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Consciousness Essay Examples

Essay on Consciousness

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1. Explain how the use of substances alters a person’s state of consciousness, including depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. Include in this explanation what happens to the neurotransmitters and body chemicals as well as how you might recognize whether a person at work or in your family is in an altered state of consciousness due to the influence of drugs. Stimulants can be used to speed up the central nervous system making a person fell more alert and aware of their…...

Absorbent Mind essay

Absorbent Mind Mind- “The human consciousness that originate in the brain & is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory & imagination. The collective conscious and unconscious process in a sentiment organism that directs & influence mental & physical behaviour.” Guideline by Navadisha Child’s aim:- Reproduction of adult or Self Construction In child development Physical characteristics always accompanied with psychological characteristics. One of these characteristics is ‘Absorbent mind’. Aim of first plane - Independence & Adaptation For Achieving aims…...

The effects of personality on sports performance

Personality Personality is all of our characteristics added together to make each person unique. The effect personality has on sports performance has interested sports psychologists since the 1800’s, however conclusive evidence on whether personality directly affects personality has not been found. Athletes show their own unique patterns of behaviour whilst participating in sports performance. Many psychologists believe that the quality of performance and sport participation are determined by personality. A psychologist called Allport said personality is, ‘What a man really…...

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The Human Memory

Memory refers to processes which are used to obtain, store and later retrieve information. Encoding, storage, and retrieval are the three main processes involved in memory. Encoding is how we form new memories by changing information into a usable form. After the information has been encoded, it then will be stored for later use. Most of the stored memories will lie outside of our own awareness until we later need to use it. The retrieval process is what allows us…...

Mental Duality and Idea of Single Mind

Everyone is familiar with the famous Rubin face-vase drawing, a black and white print in which one can simultaneously perceive faces by focusing on the black ink or a vase by focusing on the white. If I announce that this is a picture of a vase, am I right? However you announce you see a picture of two faces, are you right? Who’s right? Are we both right? Or are we both wrong? Is it right and wrong; good and…...

Carl Jung: The Undiscovered Self

The book of C.G Jung “The Undiscovered Self” was written during the cold war concerning communism. He saw during this time the trend toward collectivism as the utmost threat to the individual self. He expresses grief over the adoption of mass mindedness, and encourages its psychic depreciation. Witnessing the physical and psychological destruction of war, Jung provides the reader his analytic interpretation of the incomparable loss of self in the intrusion of secular religion and social collectivism. Jung shows that…...

Self analysis through swot johari window

The Johari Window model is a simple and useful tool for illustrating and improving self-awareness, and mutual understanding between individuals within a group. The Johari Window tool can also be used to assess and improve a group's relationship with other groups. The Johari Window model was developed by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in the 1950's, while researching group dynamics. Today the Johari Window model is especially relevant due to modern emphasis on, and influence of, 'soft' skills,…...

Closing a Person Centred Counselling Session

Explain the Importance of Closing a Session Each counselling session is likely to be emotive which will leave the client vulnerable to the outside world of the counselling room. Since some difficult topics are likely to be discussed and the client is likely to express a variety of emotions, it can be hard to bring a session to an end. Sometimes it can feel that the timing of the endings is insensitive to the clients needs. It is extremely important…...

The Importance of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion What is meant by Diversity see more:describe ways in which children and young people can experience prejudice and discrimination Diversity means people being different and varied having unique and different characteristics, including cultural speaking different languages and ethnic backgrounds. We all have different beliefs, religion we are all different size, shape, gender. We have to understand the importance and respecting individual’s “differences”. Two people are never the same, we have to respect that a certain person who has different…...

Brand consciousness

"This research study report is to assist Post Circle Limited of Canada in the exporting of diamonds to the Indian market." A brand is an offering from a recognized source. Brand name Awareness is more than merely a preference for brand names. The term high-end was restricted to just the abundant and the elite, however today in India, disposable incomes and of middle class and upper middle class are increasing. The customers in India are likewise really brand Mindful. The…...

Rationalism vs. Irrationalism

Jane Evans was spending a week at the Crown Point Ward girls camp. She and her friends were laughing and enjoying the crisp night air. They giggled and talked of crushes on boys and gossiped all night about the notorious girls at school. But the fun stopped when a rat bit one of the girls. Screaming, squirming and frightened, they worried and stayed awake for the remainder of the night. Unable to sleep, they decided to go indoors, to avoid…...

The themes of class and class consciousness

The themes of class and class consciousness, as seen in Pride and Prejudice, strictly regulate the daily lives of middle and upper class men and women at this period in England. In her novel, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen portrays class-consciousness mainly through the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth as it was from when they first met until the time when Elizabeth visits Pemberley . Austin also shows class-consciousness through many of the other characters in the novel, such as…...

