rights. Life in the Western Hemisphere was much different…...
CultureManifest DestinyNative Americans
Ancient Egyptian Civilization And Culture History
Words • 2276
Pages • 10
Ancient Egypt was one of the oldest cultures that ever existed. It was around 5000 years ago! This land flourished because of the Nile River. Its annual inundation created fertile lands that supported life. The Ancient Egyptian worshipped many gods like Re, (the sun god) Isis, Seth, and Horus. Ancient Egyptians had a supreme and powerful ruler called the Pharaoh. The pharaohs were considered to be a god of Egypt. The pharaohs ruled the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and the…...
Ancient EgyptCivilizationCultureHistory
Feature of Culture in Neito(2008)
Words • 1708
Pages • 7
In his article, Neito (2008) defines culture as a product of life’s circumstances. He also points out some characteristics that help us to understand how culture is encompassed in learning and how those characteristics obfuscate our pathway to a smoother inclusive education. Neito (2008) defines culture as constantly changing values, traditions, relationships, and worldviews that are shared by a group of people who are connected through a common factor such as history, geographic location, language, social class, and religion. One…...
Different CulturesJournal
Loss in Irish Mythology
Words • 1275
Pages • 6
Introduction The Irish, like many other cultures, have tales of loss weaved into their mythology. The Celtic lore is full of heroes who loved and lost, ruled and lost, or gained fame and fortune and lost it. Kings like Fergus lost their thrones and had to humble themselves. People like Deidre lost their love and freedom and eventually had to kill herself. Oisin loses his home, regains it, and then loses it again because of an error. All these tales…...
Mythology of Ancient Dragons
Words • 1582
Pages • 7
Dragons have been apart of human culture for thousands of years In things like legends, books, video games, stories passed down for generations, and even in new movies. In myths and legends, dragons are often fire-breathing, reptile like creatures with huge wings, large claws, a scaly skin, and a long tail. They are usually portrayed as frightening and destructive monsters who kill people and make chaos and battle against Gods or heroes to be slain in a symbolic battle of…...
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Impact of Culture on Various Aspects of Social Life

The cultural background of a given person significantly shapes their style of communication in various ways. According to (Baldwin et al., 2006) culture defines social interactions in terms of acceptable behaviors, values, and habits when communicating with others. For example, culture sets certain parameters that define acceptable and effective communication. (Shrank, W. H., Kutner, J. S., Richardson, T., Mularski, R. A., Fischer, S., & Kagawa‐Singer, M., 2005) argue that culture determines the art of communication regarding the various modes of delivery such as verbal interactions, songs, poems, narratives, signs, and symbols applied. Culture defines the distance to be maintained with various correspondents in a conversation, the acceptable language, and sensitivity of the addressed issues among other aspects of human communication. Culture also shapes an individual’s self-identity by providing shared features that one identifies with such as a language, customs, moral values, beliefs, and norms. An individual identifies with a certain group due to shared interests and cultural values that hold them together. Culture also shapes human sexuality by influencing the way individuals experience and express themselves as sexual beings (Aggleton & Parker 2002). suggests that culture defines human sexuality by demarcating acceptable different gender relationships, and ways of expressing sexual emotions on different occasions and to different persons. Culture can also influence an individual’s beliefs about sexual morality and identity according to the shared moral values governing sexual relationships in a given society. Human spirituality is greatly influenced by held cultural beliefs that tend to explain our abnormal experiences and events happening in the surrounding natural world. For example, humans perceive natural occurrences in life that are beyond human control such as natural disasters and death from a spiritual perspective relating them to supernatural controlling beings. Culture also provides rituals and moral values that an individual associated with as an expression of their spiritual and religious consciousness. Therefore, culture shapes human beliefs, moral values, and behaviors that define a person as a spiritual being.

Culture Shapes an Individual’s Communication

Medical and patient care practices were widely practiced in ancient Egypt with great success. This paper compares and contrasts the ancient Egyptian to the modern American patient care practices on matters regarding culture integration into the system. It also evaluates the impact of culture on various social aspects of human life. A widely practiced culture in a society defines parameters of human interactions thereby shaping an individual’s communication, self-identity, sexuality, and spirituality. Culture refers to a set of beliefs, customs, behavior, moral values, objects, language, and communication systems among other social aspects shared in common by a particular group of people in a given place and time.

Application of Cultural Features in Nursing Care

Cultural beliefs and practices significantly affect an individual’s physiological and psychological well-being. The integration of cultural practices in patient care can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian patient care system. Spiritualism was greatly entrenched in the entire patient care system (Nunn, 2002). For instance, the cause of human sickness was associated with the wrath of gods or demonic powers. The Egyptian culture required the care providers to maintain a high level of physical and spiritual purity before and after attending to a sick person to avoid the spread of the disease to others. Although care providers applied natural herbal treatment interventions to relieve pain and cure the disease the entire process was dominated by spells and incarnation (Nunn, 2002). Egyptian culture also defined practices that would alleviate or worsen given health conditions and recorded them in hieroglyphic medical texts as a way of preserving and passing the knowledge to future generations (Baldwin et al., 2006). Egyptian caregivers required a great understanding of the accepted cultural practices undertaken when providing care to patients.


Culture refers to the way of life of a given group of people manifested in the form of shared values, beliefs, customs, behavior, practices, and knowledge among other aspects of social life. Culture significantly influences human interactions in the day to day social life activities. Culture shapes an individual’s communication by defining the relationship that exists between communicating parties. It defines the appropriate language used, the sensitivity of issues discussed, and the appropriate delivery method. Culture also shapes an individual’s self-identity through shared cultural features such as language, moral values, beliefs, and customs that one identifies with. Culture can influence an individual’s sexuality by defining acceptable ways to experience and express sexual emotions and interests. Cultural beliefs and practices greatly influence an individual’s spirituality through the explanations offered regarding various abnormal events and experiences perceived from a spiritual perspective such as natural disasters. The contemporary American and ancient Egyptian patient care systems share similarities in the integration of culture in the patient management process with slight differences. The two patient care systems apply both therapeutic and spiritual interventions in the management of the health conditions. However, ancient Egyptian therapeutic management involves the use of natural herbs while contemporary American use synthetic drugs. In ancient Egypt, spiritual support offered to patients involved casting spells and incarnations while in contemporary American society it involves engaging social support groups.

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How Washington Irving Created a New Mythology for New York State through Stories Based on the Earlier Dutch Colonists
...In conclusion, with this essay I intend to have offered a comprehensive analysis of the short story Rip Van Winkle that was written by Washington Irving. After analysing all the points, I came to the conclusion that we face a story where the humour, ...
How Manifest Destiny Affected Native American Culture?
...As it can be seen from these examples, there are many things that contributed to the disappearance of Native American culture. The westward expansion contributed by bringing settlers and pioneers. Their land was taken away to make room for these peop...

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