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Water Polo

At the start of each period, teams line up on their own goal line. Three players go to both sides of the goal; the goalkeeper starts in the goal. At the referee's whistle, both teams swim to midpoint of the field the referee drops the ball near the side of the pool. In International competition the ball is placed in the middle of the pool and is supported with a floating ring. The first team to re...

A Character Analysis of Kerima Polotan Tuvera’s The Virgin

The Virgin deals with the life of Miss Mijares. A daughter bounded by her duty. She lived in a society where virginity is something to take care of but at the age of thirty-four she is ashamed that she is still a virgin. Miss Mijares’ childhood experiences and duties affected her personality. The cold and distant personality coupled with a frank and abrupt manner of speech can be traced back in ...

Historical Recount: Marco Polo and His Voyage to China

In 1300, he married Donata Badoer and together they have three daughters. Marco Polo lived in Venice until he died of old age in 1324 at 70 of age. Although Marco Polo and his family were not the first Europeans to reach China by land, some of information in his book is a geographical reference in Asia, and it becomes useful experiences with many explorers for centuries later. The book also includ...

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Marco Polo's Influence on Christopher Columbus

Marco Polo's Travels acted as a basis for Christopher Columbus's achievement and the Age of Discovery. Columbus may have formulated a flawed theory of the world, but it was convincing enough for the princes who bought into it. This surely could not have been done without evidence found in Marco Polo's book. Without Marco Polo, there would not have been Columbus, and furthermore, no America. Marco ...

Evolution of Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lifschitz was just a boy from a working class Orthodox Jewish family in the Bronx who started out selling neckties in many of the high fashion stores in New York. He came from the bottom just selling and making neckties in a small boutique in Bloomingdale to creating and breaking down barriers in the fashion industry. Ralph now has hundreds of stores across the world which has made him a bil...

Evolution of Polo Ralph Lauren

actually made stronger because of many reasons. Mainly because Ralph designed everything himself and if he didn’t directly design the item he still had the last say on how the item looked and what material was put inside it. Another reason Polo stayed in high fashion is because retail never lowered and it was always a higher price. Ralph once said “I won’t lower my price for anyone. If you c...

Lord Chamberlain Polonius Gets Murdered By Prince Hamlet

She was brought up in complete submission to her father, and was always a most obedient daughter to him. Her noble nature persisted till her last breath. The persons who saw her last remembers that she left the scene with a prayer for all Christian souls. Her death was a blow to her brother Leartus for whom she was “rose of May. ” She was impressionable, sensitive, graceful, innocent and very ...

From a Game of Polo with a Headless Goat Notes

Choice of diction “revved” prominent v sound creates imagery and the impression of speed. Develops the moment of frisson Change in tone from narrative to informative and factual, now not narrating their journey but provoking the reader’s interest. “The Kibla donkey is said to reach speeds of up to 40kph” “Although not cruelly” at the end of paragraph four seems out of place, this is ...

My Happy Place

Ever since my accident I’ve found a sort of comfort in the barn. My horses always understand me. They know when I’m upset, happy, and when I need somebody there for me. When I walk into the barn I feel a sense of calmness and happiness. I can lie in a stall on a bale of hay for hours and talk to my horses about everything and anything. It’s a place of tranquility for me. Even though they can...

The Virgin by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera Review

Moreover, this woman a character of having a bold personality was one of the reasons of being still single. Until this man, one day had this fascinating charisma that captured the heart of this arrogant lady. She noticed every single structure of this man that is atypical in her character. She noticed the missing tooth of this man and was also indicated that she spotted that this man’s teeth was...

Polo Is A Game That

Penalties are awarded as free hits. The more severe, the shorter the distance to the goal. The closer hits are almost certain goals. After every goal is scored, the teams change sides in order to compensate for field and wind conditions. A typical score would be 10-7. Polo games are played on the flat or the handicap. Every registered player is awarded a skill rating from C (- 2, the lowest) to 10...

The Virgin by Kerima Polotan Tuvera

In her secret heart, Miss Mijares' young dreams fluttered faintly to life, seeming monstrous in the rain, near this man --- seeming monstrous but sweet overwhelming. I must get away, she thought wildly, but he had moved and brushed against her, and where his touch had fallen, her flesh leaped, and she recalled how his hands had looked that first day, lain tenderly on the edge of her desk and about...

Laertes and Polonius

Hamlets final exchange with his mother before she is driven away remains the same as the play text cutting out Claudius's parting words beginning 'Why,' tis a loving and fair reply. '27 (1. 2. 21-1. 2. 28) leaving the scene with Hamlet and his Mother, it is at this point Gertrude removes her sunglasses, implying that up to this point what she had said she did not truly feel. The reflection of Haml...

Polonius as a fishmonger

Through the first two Acts of the play, Shakespeare thus seeks to evoke great sympathy in the audience for Hamlet. Although Hamlet may not necessarily be the most endearing character, especially when considering his attitude towards Polonius and his later treatment of Ophelia, Shakespeare employs various techniques which enable us to see and understand Hamlet's character better, and consequently f...

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