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People rely on social media when they are trying to keep up with the latest news. Where do we get our news from? Is the news article reliable? According to, “Ban the term fake news”, a CNN article, when we use the term ‘fake news’ it is not only self-defeating, it oversimplifies a very complex problem. It describes a website that uses the same design templates as professional news websites, but its contents are entirely fabricated. Now anyone in the world can easily create and disseminate false information, and with the help of bots, organized groups, or targeted ads, it is easy to amplify it (Derakhshan and Wardle).

Woman Admits She Was Paid to Frame Cosby With Rape which is untrustworthy, was likely written for publicity or to redirect readers from the truth and might have had a negative effect to its readers causing us to think otherwise about a person or situation.

A brief description of the unreliable article, “Woman Admits She was Paid to Frame Cosby With Rape”, states a Hollywood insider has come forward alleging that Bill Cosby was framed with rape allegations in order to prevent him from buying TV network NBC.

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The Hollywood insider said that he became a threat to the establishment elite that they had to invent the vilest of accusations against him. The accusers are women who have worked with the Illuminati in the past and were paid to state that they were victims of rape. Only one of Cosby’s accusers leveled accusations against him within the statute of limitations (twelve years), and the others, according to the Hollywood insider, are opportunists who have been paid off to smear Cosby’s reputation and destroy his career (Baxter).

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After examining the article, the first reason to doubt the veracity of the article is the appearance of the website. It is a website published by Abasiki Bebunda. The website does not seem legit because it seems to have been edited with screenshots. There is no organization of the content it looks as if it is double printed in some areas. Overall, it does not have the look of a professional writer. There are no internal citations or a reliable source as to who the woman was, no citations of the accusations claimed, and citations of a reliable source as to where the information came from. This article is a confusion and unorganized. It is uncommon for a website not to include about us information to tell readers who they are or what their purpose is.

The second reason to doubt the veracity of the article is, the reasoning the unreliable source gave. Supposedly he was trying to buy NBC and the Elite needed a reason to destroy his reputation so he could not take over their platform. It is true that Bill Cosby was once reportedly interested in buying NBC from then-owner General Electric in the early 1990s (in fact, a sentence in the junk news article was copied and pasted verbatim from a New York Times report on the nascent Cosby/NBC deal published in 1992), but that was more than a decade before the first sexual assault allegation came to light. It also said, “he is standing trial” for aggravated assault. It recites an elaborate conspiracy theory, attributed to a so-called “Hollywood insider,” that multiple accusers were paid to frame the actor. To debunk those accusations, according to the fact check article on, “Did a Woman Admit She was paid to frame Bill Cosby with Rape?” In April 2018, the American comedian and actor Bill Cosby was convicted of felony sexual assault on a woman who had accused him of drugging and sexually abusing her years before (one of dozens who made similar allegations). Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years in a state prison and is currently serving time. He has consistently denied the accusations (Emery).

The third reason to doubt the veracity of the article is the author behind the article Baxter Dmitry, after searching his name on it revealed that Baxter had a few articles that covered fake news. He takes an original article and mixes it with misleading information, leaving readers to think otherwise. The listed source at the bottom of the article listed news punch as a source and Baxter publishes stories for the source. According to, “” in the about us information it states that their team deliver original reporting, political commentary, and entertainment to American and Western audiences. News Punch is a for-profit, independent news and entertainment website that generates revenue via advertising. Decisions about what stories that are covered are exclusively decided by their writers and editors (Adl-Tabatabai). Which explains why the article is considered Imposter news.

There are many possible reasons for writing this article. According to an article on, “The Washington Post” Americans use these fake news websites to generate revenue. The money comes from ads, provided by the self-service ad technology of companies such as Google and Facebook. David Carroll, an associate professor of media design at the New School and an expert in advertising tech, told us. “Anybody can make a site and put ads on it,” he said. “They can easily set up a business, create content, and once it is viral, it drives traffic to their site” (Ohlheiser). On “”, it states that these fake news sites often use logos of major media outlets, such as ABC, Fox News, CBS, CNN, USA Today and MSNBC, to add instant (and unwarranted) credibility (Weisbaum).

Publishing this article possibly caused readers to have a negative effect behind the fake news. Spreading fake news can cause hate amongst people. Cosby had millions of fans who wanted to assume those things were untrue. People will believe anything if it benefits their feelings. Many of us will know the truth and still follow fake news because it makes us feel comfortable. Fake news can be unsafe for one’s health, having their anxiety rush behind a lie that is circulating on social media. Fake news is just like bad news, we want it to go away. It stirs up bad tension from regular people, politics, and presidential elections. For example, fake news circulating about President Trump on social media can cause voters to have negative opinions about the President and potential candidates, harming the outcome of their voters.

In Conclusion, it is sad that we live in a world that spreads fake news quicker than the truth. After researching facts about avoiding fake news we know have and understanding on what to look for to tell if the article is truthful. One check the website out to see if it is legit on fact checking cites. Check out the author to see if he or she is well known publishers. We should always look at the content, check to see if there is contact information and about us information. See who they are and where they originated from. All these things are important when following news updates and articles. This helps us point out fake news with the blink of an eye. Although it is created to mislead us. Many people write about fake news and get a reward for it. All they need is a few shares and boom it is viral. People today follow what is trending. It will make society so much better if “fake news” was a penalty.

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