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Business Culture in Spain
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I chose to profile Spain and their business culture in this paper. In 1986 Spain joined the European Union which significantly increased their economy. If you are going to do business with the people of Spain it is important to understand their work relationships and business practices. Business Culture in Spain Spain is a country in southwest Europe with about 46 million people. The national language is Spanish, or Castilian Spanish. In the interior the summers are clear and hot,…...
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Corporate Culture in Spain
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Spaniards do not take punctuality for business meetings seriously, but expect that you will be on time! (call with an explanation if you are delayed) * Spain haven’t a meeting culture. Meetings are for communication or to save time. * Spaniards will want to spend time getting to know you and establishing chemistry before doing business. * Typically, Spanish is the language of business, but most large companies conduct business in English and Spanish. (You cannot expect English to be…...
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Culture and History of Spain
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The golden age of Spain does not refer exactly to the economic and military hegemony of Spain, as Spain was on the verge of political, economic, and military collapse during this time. Spain engaged in expansionist policy abroad that had necessitated the government to impose an increased taxation, which leads to the revolts in 1640 first in Catalonia, then in Portugal. From then on, Spain was weakened economically, politically and culturally. Rather, the golden age refer to the flourishing in…...
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