Essays on Chinese culture

The History of Imperial Chinese Architecture
Words • 1993
Pages • 8
When comparing ancient Chinese structures side by side, the untrained eye will struggle to differentiate between their purposes as the vast majority of Imperial Chinese architecture follows the same form as that of its surroundings. A temple and an old house located next to each other will likely share many stylistic traits common to the indigenous architecture, such as building material and roof style. With access to floor plans, one might guess at a structure's purpose, but in order to…...
ArchitectureChinese culture
A Visit To the Tang Shipwreck Cargo Exhibition
Words • 399
Pages • 2
I went to visit the Asian Civilisation Museum, ‘ Tang Shipwreck’ exhibition on the 8th of May sometime after lunch at around 2 pm. The Tang Shipwreck tells a story about the contacts between people from different backgrounds during the trading of their own technology and artistic influence such as silver, golds, and ceramic stoneware from the Middle East to India, Southeast Asia, and China. The first artifact I found interesting is the green splashed ceramic bowl with a dragon…...
ChinaChinese cultureTeaVisit
Chinese society
Words • 797
Pages • 4
The woman’s divergent role of wife consists in being married but also procuring her own state within this new family, as such she must in some capacity wield power over this new home, It consists in subverting and disrupting the family form that most Chinese men hold dear—the family that grows from generation to generation without interruption and without division. Sons, their wives, and their children should live in harmony under the guidance of the eldest male. The goals and…...
Chinese cultureGenderPersuasionSociety
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Research report on Chinese Business, Chinese Culture and/or Chinese Language
Words • 115
Pages • 1
1. Introduction During the previous 25 years, China has developed from a closed, centrally-planned economy into one that is more market-oriented. Economic reforms that were carefully held into place resulted in increased economic efficiency for the entire nation, translating into a GDP that exceeds tenfold of that in the late 70’s and putting China on top in terms of global economy. In fact, 2006 saw to China being heralded as the second-largest economy worldwide, next to the United States of…...
BusinessChinaChinese cultureCultureEnglish LanguageLanguage
Different Aspect of Chinese Culture and Their Impact on Marketing
Words • 2193
Pages • 9
Chinese culture is one of the richest and oldest cultures. What makes Chinese culture unique and catchy is the fact that the Chinese all over the world observe their culture with huge amount of enthusiasm and commitment. Four Major aspects of the Chinese Culture that we have analyzed in this paper are: * Collectivism * Degree of uncertainty avoidance * Masculinity, and * Power Distance Collectivism: China as a society is more toward collectivism then individualism. Historically china has long…...
Chinese cultureCultureMarketing
Malaysia Chinese Culture
Words • 735
Pages • 3
Malaysia's cultural mosaic is marked by many different cultures, but several in particular have had especially lasting influence on the country. Chief among these is the ancient Malay culture, and the cultures of Malaysia's two most prominent trading partners throughout history--the Chinese, and the Indians. These three groups are joined by a dizzying array of indigenous tribes, many of which live in the forests and coastal areas of Borneo. Although each of these cultures has vigorously maintained its traditions and…...
Chinese cultureCulture
Chinese Traditions
Words • 2931
Pages • 12
Values for one society may seem strange to another society, but nonetheless, they are important to that society. For instance, the painful and debilitating Chinese tradition of foot binding, as bizarre as it may seem to our culture, to the Chinese people, it was the esoteric essence of pure beauty and signified status within the family structure, allowing young women with lotus feet better opportunities for marriage with well-to-do families. Traditional Chinese courtyard life - in existence until the early…...
Chinese cultureChinese New YearTradition
Roles of Women in Ancient China
Words • 467
Pages • 2
In the times of 221 BC Woman in ancient Chinese culture lived accordingly to rules set by men. They lived there lives from when they were born being controlled with no input to what they wanted as they were considered inferior to Men. For about two thousand years the life of an ancient Chinese woman was almost unbearable as they were treated with no respect and were treated as slaves until death. It was believed that it was unacceptable for…...
ChinaChineseChinese cultureWomen
Cross-Cultural Management in China
Words • 1852
Pages • 8
The peer reviewed journal I read called “Cross-cultural management in China.” it summarize the major research that has been conducted regarding cross-cultural issues in China; show the current practices on cross-cultural management in Chinese organizations; and then identify future research needs on cross-cultural management in China. Normally, there are two common method to study cross-cultural monument. The first type focuses on foreign managers and employees, center on their adjustment and performance in Chinese culture; and the second type of study…...
