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What is Water Polo?

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It is like soccer or volleyball? And why is it considered a sport? What good does it have on our body and health?

Water polo is a good sport like all the other sports but it’s harder than other sports. It has good benefits like weight loss, works on the cores, and other benefits. Water polo is a seven side game and is both like volleyball and soccer but in water, it is considered a sport because it has teams of two and each team have 6 players, have a defense, a goal where you can score a point.

The first reason you should try water polo is that it helps you build up strength, new skills and you can be any shape or size and it helps you get comfortable in the water. For example, water polo players set challenges and realistic goals. They are also motivated and know how to play under pressure and this is good for you if you join in any other sport.

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This helps someone develop new skills and many other benefits for you and your health. In addition, water polo has different positions requiring different strengths. The sport also has a great social side, both in the water and out. The game was originated as a form of rugby played in rivers and lakes in England and Scotland. There are different variations of Water polo and each variation has its own set of rules.

The special kick that water polo players do while they’re not swimming in the water is called “Eggbeater”.

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It allows them to move easily in the pool without swimming. Water polo was considered a brutal game for women until they start playing it in the 1950s. The first time women’s water polo was included at the Olympics was in the year 2000. This shows that water polo is a competitive sport that back then it was an aggressive sport for women and also shows that they use their strength in the game.

The second reason for doing water polo is that they don’t just help you with health benefits but also help you with mental benefits a lot with outside problems, social, etc and you do so many exercises in the water like toning, stamina, easy on the joints, and works on the core. Tonin helps uses every muscle in your legs, bum, and hips, and stamina interval training, sprinting from one end to the other and end-to-end match can see players swimming up to 4km. It’s easy on the joints because sport played on hard ground affects your knees and they struggling on rugby, football or hockey pitch and in water polo is a physical game but the fact that it’s played in water means it’s easier on the joints

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