The 21st century is completely consumed by its addiction obsession

The 21st century is completely consumed by its addiction, obsession and advancements in technologies, especially the present generation. New and evolving technology is the part of most of our lives, the social media platforms in particular! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are few of the most used social media platforms, all with the main purpose they all serve the main purpose of sharing or viewing personal information and experiences, and aiding communication with one’s close friends and meeting new people on social media or professional grounds.

Social media has a lot of both, positive and negative effects which makes it one of the most debatable topics, especially for the millenials whether it is about creating more good or more harm for today’s generation.

I would like to begin by explaining what social media is; It is the means of social interface between persons wherein one creates, shares or exchanges particulars, news and ideas in virtual societies, communities, networks and nexus.

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Regular and generic forms of media like reading the newspapers, listening to the radio or the “news debate at 8”, are are a form of one-way communication. This form of communication does not give one the liberty to express their thoughts on the issue or on what they read. Whereas, Social Media is a two – way form of communication. This form of communication provides everyone a chance to portray their thoughts and opinions on the matter

Social media generally refers to the online websites and the several applications that are delineated to allow the society to connect and share the matter of the content faster, quicker and more efficiently.

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The generic definition of social media by most people is the apps on their phones or tablets, but little do they know that communication and networking originated from the use of computers. The misconception about social media of most people originated from the actuality that 99.6% of people access ‘their form of social media’ through the apps. The potentiality of being able to share and network pictures, locations, opinions, voice notes, events and so much more in the present time, just as it is happening has completely changes the way one operates, and deals with the daily chores in one’s life. One more important aspect of change is the way businessmen operate their business with the introduction of the new advancements in technology. The retailers and merchants that make use of social media in their day to day business activities for several activities like marketing, giving out sponsorships, creating awareness, informing the customers about the new discounts or changes in their business and so much more, have noticed considerable results in their business. But the only way will these businesses be able to progress and advance their organization or venture is by treating it in the same manner and by giving the same attention to it as they give to their several other marketing strategies and efforts, and not treating it like an add-on or a supplement.

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The 21st century is completely consumed by its addiction obsession

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