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Ancient Greece Essay Examples

Essay on Ancient Greece

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Ancient Mesopotamia and Greek inventions

...The ancient Mesopotamia was the first civilized territory on the globe that “began the history” by inventing a form of writing. The inventions and innovations of this civilization contributed to the evolution of humankind. The ability to write made a great impact on people’s intellectual capacities and potential future success in exploring and studying major concepts that later became fundamental for the future development of the whole humankind. Even though the Mesopotamians were the firs...

Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Democracy

...As discussed above, wars were the backbone to the populist movements. It is important to note, however, that in Ancient Greece, the fall was associated more with the populist reforms itself, and that in Ancient Rome, the fall was associated more with the push for populism, rather than the reforms itself. Another rather interesting fact was that the increase in democracy in Greece actually led to the demise of the democracy itself. However, in all, populism was a common factor that brought the co...

Athens VS Sparta

...They made beautiful art, medical advancements and were one of the first democratic governments, paving the way for countries today like the USA. Athens was cleaner, nicer and prettier which would have made it a much more enjoyable place to live. Athens may not have had as good of an army as Sparta but in the end cultural and society advancements are more important than having the best army in the world. All these reasons and more just shows how much better Athens is than Sparta. Two of the most ...

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Ancient Greeks Contributions DBQ

...Government was not the only way the Ancient Greeks had contributions to Western Civilization. The Ancient Greeks also made many contributions to Western Civilization in the area of Philosophy. Philosophy is the study of knowledge, reality, and existence. Philosophy is important because it can guide your life. Also, as seen in document 3, which is a quote from Socrates, this quote tells us that a life without adventure is a life that there is no point to live. Because of this quote Socrates was a...

Explain the purpose of the main characters, minor characters and the chorus in Antigone. (30 marks)

...All-conquering sleep cannot master it" which shows that he will not defeat the gods, and will be kept alive after all of his family are gone as a punishment for attempting to defy the gods and not burying the body. Overall, I believe that both the main and minor characters are very important in the development of themes and morals in the play as they show right and wrong, and the consequences that you may face if you disobey the gods, yet also clearly show the consequences of disobeying the law....

Battle of Marathon

...From the Athenian Empire and its attitude came many great things that had an unquestionable effect on the future of western civilization. Pericles, a famous name in Athenian politics, is a direct result of the Athenian Empire and all its ideals and attitudes. Pericles took advantage of Athens position of power and used money from the Delian League to fund the construction of major pieces of architecture in the city. Without Pericles there would be no Parthenon or Propylea, and Athens might now h...

Ancient Greek Contributions to Western Civilization

...The Greeks believed that healthy bodies made the best use of nature's gift. This is why Greek man who could afford leisure time spent most of all of their afternoons in the gymnasium practicing sports or working out to help move their bodies towards perfection. As a result for Greece's love for the human form, the Olympics were founded. The Greek sculptor Myron honored the Olympic discus thrower by creating a beautiful sculpture to represent the Olympic event [Document 8]. The statue reveals th...

Athens vs. Sparta Reflection Essay

...They both have their pros and cons. They’re so enormously different but both prospered because of totally different reasons. Sparta: strong, fierce, striving for absolute perfection in their citizens and warfare. And then Athens: philosophical, educated, and artistic. Their economy was largely different. As was their government, gender roles, social structure, education, and many other things. If they had put aside their differences and worked together, they would have been able to achieve far...

Nature of Athenian Imperialism

...This site was solely used for the two maps I included in my presentation. Maps seem accurate in comparison with other diagrams, and it proved reliable for my topic as it gives the responder an overview of the land and water surrounding Greece, which states inhabited those parts, and who they fought for. The other map was a detailed overview of the Athenian city, its geographical surroundings and its wall. Proved to be a useful site in terms of secondary sources. It is also an 'edu' site, decreas...

The Ancient Greek Government

...What did the word "democracy" mean to the Greeks? It meant, "Power of the people," that everyone was given say in government. Eventually, even city-states that weren't Greek, such as Carthage and Rome, tried to give everyone the power to participate in government, especially the poor people. In Greece, all male citizens who were at least the age of eighteen were qualified as council members, judges or government officials. However, all three of these jobs lasted only a year, and at that time, no...

