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Age of Exploration
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The Renaissance brought an array of changes to the European continent. New innovations in the fields of science, math, arts, and literature were sparked during this time period. With the growth of humanism, secularism, and individualism, a spirit of curiosity and adventure developed amongst Europeans. As new innovations and ideas were forming during the Renaissance, it gave humans the ability to explore and travel to other parts of the world. The development of the compass, the lateen, and the astrolabe,…...
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The Age of Exploration and Expansion
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The Renaissance, the revival of classical art, literature, and learning which took place in Europe in 15th and 16th centuries, sparked imaginations and made people eager to explore. The promise of new riches, such as the spices as silks of the Far East, and the potential discovery of the fabled Northwest Passage were the primary objectives, which fueled the exploration of the New World. The age of exploration was filled with courageous voyagers and conquistadors from all over Europe, much…...
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