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Authenticity and Integrity in a Digital World
Words • 2049
Pages • 8
In the era of “fake news” and information overload by social media, it is difficult to sort out and distinguish integrity. It is difficult to sift out if the information comes from a trustworthy source, or in other words, comes from a source based on integrity. “You don\'t lose your integrity, you give it away.” This statement seems to be very true in modern-day policing. Integrity does seem to be lacking among many leaders today, yet, ironically, integrity and other…...
What Effect is Social Media Having on Society?
Words • 507
Pages • 2
The Impact of Social Media towards current society in nowadays is a must for every single person on earth. It could impact the society and positive and negative ways. Social Media help us to connect with people around the world by interacting with them and knowing who we are thru our Social Media Profile. It helps people to share around what they are doing, what are they interested in, what information content they are providing toward social media society. It…...
Understanding The Impacts of Social Media: Pros and Cons
Words • 1947
Pages • 8
It is no doubt that media plays an essential role in human life as well as brings a wide range of advantages, such as: institution and industry changes to new technology, knowledge gain from educational television, etc. (Bryant, J. and Oliver, M.B, 2009). On the dark side, the negative effects that the media causes on society are increasing and can not be controlled. In this essay, I will explain some key words which are “media”, “society” and “media effects”. Moreover,…...
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The Impact Of The Social Media Towards Society Nowadays
Words • 492
Pages • 2
The Impact of Social Media on current society nowadays is a must for every single person on earth. It could impact the society and positive and negative ways. Social Media help us to connect with people around the world by interacting with them and knowing who we are thru our Social Media Profile. It helps people to share what they are doing, what are they interested in, what information content they are providing toward social media society. It also gives…...
Teens and Social Media Use: What’s the impact?
Words • 2682
Pages • 10
Abstract Social-Networking sites provide to sharing your views with friends and community people for positive impact in community social activities, discussion issues have been overlooked by concern authorities for discus on burning issues that has been overlooked in today was going on and also for discussion on issues that have been not noticed in to-day world. This study is conducted to check the impact of Social-Networking sites in the education of youth. This is a survey in this type of…...
News Values and How Can They Help Us Understand News Production
Words • 1558
Pages • 6
News values are a set of general guidelines used by journalists to determine whether or not an article is newsworthy. News values can be seen less as a reflection of what type of information citizens want or need, and more as a reflection of organisational, sociological and cultural norms combined with economic factors (Weaver,2007). While there is no fixed set of news values that every publication must follow, overtime they have been whittled down to a series of approximately eight…...
Presentation of Television News
Words • 1119
Pages • 5
Television news is as much a media product as any other televised media output. There are criteria that news stories have to fulfil before they are considered newsworthy. These news values dictate the importance of the story and thus its inclusion and alignment within the programme. There are numerous factors affecting the reporting of news such as the cultural relevance, the time frame in which the news can be reported and even the availability of footage to reinforce the story.…...
ZBC-TV news
Words • 1466
Pages • 6
This dissertation investigates the notion that ZBC - TV news hour is wont to favour or promote ideas espoused by the ruling party and government at the expense of other oppositional political voices. The main thrust of this study has been to investigate how news content of ZBC's news hour was structured especially during the 2002 Presidential Election Campaign. The investigation was done during the campaign period but the quantitative data used here only encompasses the period between December 1,2001…...
Maritime Business
Words • 440
Pages • 2
Business today is slowing down under the effect of the global recession. No sector is spared and no country is immune. The dominant reports on the world business news are how resuscitation of straining economies can take place. This has in turn affected the global trade volume, the lifeline of the shipping industry. The truth is that at this moment, the problem of lack of trade is back with us. As suggested by Mr. Kang Shuchun in his speech, the…...
Ethically Responsible and Irresponsible News Reporting
Words • 570
Pages • 3
A journalist distributes news, collects and writes information. Journalists usually do what it takes to get the story done by taking risk when writing a story and exposing themselves to dangerous areas to collect information for a story. In spite of this all, journalism has developed a variety of standards and ethics in which journalist must follow. In this paper you will read about journalism ethical responsibility, if there is ever deception or censorship permissible in journalism, and what ethical…...
Data Mining News Headlines Classification Tool Computer Science Essay
Words • 3599
Pages • 14
