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The sponsors of the website, San Antonio Express News and Hearst Newspapers, are identified at the bottom of the every webpage. Specific information about the authors of the article contents is available and a hyperlink is provided at the bottom which redirects to the homepage of the website creators. The introduction of the article of Nancy Martinez, “Officials Support Laws Targeting Teen Pregnancy,” does not reveal the motivation for publishing the information contained in the article.

A “Feedback” link and a “Contact Us” link are provided at the bottom of the webpage which provides users the capability to contact the author and the publisher, respectively.

In the “About Us” page, the site’s purposes are clearly listed. MySanAntonio. com does not explicitly declare the point of view of its authors and sponsors. The site indicates that the target audiences are residents of San Antonio, Texas although the site is also open to the larger public. However, the site does not indicate the affiliations of the authors if there are any.

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The site topics are not only clear; they are also arranged according to subject of interest.

As a news outlet, features comprehensive information through various news and feature articles. As for the brief length of the article of Martinez, there is ample devoted for supporting evidence. In fact, the news article provides factual information as well as interview excerpts. With the exception of interviews where respondents are named, other sources of information are not listed. It is also easy to tell whether the information used in the articles is taken from someplace else.

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An online search indicates that the information is accurate in relation to other online sources.

Dates for the posting of specific articles on the site are included in every webpage. Being a news outlet with continuous influx of information on current events, MySanAntonio. com is regularly updated and revised by its authors and publishers. In terms of the site’s purpose of disseminating information as part of its role as a news agency, the information in the site remains current and highly relevant.


  1. Martinez, Nancy. “Officials Support Laws Targeting Teen Pregnancy”. 2009. April 9 2009.

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