Solon And Lycurgus

...Overall, the changes that were made by Solon created a strong impact on how Athens was run during their time period, and this impact continued on to contribute to how many countries are controlled in today’s society. Bibliography Plutarch, Life of Solon (from N. M Bailkey Readings in Ancient History (D. C. Heatlth and Co, 1996) pp. 159-165) Plutarch, Life of Lycurgus (from N. M Bailkey Readings in Ancient History (D. C. Heatlth and Co, 1996) pp. 177-185) Powell, A. 2001. Athens and Sparta: con...

The main features of the Spartan Economy

...The economy of Sparta began to crumble in the 5th Century. There are a number of reasons for this. The numbers of full citizens started declining rapidly. This occurred due to several factors : they died in the invasions against the Persians, they did in the earthquake of 468 BC, death due to revolts among Helots, and due t the fact that the relationships between Perioikoi and Spartiates declined, which was critical to the economy. Other reasons for the decline of the economy include, heavy and ...

The Subjugation of Women in Greek Culture and Literature

...Aristophanes, the Greek comedy writer (the author of Lysistrata) rightly depicts Euripides as particularly interested in women. Thirteen of Euripides’ nineteen extant plays have female protagonists; by comparison, among the seven plays of Aeschylus only one, Agamemnon, can be said to have a female protagonist (even that is questionable, as the title suggests), as do two of the seven plays by Sophocles (Elektra and Antigone, though Deianeira may be considered the protagonist of Women of Trachis...

Ancient Greece

...For example, does a representation of a woman weaving signify Penelope, wife of Odysseus who spent her days at a loom, or does it portray someone engaged in an everyday activity? The Greeks retold myths orally, as well as preserving them in literary and artistic works. The Greeks transmitted to children tales of monsters and myths of gods and heroes. Old men gathered to exchange tales in leschai (clubs or conversation places). Storytelling, whether in writing, art, or speech, was at the heart of...

Hades/ Underworld : Greek Mythology

...Greek culture has greatly affected different parts of my daily life including architecture, food, government, inventions, music, religion, and education. Modern day architecture in America is greatly influenced by ancient Greek architectural styles, which include columns and decorative elements such as sculptures. The Parthenon is an excellent example of the surviving Greek architecture, and it has inspired buildings such as The Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, and White House, all of which a...

Buddhism Versus Greek Mythology

...As a consequence, Buddhists thought that nature and man are one while Greeks were taught to be above nature and manipulate it in any way possible. Buddhists lived in ultimate peace while the ancient Greeks lived in love of carnage. The Buddhist outlook on nature is derived from the belief that man is one with nature whereas the original Greek outlook is derived from the thought that man is above nature. Nature is the essence of the world, the aura of everything around people. These two cultures,...

Christianity vs. Greek Mythology

...In the Christian creation story, God was present in the beginning and He created the universe. At first the earth was shapeless and covered in darkness, and God's spirit hovered over the waters. God said, "Let there be light". And there was light. God divided the day from the night, naming them ' day' and 'night'. On the second through fifth day God made the heavens, commanded the waters to fill with living creatures and the air to fill with birds. On the sixth day God commanded the earth to bri...

The Importance of Greek Mythology

...In addition to giving us a chance to dive into the fantastic world of unknown creatures and powerful gods, the Greek mythology helps us remember about our history in order to understand our present. Works Cited Dowden, Ken. The uses of Greek mythology. Routledge, 1992 Graf, Fritz and Thomas Marier. Greek mythology: an introduction. JHU Press, 1996 Hard, Robin and Herbert Rose. The Routledge handbook of Greek mythology: based on H. J. Rose's "Handbook of Greek mythology". Routledge, 2004. Nilsson...

The Fates of Greek Mythology

...The Greeks cared so deeply about protecting the Gods’ and each other’s images and reputations, that they painted the Fates in a negative light just because they distributed the predestined doomed futures of the Gods and the people. Regardless of the fact that the Fates themselves did not truly choose these destinies, the Greek people punished them by drawing them as decrepit characters. Works Cited Sophocles. Oedipus the King. 922-925 Hesiod. Theogony. 460,464. Hesiod. Works and Days. Versne...

