Philippines Essay Topics

Sample study: MISnet Inc.

MISNet Inc. is a software company located at Makati Philippines founded at 1998. It is aimed to develop competitive software systems and has been in the business until now. By the year 2004, the company employed more programmers and workers as a part of their growing business strategy for the year 2008 because they predicted… View Article

International cuisine assignment

Answers: 1. Below are six dishes and seasonings commonly eaten by Southeast Asians or Pacific Islanders: Adobo is the most popular dish in the Philippines. It is meat which is usually cooked with vinegar, garlic, pepper and sometimes soy sauce and coconut milk can also be added. The meat may be pork or chicken. Adobo… View Article

Filipino Games

Like any other country in the world, Philippines have many different games that are played as a past time, or simply for recreational purposes. Some games are more popular and more well-known than the others, but the three games that stuck out at me were Tubigan, Sungka, and Culliot. Tubigan, also known as Patintero, is… View Article

Pizza Hut vs Greenwich

Greenwich Pizza is one true Filipino pizza chain. It is a small entrepreneurship that made an extraordinary leap to the big league. What started out as a small over-the-counter pizza store in the Greenhills Commercial Center in 1971, is now the Philippines biggest pizza chain. We are not just the biggest. We are the Philippines… View Article

I Am a Filipino, a Proud One

The Philippines. The Pearl of the Orient Seas, a country full of wonderful places, places being visited of tourists from different countries. A great country with great people called Filipinos. Filipinos, people with such nice traits. Tan, the color of their skin, the color that makes many foreigners envy them. They have rich black hair… View Article

Introduction in Accounting System for Sari-Sari Stores

A. Introduction Sari-sari store is the term used in the Philippines for small convenience store. It is from the tagalog word “sari-sari” which means “variety”. Such stores form important economic and social location in the Filipino community. It is present in almost all neighborhoods, sometimes in every street. The store is often attached to or… View Article

The Parole System

Parole is a grant given to prisoners who has performed well inside the correctional system.  To understand the laws involve, words used must be first understand.  Chapter one, Article III, of the book “Know Your Constitution”, says that act and omissions punishable by law are felonies.  There may be two types of felonies; it may… View Article

My Brother, My Executioner

I – The Characters Estaquio “Istak” Salvador / Estaquio “Istak” Samson * Estaquio also known as Istak is a young man serves as an acolyte in the church in Cabugaw. He was raised by Padre Jose, a Spanish priest in Cabugaw and gave him good education about healing arts and other practical skills that made… View Article

Jollibee – fast food the filipino way (case study)

1. Introduction Strategic management is a comprehensive study of how a firm performs during its course, with regard to its predetermined objectives, how they plan to achieve these objectives, and how much resources are expendable for those objectives. The process to determine the strategic management involves considerations of company’s strategic advantages and matching it with… View Article

Interview with the first gentleman

MANILA -My news editor asked me to interview the husband of the highest official of the land, Mr. Miguel “Mike” Arroyo. On the day appointed, I was whisked in to the Malacanang palace, where after the formalities, i. e. , being frisked by presidential guards in combat fatigues, I was shown in to the Philippines’… View Article

Reaction Paper: Ayala and National Museum

When we visited these museums, National Museum and the Ayala Museum, both have shown the prosperity of our history and culture. The museums have shown us why and how Filipinos go beyond during that time. The museums have an abundant role in nourishing us Filipinos the past of our history and culture. Of course, in… View Article

The movie “Jose Rizal”

The movie “Jose Rizal” is all about our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal – Hislife and works, his struggles in order to free his countrymen from abuse, until his death under the hands of the Spaniards who occupied our country for a very longtime. Most of the scenes of the film took place during Rizal’s… View Article

Rizal Law

I. RIZAL LAW * The full name of the law is An Act to Include in the Curricula of All Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities Courses On the Life, Works and Writings of Jose Rizal, Particularly His Novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, authorizing the printing and distribution, and for Other Purposes…. View Article

Corregidor Island

The Philippines officially known as the Republic of the Philippines is a country in the Southeast Asia. An archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is categorized broadly into three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Its capital city is Manila. The country is known for its very rich culture, history, scenic spots and most… View Article

The Legend of Mayon Volcano

Like all Philippine legends, there’s more than one story that attempt to capture the essence of the majesty that is Mount Mayon. Mayon is derived from “Magayon”, which means beautiful in Bicolano. There’s the story of two lovers not unlike Romeo and Juliet, as told by Laura Agpay, a native of Bicol: Once there was… View Article

A Love Story in Boracay

Philippines is a nation located at South-East of Asia, just east of Vietnam. It is surrounded by three different seas, namely, the Celebes Sea, the South China Sea, and the Philippine Sea. Comprising of 7, 107 islands, this country has a total area of 300, 000 sq km. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are the three… View Article

