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Novels are used as vessels to communicate significant themes about humanity. This is evident in the autobiographical novel “Chinese Cinderella” by Adeline Yen Mah, a text that truly reflects the emphasis of Abandonment by family which triggers resilient and experiences that impact an individual leading to low self-esteem which is illustrated within the text. This is displayed through the character Adeline and her harsh realities experienced as a child. The composer effectively uses her text to communicate universal themes that are significant to mankind

Individuals become more resilient when they are impacted by situations such as isolation.

The experiences often lead to their constant pursuit of attaining inclusion. The theme of isolation is a significant theme which exposes resilience from a character is significant to the novels because the segregation developed in the text shapes the character. The composer uses this particular theme to convey the characters' perspectives and gets the audience to relate to the situations.

The dialogue used 'And if you could have one wish granted, what would it be? “.

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”To receive a letter addressed to me. Just one letter. From anyone.'. This quote exemplifies Adeline’s loneliness and her desperate seek for attention due to her abandonment by her family leaving her depressed. This shapes the audience to feel uneasy because of the hardship Adeline is experiencing which causes the audience to be more thoughtful about the characters. The quote also demonstrates to the audience about the will to keep going thus advocating the development of perseverance in the characters.

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In addition, a quote that focuses on Adeline’s loneliness is the visual imagery coupled with emotive words of “My heart gave a giant lurch as her words sank in. For a dazzling moment, I knew with every fibre of my being …, Aunt Baba had come to my rescue! The whole of me was vibrating with joy “Loneliness is evident in this quote as it expresses Adeline’s joy metaphorically and relief for her saviour that has freed her from isolation. This has shown through characterisation that Adeline has been changed from being nervous and self-conscious person to a strong and independent individual. This successfully demonstrates that despite how difficult a situation individual should always stay courageous and the importance to be brave. Consequently, when an individual is mistreated or neglected it teaches them to become resilient and independent which is displayed in the text Chinese Cinderella.

When an individual experiences constant rejection, it can negatively impact them by leading to a lack of self-worth. The composer uses the idea of self-esteem in the novel because it reflects the character to the audience which creates the reader to understand in the character's perspective. The message the author tries to get across is that is not to allow any person, thing or situation to stop you from achieving your dreams.

For example, the repetition of the rhetorical question ‘what’ll my friends say this time? How will my voters look at me? Will, I be the laughingstock of my class?’. When Adeline repeatedly questions herself, the audience is positioned to feel her self-doubt and reliance on the opinion of others.

In addition, a quote that further describes lack of self-worth is the use of first-person narrative “I began tears welling up in spite of myself and now have lost her forever”. This quote demonstrates Adeline’s feeling of despair through her loss of Aunt baba hence develops the reader to understand Adeline’s perception of the situation told directly from the author. The hidden message portrayed by the author is to be always strong no matter how difficult the situation is.

The novel educates the reader to feel sympathetic about the situations of Adeline’s harsh and “unlucky” life. It creates the feeling of the author telling the story to the reader so they can understand the perception of the character and relate to the story. Therefore, a significant theme the novel communicates the theme of isolation by teaching the audience about facing their fears and being confident which changes their views about different situations.

To conclude, significant themes are used by the composers to establish messages towards the audience to learn about these themes and to relate back to reality. This view has been explored by the autobiographical novel 'Chinese Cinderella', the themes of rejection and isolation which trigger resilience and lack of self-worth have been demonstrated in the novel. This is done through the use of literary techniques to communicate these themes to the audience by successfully using real-life situations for the reader to relate.

Updated: Feb 24, 2024
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