ChinaChinese cultureCultureLeadershipManagementResearch
The Influence Of Chinese Culture On Japanese Culture
Words • 1248
Pages • 5
The influence of Chinese civilization and statehood on the neighboring countries and nations was very notable. In particular, it stimulated the acceleration of the social, economic and, especially, political development of China's close neighbors throughout its history, including Japan. It is not just about borrowing a foreign, even a higher, culture, although this played a role. This refers to something else: the proximity of a highly developed civilization inevitably exerted its influence both directly and indirectly. This influence played a…...
Chinese cultureInfluenceJapan CountryJapanese Culture
Chinese culture
Words • 2895
Pages • 12
Chinese culture is known to value education as one of the most important things that you can have in the world. This historical importance of education in the Chinese culture dates back from the teachings of Confucius. China is also rich in great thinkers and philosophers, all having important contributions for China and in the global scale. There philosophy was that they believe in achieving social harmony through freeing humans from deprivation and be given appropriate education and learning. According…...
Chinese cultureConfuciusCulture
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions (China and Germany)
Words • 2302
Pages • 10
Gerard Hendrik Hofstede (born October 2, 1928 in Haarlem) is a Dutch expert in cultural studies [GHW]. Hofstede (1980) surveyed 88,000 IBM employees working in 66 countries and then ranked the countries on different cultural dimensions. His research resulted in four dimensions (power distance; individualism versus collectivism; uncertainty avoidance; and masculinity and femininity). In the beginning, China was not included in this study but later Bond and Hofstede looked at Chinese values. From this research they included a fifth cultural…...
ChinaChinese culture
The differences between Australia and China families
Words • 641
Pages • 3
When we speak about family, there need to be a house where parents and kids can live together, with extended household relate to grandparents, uncles, aunties and so on. Although the notions of household may be the exact same, there still are a lot of diversities between various countries' domesticity. A contrast of domesticity in Australia and China from governmental, cultural and social aspects will be given up the following essay. First off, the greatest distinction between the two nations'…...
AustraliaChinaChineseChinese cultureManagement
Hofstede’s cultural dimensions of Australia and China
Words • 2626
Pages • 11
Mismanaging cultural differences can render otherwise successful managers and organisations ineffective when working across cultures. As stated byOsland (1990, p. 4) ``The single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture''. Hofstede (1983) defines culture as "the mental programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one human group from another" (Hofstede 1983 p. 25). Through the comparison of Chinese culture and Australian culture using Hofstedes five cross-cultural dimensions: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity, individualism, and…...
AustraliaAustralian CultureChinaChinese cultureCultureEmployment
Yum cha tradition in Chinese culture
Words • 371
Pages • 2
Yum cha, which is a Chinese style morning and afternoon tea, involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dim sum, which are small dishes. In expert restaurants, staff will commonly wheel around heated trolleys serving small yum cha dishes. Hong Kong also has some western food and local food, like mango pudding, egg tarts that are desserts. Before Hong Kong was occupied by British, which already had “Yum cha”. Then, this traditional is important for people. Yum cha is a habit…...
Chinese cultureCultureTradition
The Differences Between Chinese and Western Advertisement
Words • 1519
Pages • 7
Abstract: This short article generally speak about the different culture in between Chinese and western, through research study the quality of Chinese and western ad, discusses the distinctions and causes, and draw conclusions from it. Keyword: Chinese ad, western ad, characteristic , Distinctions in between Chinese and western, Causes. Introduction: Marketing activities is not only a type of economic activity, however also a cultural exchange. Advertising culture belongs to subculture of commercial culture, which means it concludes business culture and…...
AdvertisingChinese cultureSubculture
Comparison of the Chinese and American Cultures
Words • 1133
Pages • 5
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, culture is defined as "the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting understanding to succeeding generations." Culture is an element all groups of humans have and although it is an element our species shares, the supposed differences make it look like we are of various types! Culture is something that both links and separates us. Culture is something unique adequate to develop barriers among us,…...
American CultureChinese cultureComparison
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