Consciousness In "To The Lighthouse"

Stream of consciousness is a modernist narrative technique that attempts to create the illusion that the reader is experiencing the unstructured flow of observations, ideas, memories, and associations that occur in the mind of the fictional character. The stream is often illogical and puzzling in its apparent disorganization, but some patterns of association, habits of thought or recurrent images begin to emerge, providing indications of the overriding fears, preoccupations and interests of the character. The stream of consciousness tries to…...

"We Were the Mulvaneys" by Joyce Carol Oates

The book, "We Were the Mulvaneys" by Joyce Carol Oates, is the story of an "all American family" that falls apart after their daughter is raped. The father, who once had a successful roofing company, lets his business slide and devotes his life to alcohol and law suits, and the three brothers either abandon the family or try to find a method of gaining vengeance for their sister. This particular excerpt describes a scene by the brook, where the youngest…...

Double Consciousness and Their Eyes Were Watching God

Zora Neale Hurston novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God is a very important piece of literature written in the late 30’s which told the story of a woman and her struggle and quest as a black person, a woman and most importantly, a human being with unique goals and desires. The story followed an ambitious woman and her quest for self-realization and self-discovery together with her experiences as wives and partners of numerous men. William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, a…...

Dream Interpretation

Dreams connote several things about a person and about their lives. Dream can be related to what people aspire as they grow up or what their ambitions are. Other defines dreams as what people usually thinks of, what things usually occupy their minds. It is the different visions, thought and sensations that individuals have in their minds while they sleep (Washington. edu 1). The formation of dreams occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) while sleeping. It is when the…...

Philosophy I Think Therefore I Am

'Cogito ergo sum', meaning I think therefore I am, Rene Descartes is the man credited to these few words. The quote originally written in French, comes from The Discourse on Method, but also appears written as the famous Latin, “Cogito ergo sum,” in his Meditations on First Philosophy, which was an attempt to find foundational truths for knowledge. The book contains six meditations that attempt to discover what is real by first doubting absolutely everything and starting from scratch. In…...

Two Psychological Approaches To Health And Social Care

Evaluate two psychological approaches to health and social care service provision Both psychological and Behaviourist approaches have difference but however similarities two. Both psychodynamic and behavioural approaches are quite different in terms of supporting whether personality is largely inborn or learnt from others. The psychodynamic approach argues experiences in childhood influences on the development of adult personality without their consciousness. The founder of psychodynamic approach who is Freud (1969) suggests the psychodynamic approach consists of three parts the preconscious, the…...

An analysis of an event from the “Palace of the Peacock”

Among all the events, the most defining moment in the novel is its ending – when the journey of the crew and Donne seemingly ends in an abstract presentation of the expedition leader’s submission to both consciousness and imagination. As an end to their journey upriver, Donne who was originally a symbol of absolute power seemed to surrender to a dream signifying his multiple but coexisting identities. His once total identity and concrete goal signified by the sun metaphor was…...

Do We Have Free Will?

There are several definitions to the question of free will that could be considered. However from a scientific point of view, the argument leans towards whether free will should be a neurological element, or the conception of conscious thinking and decision making; a process that although has a biological aspect, the actual cause of the act is done by choice, and the free will is the decision maker; within the limits and boundaries set by society. In essence, it is…...

Philosophy Of Mind

1. Rene Descartes explored the mysteries of the mind and its origin. The mind and body problem is the enigmatic question of how the immaterial mind can interact with our material bodies. Substance dualism was the theory Descartes proposed to explain this contradiction. Descartes theory of substance dualism states that the world is divided into two distinct parts. The first part consists of the objects of the physical world. The second part of Descartes' proposed dichotomy is human consciousness. Descartes…...

Philosophy & Husserl on intersubjectivity

According to Husserl, inter subjective experience plays a vital role in the constitution of the self as subjects that exist objectively, other experiencing object and the objective world governed by space and time. That’s why transcendental phenomenology tries to reconstruct the basic rational structures that enable constitutive achievements. From a first person perspective, intersubjectivity occurs when people undergo acts of empathy because an intersubjective experience is highly empathetic. This is because it occurs in the course of person’s consciousness and…...

Effects of Listening Music

Walking on street in urban cities will reveal some facts about music and its effects to human. Whenever looking to street one encountering with somebody listening music that somehow making feel him good or happy. As the music spread throw world, its benefits start to reveal itself. The author Elizabeth Scott states in “Is music a good tool for health?” that music has many beneficial effects. The effects of music are many in quantity and I intend explore and discuss…...