Athena in Greek Mythology

...At first glance one thinks it’s nice to see positive imagines of women, but when you begin to look a little closer one can clearly see the shackles. 6 Working Bibliography Graham, Casey, “Ancient Athenian Women. ” http://www. angelfire. com/ca3/ancientchix/ Harris, Stephen L, and Platzner, Gloria. Classical Mythology Images and Insights. 5th Edition. McGraw-Hill. 2008. “Role of Women in Ancient Greece. ” http://www. factsmonk. com/role_of_women_in_ancient_greece Stebbins, Elinor. “Pa...

Graded Assignment: The Western Classical World Unit Test

...Trade prices sky rocketed covering everything from grain to jewelry. Epidemics such as Dysentery, Small Pox, and other diseases swooped through the population killing over seven million people. Rome’s leaders had thought minting more coins and reducing the amount of silver in each coin would increase revenue. Instead the coins lost more than 50% of their value creating a rapid inflation effect. In an attempt to counteract inflation citizenship was extended to all free inhabitants of the empire...

Environmental Determinism Related to Ancient Greece, Rome and Medieval Times

...In conclusion, in all three cases the main factors of the reasoning or victories of the winning sides were because of environmental determinism. Whether it was the Spartans defeating the Athenians because of new militaristic techniques combined with their strong army, Rome using Carthage’s positioning against them to conquer the Mediterranean, or the Vikings successfully defeating armies much bigger than theirs in Europe using new technology; environmental determinism was the main factor in su...

Hellenistic Art

...The statues of Venus in various orientations and poses were created and displayed in halls of many museums i around the world. Among the greatest work that personifies beauty is the sculpture of Venus de Milo. Many Hellenistic sculptors were not contented in depicting the true physical appearance of their subject. They included some variation through express the inner world. These variations were characterized through the depiction of physical characteristics that deceived inner feelings and tho...

The Dominance of Spartan Warriors in Ancient Greece

...In city-states such as Athens for example, this would be unheard of, if a man wanted to sleep with a women, she would have no choice but to adhere to this request. Spartan military excellence during ancient Greece was due to a number of factors. The way that they raised their warriors, how they trained them, how they brought them up to be the best in the world, using tactics like training boys from young childhood and fighting formations like the Hoplite Phalanx, Spartan warriors are near the to...

The Greek civilization

...d). Cambridge Encyclopedia Vol. 31. 29 April 2009. <http://encyclopedia. stateuniversity. com/pages/9112/Greek-philosophy. html> Greek Contributions to the Modern World? Yahoo Answers. 29 April 2009. <http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index? qid=20090217100959AAto1hs> Vesko. (n. d). Greek Achievements. Ancient Greece. 29 April 2009. <http://www. ancientgreece. com/essay/v/greek_achievements/> Greek landscapes through ancient greek philosophy. (n. d). 29 April 29, 2009. <ht...

A cultural analysis of Greece

...In addition, the Greek employees may think that the Americans are too aggressive and ambitious in the workplace, thereby possibly creating a rift among the employees. Hence, the recommendation is that prior to the establishment of the American operation in Greece, both sides need to be educated about the cultures they are about to encounter. Since that Greece is going to host the company, the American company needs to comply more with the Greek culture, but since it is the American company that ...

Decorating Appropriately

...Historically the surface behind the ornaments has been seen as a background wanted to be wore. The technology and software at our disposal now gives us enormous control over the form and therefore ornaments and structure are no longer an individual unit. One of the greatest examples would be the residential tower in Dubai designed by Zaha Hadid, which the skin is perforated with hundreds of geometric openings in an amazingly complex arrangement producing a graphically elegant facade treatment....

Aristogoras of Miletus

...While the rule of the different satraps varied based on their location, they were all united with a uniform system of laws and judges. They shared abundant resources and order was maintained. They were also all connected by a well maintained and patrolled system of roads and cultural and technological exchange was ongoing. This existed in sharp contrast to the Greeks, who were divided in hundreds of different independent entities, called polis, ruled by tyrants. Though bound together by language...

