Japan Essay Topics

Barriers to entry into foreign markets

It is completed near the end of your first year of entry into the country market. One must identify and prepare for Trade Events. Trade shows, international buyer programs, matchmaker trade delegations programs or a catalog exhibition program can lead to tremendous international opportunities . Methods of foreign market entry Methods of foreign market entry… View Article

World War II in Japan

A case of implementation of import substitution industrialization can be examined with the help of the example of Brazil. Brazil was the country which carried the policy of import substitution industrialization later than other underdeveloped countries. The economists in Brazil carefully analyzed its effects and were planning the industrial development of the country while the… View Article

Asiatic Society of Japan

Japanology or the study of the Asiatic Society of Japan from 1853 was actually the records of the Expeditions sent by the American nation to negotiate with Japan to open their economy to international community. Although before the 1853, Perry Expedition, the Americans had attempted several times to establish economic relations with Japan but all… View Article

Tradition vs. Modernization

The samurai, the warrior nobility of the pre-modern Japan, was on the top of the class hierarchy up to the Tokugawa shogunate. This was the time of feudalism in Japan. A Shogun is said to be the owner of the entire country with lesser lords under him. The class hierarchy was rigid and the vassal-lord… View Article

The Allied Occupation of Japan

In 1945, to end the Pacific war, Operations Olympic and Coronet, America’s proposed landings on Kyushu and the Tokyo Plain were the largest amphibious invasions ever planned. Thomas M. Huber: Pastel: Deception in the Invasion of Japan Command and General staff college, 1988 {www-cgsc. army. mil/carl/resources/csi/huber2/huber2. asp} The allied forces successfully invaded Japan and imparted… View Article

The Number Of Declining Birthdate In Japan

Introduction:             Japan is one of the models of perfection in Asia.  From a country that was ravaged by the effects of two atomic bombs into a country that has one of the world’s strongest economies, the Japanese model is certainly one that is worthy of all the praise that it gets.  From the standpoint… View Article

Eating and Ans

Q. 1 : What colour ink is best for business cards in China? Ans: Gold. Q2: Business cards are always reciprocated in the USA? Ans: False. Q3: Which of these should not be done with a South Korean’s card? Ans: Writing on it. Q4: Which of these is most important on business cards in Germany?… View Article

Tokugawa Period (Edo Period)

The relevance of the Tokugawa Period (Edo Period) to the development of Modern Japan is based on the fact that it marked the restoration of imperial rule and ushered in the beginning of the development of early modern Japan (Bryant 2005).  The innovations that were introduced during this period included the increase in commerce through… View Article

Moral and Ethical Issues

Magnetic levitation has been around for years, this advance mode of surface high speed transportation whereby a vehicle gliding above a guide way is suspended, guided, and propelled by magnetic forces that actually allows it to float in air 4 to 6 inches in the air and travels up to 300 mph. Despite the Shinkansen’s… View Article

Trade between Paekche and Japan

                    Paekche, also known as Baekje, was located to the Southwest of Korea and is one of the three kingdoms that formed Korea during the three kingdom era (50 B.C-668 C.E). Paekche was the most vulnerable of the three kingdoms formed then, namely, Korguyo and Silla. All of them were very strongly influenced by China…. View Article

The Otaku

Undoubtedly, the otaku is now well into becoming a part of the mainstream Japanese society – but not because society opened its arms in warm welcome but because of the compelling force exerted by their sheer number and the undeniable contribution that they make to their country’s economic life. In fact some quarters now consider… View Article

Politics And History Of Japan

Nazi rule in Germany was unleashed after the Reichstag Fire in Berlin and almost 3 years after this, the February 26 incident helped to introduce militaristic rule in Japan. The February 26 incident awakened the sleeping giant that was Japan and triggered off major world conflicts. The February 26 Incident On February 26, 1936 a… View Article

The US – Japan trade relationship

The economic relationships between Japan and the United States have always been a subject of real interest for the entire world, as the two countries have the most independent and strongest economies worldwide. Still, in the latest period several misunderstandings have been perceived concerning the economic changes between the two, and the opinions concerning the… View Article

Japan’s Westernization

Although the 1890s saw a reaction against the onslaught of Western influence, naturalists argued in favor of the best that was Japanese, but they did so in a thoroughly Western frame of reference and could identify little of exclusive value aside from the physical beauties of Japan, especially Mt. Fuji. Thus, Japan came to be… View Article

Attachment in the United States and Amae in Japan

Culture enables people to adjust to their physical as well as social environment. Culture enables the members of society to develop ways of coping with the exigencies of nature as well as ways of harnessing their environment. People also have to learn to relate themselves with others in order to survive. As Schwartz (1998:48) pointed… View Article

