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Marriage, Love And Caste In India
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India is a nation of cultural diversification. With its remarkable composition of tradition and the vast heritage of ancient culture, it provides an interesting background to study romantic relationships. Indian literature and mythologies depict their liberal, lenient and dispassionate views on human sexuality, love, and individual freedom as well. In Hinduism Love is categorized into five stages; Kama (Sensory caring), Shringara (rapturous intimacy), Maitri(generous compassion), Bhakti (impersonal devotion), Atma Prema (unconditional self-love). According to Vatsyayana, in Kamasutra, Kama is as…...
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Secrets from the Ancient Civilization of Harappa In India
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The Discovery of the ruins of Harappa in India has become the center of attraction for archeologists from all over the world. Recently while they were busy unearthing a part of the graveyard they found a grave which left these experts to ponder a little more about 4,500 years old ruins. Archeologists worked in India at the Harrapa site known as Rakhigrhi from 2013 to 2016. Postgraduates of Deccan College from an Indian college were working in collaboration with the…...
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Impact of Islam on Indian culture
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There is a close relationship between Islam and Indian. Islam is a religion that is based on Quran which explains revelations from god and is believed that it is unaltered throughout the decades. There is about 1.57 billion supporters which is the same number as of 23 percentage of earth's population. It is the second-largest religion in the world and it is still growing fast. The support of Islam is called a Muslim. Islam's prophet is Muhammad who was born…...
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