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The Aztec Civilization thrived and grew through parts of Central America. They had influence on many countries around the world because of their influence of religion, like their gods and goddesses, art and different works, and their traditions. The civilization was so powerful that it lasted for a very extremely long time. There are still many different arts and preserved remains from their civilization from the past that can be seen today in museums and locations. People, to this day can still find ancient remains of the lost civilization. The colony had a very important and influential impact on our world in the past and today and will continue to do so in the future for years and even decades in the future to come.

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The Aztecs’ Inventions

The Aztecs had many inventions that were unique to the society and helped other countries in the world. The Aztecs had a very unique school system like most other colonies and other early civilizations. Their system would have the fathers taking their kids to school and would have them also picking them up. The Aztecs would also experiment with food. This lead to them being the original creators or inventors of popcorn. They also were the first creators of the “chewing gum”. This would help them focus on other things while they would be working or doing something. The Aztecs were most known for their chocolate though. They were the chocolate kingdom of the world. Lastly, they were very advanced in the work of medication. They were the first civilization to help get rid of and prevent muscle spasms. These weren’t their only use of medication as they also, like other civilizations in the past, would use medications the prevent illnesses and diseases as well as get rid of them.


The Aztecs were particularly known for their artwork. They would build large structures made out of stone and wood. They would stand upon people in the country and were very well designed by sculptors by their amazing detail. The structures were very tall and would display a big part of what their civilization was like during the time. They were very fond of insects and they would craft them often because it’s what they loved to do. Like many other civilizations in the Americas, they enjoyed to craft and make pottery. Another unique concept of their art was that they would create statues and monuments of their gods. They would build huge sculptures and praise them and thank them for their blessings as gods. Also, the Aztecs were very skilled in the art of trading. The would often trade with other civilizations so they could get what they needed for the colony to help it grow and get much stronger. The Aztecs would make paintings for nobles in the town for their hard work. They would also, create unique symbols and logos that represent their colony, people, and beliefs for the town and everyone to see. They would make sure that their culture was to be known by all people.


Like many other civilizations before them, the Aztecs had Gods and Goddesses that they believed in. They were polytheistic which meant that they believed in more than one God. The main God believed by them was Ometecuhtli. It was two Gods, one boy and one girl. They were believed to have had complete power and control over the whole world. Another God the Aztecs believed in was Quetzalcoatl, the serpent God. The Aztecs were similar to the Mayans and early Central American and South American civilizations. They made sacrifices to the Gods for protection over their colony and their people. The person or animal being sacrificed would live a day in glory and no worries. They would live in royalty and would be given what they wanted before they were to be sacrificed to a God. There are many more Gods that they believed in. The rituals they had were spiritual and special. The sacrifices would be sacrificed for good reasons. The Aztecs would pray for many things. They would pray for their life. They really valued life and their reason. They also valued and prayed for harvest. They believed it was a gift from the Gods for the foods they would get.

War with The Spanish

The Aztecs had a very unfortunate way to go down. When the European countries fought for territory, the settlers started to settle into the Americas. The Spanish were the group to go down and discover Central America. When they discovered the area where the Aztecs lived, they were determined to grab ahold of it. The Spanish settlers were much more advanced in technology that the Aztecs. The Spanish were in a fight to grab and gain as much territory as they could before the opposing European countries snatched it up. The leader of the Spanish was Hernan Cortes. He started out peacefully with the Aztecs. The peace didn’t last long as he soon declared war on them. The Aztecs did all that they possibly could to fight for their land and their territory. They simply didn’t have the technology to match up against their opponents. 240,000 people were believed to have perished in the fight for their land. The Spanish would soon take over on August 13, 1521 ending the Aztecs 221 year civilization.

The Aztecs lived for a relatively long time in Central America. They were a powerful force in Central America for a long time. It was an unfortunate ending for them. Even though they don’t have a colony anymore, it will most surely be remembered. They influenced many countries and cultures around the world with their beliefs. You can still find many of their arts and monuments today as some are preserved. The civilization was special and invented new things our society uses today. They had very interesting arts, religious beliefs and ideas. You can still find relatives of members in the civilization in the area today and they will tell you about what it was like for their relatives in the past and what they believe in.

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