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Anglo-Saxon Warrior Culture
Words • 1632
Pages • 7
While the world today seems filled with aggression and fighting, in the world of an Anglo-Saxon warrior fighting was a way of life. Whether to avenge the death of someone close to them or to honor an oath sworn to a “tribe”, battles were an enormous part of their lives. To not seek revenge was considered a disgrace, hence the never-ending excuses to rush headlong into a bloody feud (Delahoyde). The word “warrior” brings to mind images of great battles,…...
Anglo Saxon
Anglo-Saxon Society
Words • 511
Pages • 3
What are the values of the Anglo-Saxon society? Dishonor? Cowardliness? No the values of the Anglo-Saxon were bravery, truth, honor, loyalty, duty, hospitality, and perseverance. These values are held to reflect in their everyday society, no matter if it were held to be in statuses such as Earl, Coerl, Gebur, and Cotsetla. The treatment of women in the society in any rank, as well as how the society normally dressed and how they lived. It was shown in the way…...
Anglo Saxon
The Wife’s Lament
Words • 1059
Pages • 5
The Wife’s Lament is a poem that is well known as an Anglo Saxon elegy, although to this day, it is still challenged by some scholars to be, in fact, a riddle. The Wife’s Lament is an elegy that tells the story of a female narrator mourning for her husband, and she is reflecting on her great loss. The poem shares the same characteristics with those of an elegy, which include the passing of time, pain, exile, separation and longing.…...
Anglo SaxonLiteratureWife
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The Problems Faced By Archaeologists in Reconstructing Anglo Saxon Society between the 5th And 7th Centuries from Anglo Saxon Cemetery Evidence
Words • 1938
Pages • 8
Conquest of England by the Anglo Saxon began in middle of the 5th century. During this time Celts inhabited England and had been ruled by the Romans for more than 360 years. Due to the short lived rule by the roman, the roman civilization started to fade away hence left the most of the towns abandoned. This included most of the villas in the countryside and the Celts went back to live in hill forts and other protected wooden stockades.…...
Anglo SaxonSocial Problems In Our Society
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