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First I will discuss what I wear for special occasions. Usually I wear a nice polo shirt, with horizontal stripes (makes you look thinner), khaki pants, and brown dress shoes. If the occasion is a wedding I will usually wear a dress shirt with a tie, black dress slacks, and black dress shoes. It just depends on the occasion which outfit I feel is appropriate for the situation. I usually try to wear whatever will go with what my wife is wearing to the event.

I wear this type of apparel to special occasions because I believe it is respectful to the others there such as a wedding couple, etc. For everyday occasions I wear just casual clothing.

In the summer I usually wear a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and pair of shoes. If we were to be going out to eat at a restaurant I will wear a nice polo shirt, khaki shorts, and a nice pair of white sneakers.

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To go to the grocery store then usually just a pair of camouflage shorts, t-shirt, ball cap, and a pair of everyday sneakers will do. During the winter months my everyday apparel consists of a pair of jeans, hooded sweat shirt with a t-shirt underneath, and a pair of tennis shoes. On occasion I may put on a long sleeve polo type shirt to wear if we are going shopping or out for a dinner and movie.

I wear these types of clothing because not only does it look nice and presentable, but it is also comfortable.

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When I am just bumming around the house I just wear basketball shorts, plain t-shirt, and some comfortable sandals or tennis shoes. If going to a friend’s house to just lounge around then it is pretty much the same although I may throw on a pair of camouflage or jean shorts instead of wearing basketball shorts. These are things I wear just because they are very comfortable, and quick and easy to throw on when in a hurry. I would say that my wardrobe communicates self-respect about myself.

I always wear clothing that is clean and in great shape, and that obviously fits. I feel that it is important to care about yourself and to have some self-esteem and respect when wearing any clothing whether it be for special occasions to just bumming around. When I wear dress clothes for special occasions people often react with the usual comments such as “you look really nice”. This is mostly due to the fact that I rarely wear dress clothes so it is sometimes strange for people to see me in something other than a camo shirt, ball cap, and jeans.

I usually get compliments on my diamond wedding band, mostly because I never wear it everyone is just use to my plain titanium wedding band. There usually is not a certain type of clothing that I wear to express a mood. I would say to make an impression I would wear something from my special occasion apparel. I would probably wear a suit and tie for an interview, and I would wear something nice like a polo shirt and khaki pants to church or a special dinner with family. I would absolutely feel naked without my wedding band. I have worn my wedding band since the day I was married.

I have never been without one of my wedding bands for more than a minute. My favorite article of clothing would have to be a hooded sweatshirt. It is the one item of clothing that you can wear anywhere, and all the while it keeps you looking a whole lot thinner than what you really are. Any type of clothing that can hide some fat is a great item to have in your closet. I would have to say that all the clothes in my closet that do not fit are the ones that I hate the most. I guess the only reason I keep them is the hopes that one day I will fit into them again.

I may keep them to prove to others that I really was in good shape ten years ago. I think that everyone has clothing like this in his or her closet. My work requires fire retardant long sleeve shirts and pants to be worn. Our uniforms are provided so complying with the requirement is not that difficult. I do not mind wearing these clothes for my work, but on hot summer days having on these heavy clothes can be miserable. This is all examples of my personal wardrobe from the special all the way down to the bumming clothes. You could really say that without any of these articles of clothing one would truly be naked.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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