Olympia Sanctuary

...territory, and the origins of the Greek city-stat, University of Chicago press,1995 (p.36) [ 3 ]. H.A Shapiro, The Cambridge companion to Archaic Greece, Cambridge University Press, 2007 (p. 226) The author quotes Catherine Morgan. [ 4 ]. H.A Shapiro, The Cambridge companion to Archaic Greece, Cambridge University Press, 2007 (p. 228) Morgan 1990, 102 [ 5 ]. A Peripteros is a temple surrounded by a portico with columns. [ 6 ]. H.A Shapiro, The Cambridge companion to Archaic Greece, Cambridge Uni...

Greek and Roman Theater

...The Roman cast of characters could have numerous and actors numbering above just three. Able to be constructed in more locations, many more playhouses were built throughout Rome than in hills of Greece. Roman theatre is so very unlike the Greek in many ways, but they do also share some traits. The differences while abundant between classical Greek and Roman theatre do not make them any less similar. Yet the information that coincides has not made them any less different that Rome and Greece. Ove...

Art History Paper

...After comparing both artworks in the archaic time period and the classical, most viewers are likely to be able to connect with the classical artwork rather than early time periods’. People today show favoritism to sculptures that resemble the human body and it’s characteristics. Kritios Boy shows more humanistic concepts than the sculpture of Anavysos Kouros. The sculpture’s time period changes the relationship of the sculpture to the viewer. Viewers make emotional connections with statues...

The Delian League

...This is seen when Athens had passed out a Coinage Decree in 450-446 BC, enforcing uniformity of coinage, weights and measures among the members of the League. This measures had made trade much easier to handle, it was a further example of the allies? loss of freedom. Furthermore, the Chalcis Decree, issued after the Euboean cities revolted, required the inhabitants to take an oath “not to revolt against the Athenian demos” and “to be obedient to the Athenian demos”, which revealed no dou...

Assess Whether Pericles Was a Good or Bad Leader

...I believe Pericles was a great leader both in politics and in the military and I also support the idea that his abilities in both areas caused the famous bust statue of him around to have a helmet sitting on top of his head to show the two equally talented faces of the great leader that is Pericles. In the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008), the character Harvey Dent famously says to the lead, Batman, ‘You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.’ I believe i...

Website Review Assignment

...This website is a complex site with extensive information about Greece and their achievements and contributions, stretching from the Neolithic Age to the Classical Period. In terms of art, this website has pictures of artifacts, sculptors, mosaics, and paintings, but never mentions music. Music was an integral part of ancient Greek life and tradition. This site needs to include a section summarizing the variety of music the Greeks listened to, famous musicians, pictures and facts about instrumen...

The Parthenon

...[19] The roof, which may have been in poor repair, was raised along the central axis of the building, and clerestory windows were set between the new and the old roof sections to provide internal illumination. The occasional, apparently deliberate, defacement of sculptured figures was probably the work of over-zealous Christians at this time; but there was no systematic defacement. The interior of the new church may well have been decorated with mosaics and/or paintings, either directly on the m...

The Parthenon and the Pantheon

...     Lastly, it appears to be a fact that the ancient Greeks built the Parthenon with greater richness in its sculptural program.  The ancient Romans did not reveal anything about the daily life in the ancient Roman civilization.  Both ancient Greeks and ancient Romans portrayed battle scenes in the temples.  All the same, the ancient Romans, with their focus on spirits, did not show too many human figures inside and around the Pantheon.  Moreover, they used bronze with gold in the templ...

Medea's murder of her children

...We associate heroic aspects with goodness, appropriation and a well-developed sense of forgiveness. The presentation of Medea in the exodos as well as her actions throughout the play, strongly contradict with the principles of Christianity and her character appears as irrelevant to modern ideas. Unfortunately, Medea from the Ancient Greek's point of view can be regarded as a tragic hero to a significant extent. The horrific act of murdering her children is insane and sickening; however, it is wi...

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