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Indian Independence
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During World War II, the Indian National Congress told citizens to refuse to vote in elections. After the partitioning of India, 10 million people became Refugees Gandhi's nickname, Mahatma, means great soul. Indira Gandhi became India's first female prime minister because the people of India voted her in. Which of the following occurred as a result of India's partition in 1947? Select all that apply. Gandhi was assassinated. Citizens began to riot. Why is Gandhi considered one of the most…...
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Indian Independence Speech
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As you know all of us have gathered here to celebrate 67th independence day of our nation. This day, after the hosting national flag, we usually make mistake by remembering the heroic deeds of only few freedom fighters. But freedom fighting was collective effort. Without cooperation, sacrifice and involvement of all Indians it was impossible to get the freedom. So people of India were the real national heroes behind the success. We should express our sincere gratitude to all those…...
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Progress of Agriculture Before and After Independence of India
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Agriculture has been the backbone of the Indian economy and it will continue to remain so for a long time. It has to support almost 17 per cent of world population from 2. 3 per cent of world geographical area and 4. 2 per cent of world’s water resources. The economic reforms, initiated in the country during the early 1990s, have put the economy on a higher growth trajectory. Annual growth rate in GDP has accelerated from below 6 percent…...
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