Headline categorization Tool is a web application that can be used to sort intelligence headlines into different classs. Many of the bing intelligence categorization rely on full intelligence article content to sort a intelligence article into a specific class. We intend to construct an automatic categorization and analysis tool that uses merely the content in the intelligence headline for categorization. Headlines from different intelligence beginnings will be classified into assorted pre-defined classs utilizing supervised larning algorithms. We besides intend measure…...
History of Daily Telegraph Newspaper
Words • 570
Pages • 3
The 'Daily Telegraph' was founded by Colonel Arthur Sleigh as a means of airing his views against the Duke of Cambridge who was destined to be the new Commander-in-Chief of the British Army. He then approached Joseph Moses Levy, the proprietor of the Sunday Times, who agreed to print it. The first edition was published on the 29th of June 1855. To break into the market, Sleigh was forced to sell his paper at a lower price than anyone else.…...
Comparing news reports
Words • 1907
Pages • 7
On the 3^rd February 1998 20 people fell 300 feet to their deaths after an American Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler jet cut through the wire that supported their cable car which was taking the skiers up mount Cermis in Cavalese, northern Italy. Cavalese, a popular skiing resort is situated near Trento and about 60 miles from the U. S base at Aviano. It was from this base that the aircraft was on a combat training mission for Bosnia when the…...
Internet News and Media in Indonesia
Words • 571
Pages • 3
Do you often read news on internet? I bet you do and most of you say yes about this question. Based on survey "Habits of Reading Indonesian News 2017" held by, the majority of Indonesians get their information via internet. Whether it’s through an application on a smartphone, or by accessing news websites and social media. Another data from which states that internet user are prioritizes mobile devices reaching 61%, and note around 75.6% of mobile internet users…...
According to the Business News Walmart is the biggest retailer in the
Words • 777
Pages • 3
According to the Business News, Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world, and it has gained a lot of successful in US. Walmart has expanded their business oversea in markets like Brazil, China, Japan Germany and Korea etc. with 545 stores and 50.000 employees. Walmart is notorious for buying many retailers and suppliers which keeps them competitive by, lower prices and controlling inventory in foreign areas which helps Walmart's International sales grow to 63 billion dollars (Phoebe, 2011). However,…...
Survey on detection of fake news using machine learning
Words • 1562
Pages • 6
Fake news has a significant impact on our social life, mainly in the political world. Fake news detection in research is still in it's early stages so it's challenging to researchers due to lack of availability of resources such as datasets and literature survey published about fake news detections. In this paper, we will discuss different machine learning techniques used for the detection of fake news. Keywords-component; Fakenews, Na?ve's Beye's, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, SVM Introduction Researcher Myles Anderson people…...
On September 2007 my family and I received news that would forever
Words • 504
Pages • 2
On September 2007, my family and I received news that would forever change our lives. I overheard my mother speaking to my grandmother about a chronic chest pain she was feeling. With no time to worry about her health, she took some pain killers and continued to be the hard worker she is caring for my sister and I at home and helping my father manage a grocery store. Unfortunately, the pain worsened and my mother was forced to go…...
TVC Communications
Words • 1860
Pages • 7
TVC Communications is a household name in the television and radio broadcast community. It offers round the clock news and entertainment for its viewers and listeners on both its television and radio stations. It aims to please its viewers by giving them going the extra mile to provide them with accurate, reliable news and goes through series of contents to find and provide the best entertainment. Staffs of TVC Communications include; Television and Radio on Air Personalities, news researchers, video…...
Breitbart News Network, CNN, and Politico Review
Words • 723
Pages • 3
The three sites I chose were Breitbart News Network, CNN, and Politico. All 3 sites do not have an owner of the website on their homepage. Politico does not seem to have any bias as they have breaking news from all sides of the political spectrum and it seems like they rely more on the facts of the event then opinion. Politico also has a variety of different stories from multiple authors but that is the norm when dealing with…...
For my observation I decided to watch a program on Fox News
Words • 499
Pages • 2
For my observation I decided to watch a program on Fox News and also a program on MSNBC to compare and contrast the messages based on political affiliation. I chose programs that were on during the day because they are less opinion oriented and more geared towards sharing the story of what has happened today. That does not mean that personal opinions or the opinion of the network does not show up during the day, in fact the way the…...
fake news
Words • 1705
Pages • 7
What is Fake News? Counterfeit News is the spread of deception whether on the news media or web-based life. False data spreads vivaciously quick. When one phony news site is brought down, another pursues. Counterfeit news can emerge out of precise journalists since it is spreads around quick. The data is downloaded from locales where it is duplicated and reshared where toward the day's end, it has gone from its unique site to winding up valuable to genuine news columnists…...
Financial News About San Antonio Symphony Situation
Words • 538
Pages • 2