Advantage and Disadvantages of Japanese Nationals Working in the Philippines

“Teaching is learning. Teaching is enriching. Teaching is challenging, it’s trying in unimaginable ways. Teaching is motivating, it’s inspiring. Teaching is frustrating, it’s frightening. Teaching is growing. Teaching is loving. Teaching is a blessing. And being a teacher means that I have a lot to learn.” (anjaligill, 2011) A quote I have read on one… View Article

Conquering Arayat

Thesis Statement: Conquering the town of Arayat is more than just trekking the mighty “Bunduk Alaya” but also discovering their fascinating history, savoring their tasty cuisine, celebrating their unique festivities and most of all learning more about their interesting people. I. A number of historians have proposed varied explanations regarding the etymology of the name… View Article

Cebu Philippines – Queen City of the South

Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines and the main center of industry, commerce, trade and education in the central and southern parts of the archipelago. Cebu-City Cebu-City is also called as the Queen City of the South and has become one of the great tourist destinations in the Philippines. It… View Article

Jose Rizal Life in Dapitan

The El Filibusterismo is the sequel of the Noli Me Tangere. Both nationalistic novels were written by Dr. Jose Rizal. In Noli Me Tangere, Rizal described the full extent of slavery and abuse suffered by the native Indios at the hands of Spanish authorities. Hence in this second book, Rizal pictured a society at the… View Article

Lesson Plan in Science Elementary

Cotabato derives its name from the Maguindanao kuta wato, meaning “stone fort”, referring to the stone fort which served as the seat of the great Sultan Kudarat in what is now Cotabato City. Cotabato (also North Cotabato; Filipino:Hilagang Kotabato), is a landlocked provinceof the Philippines located in the SOCCSKSARGEN region in Mindanao. Its capital isKidapawan… View Article

Tinikling Dance

According to the Philippine government, the Tinikling is the national dance of the Philippines. It is the most popular and best known of all the dances in the Philippines. In English, the word Tinikling means “bamboo dance. ” Tinkiling is considered as one of the oldest dances from the Philippines. The dance originated in an… View Article

Palawan Case

The name “Palawan” – most probably – was given by the Chinese as far back as the 9th Century. They called it PA-LAO-YU, or “land of beautiful safe harbour”. Others believe it came from the Indian word “Palawans” meaning “Territory”. The popular believe is that “Palawan” is a corrupted form of the Spanish word “Para… View Article

Clark International Airport Corporation

Abandoning the largest U.S. Air Force Base outside of the continental United States back in 1991 was not an easy task for America. Given the countless industrial/commercial buildings, residential quarters, officers homes, manicured golf courses, road network, two, huge 3.2-kilometer parallel runways capable of landing the space shuttle and over 100 years of U.S. occupation,… View Article

RH Bill

Introduction Poverty and overpopulation are two of the biggest national concern the Philippines have right now. Many solutions have been made to alleviate these problems but none of them seem to work. One of which is The Reproductive Health Bill of the Philippines, or RH Bill. This bill allows Filipinos access to contraceptives and an… View Article

Transportation Paper

Every time I go to watch a television I always heard a lot of news about traffic congestion or traffic accidents. Especially when I go to watch foreign channels, most of the time the news was about traffic incidents or super heavy traffic. But there’s a lot of difference about the transportation in the US… View Article

Edsa Revolution

Good day tourists! I’m ziel your tour guide for today and now where going to explore and see the beauty of the “resort province of the Philippines” welcome to LAGUNA!!! The Province of Laguna, which was formerly called La Laguna, was named after Laguna de Bay, the body of water that forms its northern boundary…. View Article

Philippines in Global Competitiveness

As the Philippines currently indulge its current economic achievement, being included for the first time in the top 50% of world ranking, it makes me ask the question, why only now? What took us too long to be globally competitive? According to Guillermo Luz, the co-chair of the Philippine National Competitiveness Council (NCC), the Philippines… View Article

Philippine Prehistory: Lessons from the Historical Past

Throughout the weeks of this course, I’ve learned a lot more about the Philippines as a place, as well as the people themselves and about the things they do. Before, I just went with the stereotypes that everyone says about Filipino’s, they’re all short, they’re poor, etc. In some cases, that remains true, but not… View Article

Comments and Opinions While News Reporting

News Reporting B.Thesis Statement: Why some broadcasters give out comments and opinions during news reporting? C.Trend: Many of Philippine broadcasters today seems to forget that a news report is totally different form a commentary. Consciously or unconsciously, they put on air their own judgments and remarks while delivering news. D.Issues: If giving comments and opinions… View Article