Liberty Essay Topics

Restoration of the Statue of Liberty

In 1982 a restoration was done on the 305 ft. green lady that we all know as the statue of Liberty. This restoration cost 87 million dollars to do! The statue was in good condition because her skin is made out of copper, but with driving winds, and whipping rains her torch wasn’t holding up… View Article

Locke vs Mill

Mankind has been fighting for Liberty and Freedom for as long as we can remember. Liberty and freedom has been a topic which has been debated for many decades. What does it mean to be free , and how far can we go to strive for freedom. These important questions have been answered and studied… View Article

John Locke on Property

In the Second Treatise of Government by John Locke, he writes about the right to private property. In the chapter which is titled “Of Property” he tells how the right to private property originated, the role it plays in the state of nature, the limitations that are set on the rights of private property, the… View Article

Liberty in the history of America

Liberty is defined as the manner in which one or groups of people or organism are let free from oppression, starvation, slavery or disturbance of what ever kind. However, there are different definitions and perspectives of the term as used by different personalities, communities, and groups of people. In the history of America, liberty has… View Article

Inevitability of sacrificing liberty

What is the goal of the argument you are reading? What is the author trying to accomplish? The article intends to convince its readers that it is necessary to sacrifice certain liberties for the sake of security. The author attempts to achieve this by laying down the inevitability of sacrificing liberty for the sake of… View Article

Bob Jones University

Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, and more recently freedom from racial persecution; all of these freedoms belong to each and every person who is a citizen of the United States. Yet can any one of these freedoms be compromised to let another prevail? Take freedom of religion and racial discrimination, can… View Article

Liberty Theological Seminary

Since church planting is a work that is mandated by the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament to His first disciples, Christian workers or those who do the work of church planting nowadays must follow the same directives that the Lord has given which, in turn, His apostles had passed on to their disciples…. View Article

Paternalism Essay

The debate over state interference in personal liberties has been a reoccurring concern since the beginning of the first types of democracies. In John Stuart Mill’s, On Liberty, Mill addresses the need for little state intervention in order to respect personal liberty and autonomy. In his essay, Mill stresses the importance of the individual and… View Article

Liberty, Equality, and Justice

The accomplishment of total liberty can not be achieved without the complete satisfaction of equality. Sir Isaiah Berlin once said “If you have maximum liberty, then the strong can destroy the weak, and if you have absolute equality, you cannot have absolute liberty, because you have to coerce the powerful… if they are not to… View Article