Slave trade Essay Topics

Petitions of African Chiefs

1. When the slave trade was abolished in certain regions of Africa, the Africans were forced to find other alternative sources of livelihood such as entering in a legitimate trade of shipping various products.    Instead of selling human beings as merchandise, the Africans accepted the timber trade when it was introduced by the Europeans.  However,… View Article

The Causes and Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic slave trade was present between the seventieth and ninetieth century and mainly involved Africans being sold to European slave owners who shipped them over the Atlantic to America and the Caribbean, to work in plantations principally sugar, tobacco, coffee and cotton. The Atlantic slave trade affected more than twelve million African slaves and… View Article

Africanisation of south African Ratiling

The internationalisation of retail businesses has become a global phenomenon as retailers around the world expand their operations beyond national borders. This phenomenon has attracted some academic attention. In Africa, South Africa appears to be more advanced in this regard, with Shoprite at the forefront of the Africanisation of South African retailers. A review of… View Article