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F. Scott Fitzgerald`s “The Great Gatsby”
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The Roaring Twenties or Jazz Age F. Scott Fitzgerald satirizes the 1920’s society which is known as The Roaring Twenties or Jazz Age through this novel. Using the characters of Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Myrtle Wilson Fitzgerald satirizes the condition of women in society. After the end of World War 1 in November 1918, women as a mother and housewife become changed and Flapper (independent). They also changed their lifestyle. After earning the right to give vote in 1920, they…...
F Scott FitzgeraldRoaring TwentiesThe Great Gatsby
The roaring twenties were controlled by the American Dream chasers
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The roaring twenties were controlled by the American Dream chasers. In order to achieve social acceptance, much is sacrafisted. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby on the foundation of the American dream. Through personal experience he touches upon the collapse of the materialistic obsessed bourgeoisies. Fitzgerald uses corruption as a main theme and speaks on the fall of the rich and powerful. The authors depiction of the american dream is an illusion, all temporary success seen with the marxist…...
American DreamDreamPhilosophyRoaring TwentiesThe Great Gatsby
Causes of the Stock Market Crash of 1929
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List and describe the causes of the stock market crash of 1929. Was the crash inevitable? Explain using examples from the presidencies of Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover. It was the time of the Roaring Twenties; where in the wake of the War jazz music was becoming prominent, Art Deco became popular, and cultural dynamism was emphasized. The twenties also led the United States into unprecedented industrial growth, inventions and discoveries of major importance, as well as significant changes in US…...
Roaring TwentiesStockStock Market
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The Harlem Renaissance History
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Think about the roaring twenties. What do you see? You probably imagine flapper dresses, nightclubs, pencil mustaches, old movies, and jazz; but do you also picture poverty, the growth of intolerance, and the increasing struggle of black Americans living in the U.S? Probably not. Even though the twenties brought about one of the most cultural, artistic, and political eras of our country, there were still downsides to this golden age. When we think of times where everything was at peace…...
Harlem RenaissanceHistoryRoaring Twenties
The Age of Wonderful Nonsense
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Imagine you were a young woman in the 1920s. World War I is finally over, and you are lucky enough to have survived the horrors of the war, you returned home, live your life to the fullest. You are part of enormous social and economical changes; you gained the right to vote, you date, wear make-up, indulge in reckless parties, the consumer culture thrives; ideals and morals greatly shift. You are now able to dress, talk and walk like your…...
AgeRoaring TwentiesThe Great GatsbyThe Sun Also Rises
Chapter 9 of the Great Gatsby
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Pages • 3
Chapter 9, the last chapter of the novel, is used by Fitzgerald to create a sense of finality for the reader, suggesting ‘the party was over’. This chapter allows him to make his final comment on the unfulfilling nature of the American Dream, and the nature of the people that lived in the ‘Roaring Twenties’. The chapter is made for the obvious purpose of being the conclusion to the story. Rather than leave the ending ambiguous as many authors do,…...
Roaring TwentiesThe Great Gatsby
United States in the 1920s with that of 1930s
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The first half of the twentieth centuries saw America emerging as a World super power, and as one of the mature democracies among the British colonies. However, the transition was not smooth and the Nation has had its ups and downs moving from agrarian to industrial society through the glut and glum of the "roaring twenties" and gloomy thirties. While the 1920s were a period of affluence and optimism, America emerging as a victor in the First World War, the…...
New DealRoaring TwentiesStateThe 1920s
Era of Social And Cultural Rebellion
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Pages • 3
"The disintegration of American values was reflected in manners and morals that shook American society to the depths." (Leuchtenburg) The 1920's was an era in which the Americans showed their independence through actions; learning not to live the same ways that those preceded them had. The '20s was a cultural and socialistic rebellious attitude, decomposing past American ethics and beliefs. The most obvious rebellion is shown by the feminine movements during this time. The 1920's led to a new role…...
EthicsMarriageRebellionRoaring Twenties
Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions In the 1920s
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Subject Area: Music and American CultureTopic: Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions in the 1920sIn parallel with the uproar of jazz during the 1920s came the commotion of different critics from various geographical settings. Many of the white people living in rural areas disliked and rejected jazz as a musical genre. However, the urban city-dwellers were more fond of it; therefore, it was more generally accepted and frequently found in city nightclubs and radio stations. Several characteristics of cities also allowed…...
CultureMusicRacismRoaring TwentiesThe 1920s
The roaring twenties in Australia
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Whether or not the term 'Roaring Twenties' is an adequate description of the character of Australian society from 1920 to 1929 depends on the circumstances of the Australian population in this decade, because 'Roaring' implies the 1920's were full of dramatic social changes, which may have came about from spontaneous economical or political incidences and new inventions. In the 1920s Australian politics was dominated by the conservative parties and, despite some industrial discontent and hardship, the economy was prosperous and…...
AustraliaRoaring Twenties
Sports in the 1920s
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Sports went through many changes in the time period known as the "Roaring Twenties." Some sports were just starting out; others were broadening their horizons, while others were simply becoming more popular. New heroes were emerging in sports, new teams, and even new leagues. Although there were many greats in the 1920s, without a doubt, George "Babe" Ruth was the first and most famous out of all the heroes presented in this time. Ruth changed the whole game of baseball.…...
Roaring TwentiesSportsThe 1920s
Science and Technology in the 1920’s
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Pages • 2
The Roaring Twenties was a decade full of advances in many aspects. A big part of these advances were scientifically and technologically related. Medicine went through revolutionary changes during these years, so did electrification and cars. Some new inventions also became popular very quickly such as Broadcasts. Throughout the 1920’s there were different medical discoveries. A new type of drug to fight infections and viruses was discovered called the sulfanilamide drug. This drug and its different derivatives were known as…...
Roaring TwentiesScienceScience And TechnologyThe 1920s
Tom Buchanan reflects important attitudes and values in real-life American society in the 1920s
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Jan 2012: “Tom Buchanan reflects important attitudes and values in real-life American society in the 1920s.” Tom Buchanan is arguably the least likeable character in Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’; misogynistic, cavalier in his attitude to his wife and characteristically purposeless as part of the ‘Lost Generation’, as a representative of a society he repels the reader. Is he, however, an accurate emblem of the Jazz Age? Tom himself never claims to be entirely comfortable with the new hedonistic society; instead,…...
AttitudeRoaring TwentiesSocietyThe 1920sThe Great GatsbyValues
Coco Chanel’s Influence on the Apparel Industry
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Pages • 4
Coco Chanel’s influence in the fashion industry began over a century ago during the 1920’s. Chanel embraced the essence of the “Roaring Twenties” which was all about becoming “someone” and separating yourself from the old and beginning a new life. Chanel focused on the newly found needs and desires of women and designed her fashion around what women had wanted. Not only did Coco Chanel pave the way for modern fashion, she also created innovative ideas using fabrics that were…...
Fashion IndustryIndustryInfluenceRoaring Twenties
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