Closing Case Japan

1. In the 1980s Japan was viewed as one of the world’s most dynamic economies, today it is viewed as one of the most stagnant. According to Hill, The Japanese economy has stagnated because in quick succession their stock market collapsed and property prices rapidly followed. Japanese banks found their balance sheets loaded with bad… View Article

Classification of Japan

Nowadays, in Japan, the number of traveler from abroad is increasing, although there was a big earthquake in Fukushima in Japan. When you come to Japan, there are three places you have to visit then: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. If you visit these places, you would see Japanese culture, food, and historical building. First of… View Article

Japan Westernization Paper

Prompt: Discuss possible reasons why Japan was the only non-western state to nationalize and win recognition as an equal and how it managed to accomplish this in a mere half century. Thesis: Being aware of recent Western invasions in China, Japan had recognized the need to transform their institutions and its society, therefore, Japan embraced… View Article

Japan & moving

It was sometime during the 3rd century AD that the new tradition of burying some treasures and possessions such as bronze mirrors, tools, weapons, personal ornaments, horse decorations, and clay vessels along with the deceased in a sepulchral mound was adapted by the ancient Japanese from other countries in Asia. It was due to this… View Article

The Beauty and Complexity of Minimalism

Today’s modern world is often complex, colorful, noisy and fast-paced. When I am engaged in art, I frequently look for works that allow me to escape from my hectic lifestyle. Clean lines and use of space appeal to my senses and calm me. Sometimes, what is not stated says more than what is stated. I… View Article

Canon: Modifying a Successful Strategy

Canon is a Japan-based manufacturer, with worldwide sales exceeding US$45 billion, and profits of almost US$3 billion. Canon’s well-known product lines include business machines, medical equipment, semiconductors, cameras, video equipment, and broadcast equipment. Business products account for 75 per cent of Canon’s total annual sales, cameras represent 18 per cent of sales, and optical equipment… View Article

Was the Use of Nuclear Bombs in Japan Necessary?

Last August Japan commemorated the 63rd Anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the United States.  Japanese leaders have apologized for the “great damages and pain” it had caused to its neighboring countries.  In 2005, Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi has expressed “deep reflections and heartfelt apology” for Japan’s actions during the World War II and vowed that… View Article

Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai was one of Japanese novelist and considered one of the most important storytellers of postwar Japan. While known primarily as a novelist, Dazai also earned recognition for his numerous short stories, including “Omoide” (“Memories”), “Sarugashima” (“Monkey Island”), and “Ha” (“Leaves”), which were published in Bannen, his first collection of short stories. Like most… View Article

Was the Meiji Period a Restoration or Revolution?

The Meiji restoration occurred during the last half of the nineteenth century in Japan. This period is one of the most important events in Japanese history as it brought about significant transformations to Japan’s social and political structure. This explosion of change began with the adoption of Western ideologies which had previously been shunned in… View Article

Globalization Process

Globalization is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.[1][2] Globalization describes the interplay across cultures of macro-social forces. These forces include religion, politics, and economics. Your shirt was made in Mexico and your shoes in China. Your CD player comes from Japan. You… View Article

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Review

Since the plot of Higurashi by 07th Expansion involves an enlessly repeating June, it is sometimes compared to the endless Newfag Summer of 07. Happy Couple Those were the days An old, forgotten /a/ meme that came from Higurashi fanart of Tsumihoroboshi-hen, the second “answer” arc of the game and the most loved arc of… View Article

Small Is Beautiful

The word ‘small’ represents what is minor or of minimum importance but small can also be beautiful. For instance ‘smile’ is a five letter word, a small word as you may see it, but is of great importance. Smile is a beautiful thing. It brings cheer and happiness in one’s life, it helps one to… View Article

Turning Japanese Summary

In “Turning Japanese,” Julavits aims to tell the story of her “post-college” life in Japan, mostly the eating experience, and the process of comprehending Zen-like words: emotional freedom accompanies with the awareness of the existence of uncertainty. It is through hers keeping finding American sweet that finally causes Julavits to grasp the essence of Zen-like… View Article

Organizational Behavior

The official language of Japan is Japanese. The official religion is Buddhism. A meal always has rice, even breakfast. White rice is called gohan. Meals often consist of gohan, a bowl of pickles called tsukemono, a bowl of soup, and a variety of other dishes like fish, meat, and vegetables. This is called okazu. Since… View Article


Project Analyze It Japan growth and expansion today. Japan began its growth after World War II. Environmental policies were downplayed by the government and industrial corporations, because of this environmental pollution was widespread from 1950 1960. Finally in the 1970’s the government introduced several environmental protection laws. Due to the lack of resources the oil… View Article