What are the specific problems with the San Antonio Symphony's financial situation Symphonies across the United States had been facing economic problems as it is and recently due to economic downturn, symphonies were receiving reduced gifts from individuals and corporations, leaving the symphonies with increased operating deficits. After cutting the 2002-03 season's budget to $7.1 million by having Symphony musicians and staff take steep pay cuts, the Symphony faced an additional deficit of $517,000. The Symphony faced additional difficulty in…...
The Ugly Truth: Body Image and the Media
Words • 1896
Pages • 7
Body image, is very subjective and a perception one has in regards to appearance. Many people regard body image differently, and is something most people have dealt with one way or another. We all hold a mental image in our minds of how we should look. It is an idea that can take hold of a person and control their lives. The media uses body image to sell products, gain subscribers, and get one to read an article. Even though…...
Oftentimes we will turn to a news channel to find out what
Words • 397
Pages • 2
Oftentimes, we will turn to a news channel to find out what is occurring in the world around us. Sadly, we will oftentimes find various news commentators who simply refuse to report on the truth of a matter. Whether it be because the subject does not match their political views, or simply because they are fearful of being scoffed for reporting the truth. However, the excellent news commentator will speak with honesty on a particular subject; putting his own personal…...
The News: An Unexpected Happening
Words • 373
Pages • 2
News is information about a recently changed situation. We can find news from different sources like television, radio, newspaper and the internet. We all talk about the variety of news in our daily lives that are filled with stories about war, terrorism, crime, pollution, inequality, drug abuse, and oppression. Whether or not the world really is getting worse, the nature of news will interact with the nature of cognition to make us think that it is. The news is ubiquitous,…...
Text Classification of BBC News
Words • 2174
Pages • 8
Abstract A short text is substantially different from traditional long text documents which are due to its shortness and conciseness which is somehow obstruct the applications of conventional machine learning and data mining algorithms in short text classification. According to the traditional artificial intelligence methods, we can divide a short text classification into three steps and they are pre-processing, feature selection and classifier comparison. Specifically, in feature selection, we compared the performance and robustness of the method of TF-IDF weighting…...
When I think of fake news the first thought that pops into
Words • 1250
Pages • 5
When I think of fake news, the first thought that pops into my head is Donald Trump and his infamous calling out of journalists who, in his view, spread lies. Although there is a funny side to fake news - watching President Trump getting worked up about so called false stories which feature himself - there is also a dark side when journalists alter the truth for political or commercial purposes and blatantly and unashamedly publish falsehoods. The term fake…...
Recently various news outlets have reported on privacy concerns associated with Amazon’s
Words • 1189
Pages • 5
Recently, various news outlets have reported on privacy concerns associated with Amazon's Echo Dot Kid, a smart speaker technology created for children. As it turns out, a number of parents and consumer advocacy groups, have come out stating that this device violates the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); one of the few federal privacy laws established in the US (Kelly, 2019). This act was created to protect the privacy rights of children ages 13 and younger and imposes privacy…...
Reflective On Breaking Bad News To Patients Nursing
Words • 1968
Pages • 8
I’m writing a reflective essay based on Gibb’s model of refection, this is a six stage evaluation process and promotes good practice through evaluation of experiences, aids learning and better understanding on how to deal with similar situations in future practice, the six stages comprise of description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and finally an action plan (Gibbs, 1998). The department of health (DoH) advises primary care, to use reflective practice and encourages integrated working with all professional within the community…...
As Seen On Screen as an Online Retailer
Words • 1238
Pages • 5
As Seen On Screen launched as an online retailer in 2000 and is now the UK's largest online fashion and beauty retailer. The company now has over 35,000 branded and own label products available. ASOS has websites targeting the I-JK ; much of Europe, USA, and Australia and ships to over 190 other countries from its central distribution centre in the I-JK. ASOS has been increasingly successful through marketing their products and brands online without the facility of a physical…...
Comparison of Half-Caste and Six O’clock News
Words • 323
Pages • 2
Homework: Comparison of Half-Caste and Six O'clock News Half-Caste and Six O'clock News are very different poems. Firstly Half-Caste is written by John Agard whom has a Caribbean background whereas Six O'clock News is written phonetically by Tom Leonard from a Scottish culture. The poems use very different language. "This is thi six a clock new thi man said." This has a lot of non-standard English and is written how it is spelt. In Half-Caste it is very formal. "Excuse me…...
Pride And Prejudice:Why is the news of the elopement of Lydia and Wickham in Chapter 46
Words • 2590
Pages • 10
Why is the news of the elopement of Lydia and Wickham in Chapter 46 such an important moment and how does it affect what follows in the novel? A very key moment in the novel is when Elizabeth is informed of the elopement of Lydia and Wickham by two letters from Jane (while she is visiting Pemberley in Chapter 46). The two letters instead of one create more suspense and anticipation. This chapter is very important because that single event…...
