Merry Christmas in Japan

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Japanese people are good at enjoying various festivals in the world. Christmas Day is one of the most popular holidays in Japan, and it’s also my favorite. The day is celebrated generally on December 25. Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan. Originally, it is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but most Japanese people disregard that because they don’t believe in any particular religion. Christians account for about only 1% of the total population of Japan.

However, the Japanese have adjusted Christmas to their own liking.

A few days before Christmas, we need to prepare a lot of things. The stores are crowded with Christmas shoppers every year. First, buy the gifts for exchanging with family and friends. I bought rose scented aroma candles for my mother and accessories for my friends. In addition, it’s important for children to write a letter to Santa Claus. Besides, the gorgeous decorations make the day more special. I usually place a Christmas tree with lovely ornaments and candles in my living room, and Christmas wreath on the door.

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Also, Christmas records can evoke a particular mood.

An interesting fact about Japanese Christmas is that we often listen to Daiku, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on December 25 or New Year’s Eve. I don’t know why, but the concert takes place every year. Instead of Daiku, I listen to Christmas songs by my favourite musicians. A delicious meal and Christmas cake are also an important element of the day.

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Many special dishes are sold at the department stores and supermarkets in the evening. First, roast a chicken, the standard main dish of Christmas, and order delivery pizza for young men. Next, make appetizers such as salad, smoked salmon, and soup.

Finally, buy or bake a Christmas cake which is a white sponge cake covered with whipped cream, topped with strawberries, and a small Santa Claus and the “Merry Christmas” plate are placed on it. As Christmas draws near, we’re already in high spirits. The day before Christmas is called Christmas Eve. Practically, people enjoy the holiday over two days. In the morning, children discover the present from their parents put on bedside. Maybe, it is the main event for children. Later, people go out and do some shopping with their family or friends during the day. After the night falls, couples get together at famous illuminated areas.

At the end of the day, everyone enjoy sharing foods, exchanging gifts or Christmas cards, playing special games, and talking with people. Although the holidays have meanings and roots, I think it is not so important at least in Japan. Christmas is less a religious occasion and more a commercial event here, but there’s no doubt that we’re great lover of celebrations. We can enjoy other cultures in our own way. I don’t know how to celebrate Christmas in other country, but we’re very happy to celebrate Christmas every year. It’s important to enjoy and to take a flexible attitude to foreign holidays.

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