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The Outsiders Essay Examples

Essay on The Outsiders

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A Lesson Learned- An Outsiders Essay

In the end, the three boys learned necessary lessons that will help them make better choices in the coming future. Ponyboy learned that a separation of groups does not change the fact that everyone is human and have their own flaws. Thanks to his friends, Johnny was able to make the last year of his life worth it and full of “gold”. Finally, Randy became the first Soc to realize that fighting ...

The Outsiders

They face issues and they both have emotions, and they are kin at heart. This is only obvious once the reader spends the time with the characters and watch the story unfold, that the reader begin to see past the differences in social image, economical status and dress code. “You know what a greaser is? " Bob had asked. "White trash, with long hair. " I'd felt the blood draining from my face. "Yo...

The Outsiders Questions

2. Before the story began, Johnny was child abused a lot at home. He also got jumped and beaten up very badly by the socs. The socs left scars on him and got him bleeding a lot. From then on, Johnny was terrified of socs. 3. Cherry turned “White as a Sheet” when ponyboy told her about Johnny’s beating because she doesn’t think that all socs are like that. She told Ponyboy that there are ot...

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“Nothing Gold Can Stay” in The Outsiders

Two- Bit’s voice broke into my thoughts. I looked up at him. ‘Picking up the glass.’… I didn’t want anyone to get a flat tire.” This shows how even though he became tougher, Ponyboy didn’t become like Dally, completely hardened. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is an overlying theme for Ponyboy, as he grows from a naïve boy to a tougher, more mature boy who still is kind and thoughtful. ...

The Outsiders WebQuest

Many people use chav as a smokescreen for their hatred of the lower classes. That is a despicable subterfuge. It is not the gipsies that are the victims of the chav stereotype, but the useless youths who hang around with nothing to do. True, schoolchildren have adopted the label chav to identify their own tendency (in opposition to Goths and emo monsters). But that just makes them act up to their ...

"The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton

In other words, Dally's intent is to harden Ponyboy before he falls into a state of despair. Ponyboy is still a virgin to the feeling of utter loss and hopelessness. In comparison, Dally is no stranger to this feeling therefore he urges Pony to protect himself before he gets hurt. The haunting anticipation of loss causes Dally to act this way. (Y)Though Ponyboy is not aware of this, Dally's words ...

Stereotypes - the Outsiders

As demonstrated, conflict has arisen in this story as a cause of the two opposing forces of the Socs and Greasers. The stereotypes show the cause for misunderstanding and how stereotypes are never right and that a group of people can never are categorized as the same. True individuality shines through with the use of characterization, proving the stereotypes to be erroneous. The conflict in this s...

The Outsiders: Ponyboy Compared to Dally

The fact there both in a gang called the Greasers, care deeply about Johnny and they both have taken drugs regularly are some of the ways they are similar. The way each of their family life and the way they both reacted to Johnny's death and how they view life make these two character from The Outsiders vastly different. Like Pony and Dally people come in many different sizes skin colors and ethni...

Outsiders Book and Movie Comparison

Like the other greaser girls, Sandy only is shown in the book and the movie when the boys mention her. Cherry Valance Bob’s girlfriend, she is a Soc cheerleader. When one night Ponyboy meets her at the movies in both the book and the movie. Cherry’s real name is Sheri, but people call her Cherry because of her red hair. Ponyboy and Cherry have so much in common, and Ponyboy feels comfortable t...

The Outsiders

According to Dallas Winston his family “doesn’t care if he even come home at night.” His family has obviously broken down not in a way that is permanent but in a way that is hard and hurtful. That is why he has such a strong bond with his friends. For example, when Johnny died, Dallas lost control. He cared so much for him that he couldn’t control his emotions and broke down. From the way ...


JOIN THE OUTSIDERS2019Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc10627918 h 2Product or Image PAGEREF _Toc10627919 h 2Advertisement and Promotion PAGEREF _Toc10627920 h 2Advertisement targeting PAGEREF _Toc10627921 h 2Gender stereotype PAGEREF _Toc10627922 h 3Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc10627923 h 3Recreate the new advertisement PAGEREF _Toc10627924 h 4Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc10627925 h 6Intr...

Identity Shaping in The Outsiders

This made him more interested in climbing. For example, Mark climbed another time at Alton Jones. He also began reading and trying to learn more about climbing. Mark started climbing at a rock gym even though he was too young. Soon he started climbing mountains and continued to try and reach his main goal, to summit Mount Everest. In conclusion, one's many personal experiences can help construct t...

The Outsiders Alternate ending

" This is for Bob," and jabbed the blade into my stomach. I felt excruciating pain in my stomach. Darry came running over with a look of absolute horror on his face. He kicked the Soc so hard in the stomach he fell over and then he began kicking him in the head. Then he came sprinting over to me with tears in his eyes and Sodapop by his side. I heard him say that he knew he shouldn't have let me c...

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