Why Is Japanese Anime so Popular Worldwide Essay

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Why Is Japanese Anime so Popular Worldwide

We are now in 2010, the sixteenth year of Detective Conan, or in America called Case Closed. Only few of you, I guess, were not accompanied by this animation in the past of your lives. Undoubtedly Japanese anime has been a hurricane sweeping across the globe. So, why is Japanese anime so popular worldwide? Basically, Japanese animation is geared to meet the needs of different age groups. Properly classified, citizens ranging from the youngest to the eldest can find the one to their taste. For example, children prefer Chi-bi Maruko and Doraemon while adults take more interest in naruto.

No wonder the Japanese anime is honored as one of the most complete, the most comprehensive, the most competitive industries in Japan. Another advantage is its astonishing perfection in animation-making. Above all, characters in Japanese anime are shaped with sensuality. Besides, each and every detail in any frame has been polished discreetly. Dub actors are another essential role in the play. They breathe vitality into the characters and change them into the living in reality instead of the dead in paper. At last, only when background music is factored in can we recognize an animation as accomplished.

Figures as brush, dub actors as colors, background as decoration, that’s how a masterpiece worked out. Thirdly, the inner of Japanese anime presents its real charm. On one hand, they draw materials from diverse cultures. As Dale Carnegie said, men are addicted to what they are familiar with. Thus, when we find elements of our own culture it becomes acceptable. On the other hand, Japanese firm belief in infinite potentials in human beings is impressive. In American blockbusters, heroes are born to be perfect and superman is commonly seen.

The characters in Japanese anime, on the contrary, are born as normal as we spectators. They succeed through hard working more than talent and are similar to us in many ways. The attached imaginations are arranged to a nicety. It aims at stimulating people to realize themselves and break limits set for human. In short, Japanese anime is right going global. Why is Japanese anime so popular worldwide? Because it caters for all public, and it combines aesthetic pictures with beautiful sounds and paraphrases the Japanese soul. Therefore, Japanese anime deserves a high prestige.

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