Importance of Video News Release in Public Relations
Words • 264
Pages • 1
Television is still the paramount source of news despite the existence of other media formats and outlets. Television reporting significantly affects the ability of the viewing public to make evaluation of what was presented to them. To reach this audience and to add credibility to clients' messages, the public relations industry uses video news releases (VNRs). VNR is a pre-packaged "news" segments created by broadcast PR firms, or by publicists within corporations or government agencies. It is the television version…...
The Reliability of the Media
Words • 919
Pages • 4
At the center of the problem with the reliability of the media is the fact that people are creatures who are traditionally driven by belief as opposed to any real desire to learn the truth. In other words, people want to hear what they want to hear and the media plays to that desire. In a radio interview, noted magician and skeptic James Randi showed in great detail how most “psychics” are con artists whose tricks are easily debunked and…...
The Ways People Cope with Bad News
Words • 810
Pages • 3
A normal person or average person meets troubles or tribulations anytime. Same with reactions toward experiencing things that are not to our liking: we are almost in denial, shocked and in distress, depending on the severity of the crisis. Bad news are such because we do not expect them, or their effects on us, i.e., things that we ordinarily anticipate. Even the naturally pessimistic – the so-called “melancholic and phlegmatic”- types do not expect to be recipients of these news.…...
Leslie Fay Case
Words • 2633
Pages • 10
The use of financial ratios assists the auditor in analyzing any unusual deviations from the expected results, (Gupta, 2004). The financial ratios are then compared with the entity's ratios for prior periods as well as with ratios for other businesses in the same industry. A comparison with the industry ratios would have warned BDO of some irregularities in Leslie Fay's financial statements. BDO Seidman should have been interested some important ratios that would help in determining the accuracy of the…...
The Shipping News
Words • 989
Pages • 4
Newfoundlanders are from the province of Newfoundland and they are just like most Canadians, they are good-hearted, hard working and friendly. One main difference separates Newfoundlanders from the rest of Canada. Newfoundlanders are engulfed in stereotypes and tasteless jokes. This paper will discuss the Newfoundland stereotypes, how Newfoundlanders feel about these stereotypes and also how Newfoundlanders feel about being depicted the way they were in the novel The Shipping News. Newfoundland stereotypes are plentiful. Newfoundlanders are stereotyped as being slow…...
Is It Newsworthy
Words • 503
Pages • 2
News consists of newsworthy information about current events and proceedings reported by some type of media. In order for an article to be considered newsworthy, it must have proper timing, significance, proximity, prominence and human interest (Media College). Topics in the news are only interesting and paid attention to if they are fresh and new. People no longer care about things that happened last week; they want to know what is happening today. Talking about Charlie Sheen is irrelevant because…...
Profile of a News Anchor
Words • 1031
Pages • 4
“The one function that TV news performs very well is that when there is no news we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were. ” News anchors collect information, formulate stories, and make broadcasts that inform the public about local, State, national, and international events. They present points of view on current issues; and report on the actions of corporate executives, interest groups, public officials, and others who exercise power. Newscaster’s at large networks usually…...
Fox News VS CNN
Words • 624
Pages • 3
When it concerns particular channels and their rankings throughout the years, we will compare Fox News and CNN to satisfy of this report. In order to do so we will have a short glimpse over the viewership of both channels in United States and their development over the years. Fox went into the news industry method after CNN which has actually been there given that 1980s. CNN recorded a lot of viewership market from its British rival CNN and proliferated.…...
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What Effect is Social Media Having on Society?

...Personal data and privacy can easily be hacked and shared on the internet. Which can make financial losses and loss to personal life. Several examples are available where individuals around the world has been scammed and commit fraud through the soci...

News Values and How Can They Help Us Understand News Production

...To conclude, there are no set of fixed constraints surrounding news values. While one may think an article qualifies as news, another may beg to differ. One of the most important things about news values is, as stated in Harcup’s journal, “who is...

Oftentimes we will turn to a news channel to find out what

...However, the expert news commentator will set his political views aside, and report with integrity and respect. When a person desires the sincere truth of a matter, he will often turn to the unbias and respectful news r...

When I think of fake news the first thought that pops into

...When I think of fake news, the first thought that pops into my head is Donald Trump and his infamous calling out of journalists who, in his view, spread lies. Although there is a funny side to fake news - watching President Trump getting worked up ab...
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