My Favourite Person in Japanese History: Sakamoto Ryoma

In Japanese history their a lot of people who have contributed much towards its growth. Some have been in power for long periods of time, others short. In its history, Sakamoto Ryoma has done a lot for the country. He gave up himself both physically, mentally and also forcefully towards the growth of the country. Ryoma lived for only 31 years, during those years he made Japan grow politically, economically, and culturally which are the faces of any country.

Sakamoto Ryoma was born on 3 rd January 1836.

Being born by poor parents, Ryoma remained in a class of poor people in Japanese which was named kashi. In Japanese history, the poor class and rich class were treated differently and also were separated. Due to this reason, Ryoma was registered in a private school but he did not make up to end. Later he was enrolled in fencing classes but also he dropped out due to being bullied. Ryoma trained as a swordsman and by the time he was adulthood he was swordmaster.

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He ended training other students as head master of the school.

Sakamoto was mostly involved in politics of Japan. His political career started after he finished his swords studies. The group arranged the assassination of Yoshinda Toyo, but Ryoma had left the group when assassination was made. Since Ryoma had a future for Japanese politics he had to leave his clan through the alias. Saitani umetaro was the name of the alias arranged by Ryoma to help him change his clan since people were not allowed to do so.

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Ryoma helped in strengthening Japan’s military, therefore he started working as an assistant to Katsu.

Ryoma had brought Japan to peace when he negotiated between Choshu and Satsuma, the two provinces that were historically enemies. Ryoma was named the father of the imperial Japanese navy, later he formed a private navy in order to bring down Tokugawa. But later he step down by himself having peaceful japan. Due to interest in democracy, Ryom wanted to introduce democratic policies in Japan bt did not make it.

Since Ryoma’s existence up to now has developed the culture so much. Sakamoto has inspired many people in culture a lot. Through him, they came up with different television drama series, novels, and also films. He has infused people to compose songs where he the theme. From mobile games have been created also.

Apart from what Ryoma did for Japan he was assassinated on the 10th of December 1867. Ending up surviving for only 31 years but done a lot for Japan. Sakamoto Ryoma remains my favorite individual in the Japanese history from before and in years to come.

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