Counselling Psychology

During the history of psychology and counselling a wide range of attitudes and approaches have been developed in order to provide individuals with the ability to explore his or her inner world through varied strategies and modes of interaction. The aim was to increase the level of awareness as well as the level of motivation and changes (Sarnoff, 1960). According to Stefflre & Burks (1979), Counselling doesn’t just occur between two people, “it denotes a professional relationship between a trained…...

Self Awareness Explanation

Self-awareness is having a clear understanding of your personality-- physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual elements. This includes your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, knowledge, experience, skills, feelings, habits, mindsets, feelings, motivations, and views. Self-awareness allows you to comprehend yourself more, how other individuals view you, and how you relate and react to them. Such knowledge allows you to make modifications in your character that can enhance the direction in your life and lead you to success in your studies, career,…...

"What Mary Didn’t Know"

The knowledge argument aims to refute physicalism, the belief that the world is entirely physical. Physicalism, also known as materialism, is the view that an individual’s experiences are subjective as it follows the strain of the conscious mind. It plays with the idea that an individual’s understanding of the world could be fulfilled through physical means. In the text What Mary Didn't Know, Jackson relays the hypothetical story of a scientist named Mary who was said to have developed a…...

Id, Ego and Superego by Sigmund Freud

According to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, personality is composed of three elements. These three elements of personality, known as the id, the ego and the superego, work together to create human behaviors. According to Freud, we are born with our Id. The id is an important part of our personality because as newborns, it allows us to get our basic needs met. Freud believed that the id is based on our pleasure principle. In other words, the id…...

Personal Identity - Philosophy

It is easy to see oneself as the same person we were ten, twenty, or fifty years ago. We can define identity through our physical presence, life experiences, memories, and mental awareness of self. One can testify our persistence as a person through our existence as a person. But what makes us the same person? In this paper, I will argue for the “simple” view of the persistence of identity – that it is impossible to determine what single thing…...

Cinderella: A Story of Sibling Competition and Oedipal Conflicts

Bruno Bettelheim, the author of "Cinderella: A story of Sibling Competition and Oedipal Conflicts," thinks that Cinderella is among the very best fairytales of all time due to the fact that the tale has a deeper significance than what fulfills the eye and it is something that everybody can relate with at some point in their life. Being a Freudian psychologist, Bettelheim thinks that a person's conscious mind takes the fairytale for stated value, while the exact same person's unconscious…...

Psychology Manipulation

At a psychological level, the art of manipulation primarily involves two things: concealing aggressive intentions and behaviors and knowing the psychological vulnerabilities of your opponent well enough to know what tactics are likely to be the most effective weapons against them. Psychological manipulation is most often accomplished through covert-aggression or aggression that is so carefully veiled or so subtle that it’s not easily detected. Manipulators want what they want and fight hard to attain their goals. But the tactics they…...

Eco- School Project

This is what all parents worried about. Well, all parents want their child to be in a safe and comfortable environment. So, this is why Eco- School Project stand for. The aim of eco- school project is to raise awareness among the students on the environmental issue and world perspectively. Locally right now there are only 2 schools are involved in the eco- school project . Our school was one of it. Currently, our school have conducted some activities for…...

Winton Smith, 1984

Select a character from a novel or play who conforms outwardly while questions inwardly. Analyze the nature and elements of this internal conflict, and discuss how the tension between conformity and defiance contributes to the meaning of the work. Winston Smith, the protagonist of Orwell’s 1984 is an example of an everyday citizen in Oceania who obeys the rules of the government but questions them inwardly without speaking up. He is described as the only hope for the totalitarian system…...

Reaction Paper on Personality Theory

If you were in this situation, how would you explain this mistake? Many of us might blame the slip on distraction or describe it as a simple accident. However, a psychoanalytic theorist might tell you that this is much more than a random accident. The psychoanalytic view holds that there are inner forces outside of your awareness that are directing your behavior. For example, a psychoanalyst might say that James misspoke due to unresolved feelings for his ex or perhaps…...

Carl Rogers' Core Conditions

During the 1950’s Carl Rogers developed three core conditions. These conditions continued to be developed by Rogers in the intervening years until his death in 1987. The aim of this essay will demonstrate an understanding of each condition and briefly discuss how they are applied in practice. The role of empathy will be reflected on and critically appraised. Carl Rogers developed three core conditions, Emapthy, Congruence (realness) and Unconditional Positive Regard. These conditions are at the core of person centred…...

Mindset and Mental Transformation of Images

The experiment tries to show that individuals can not only produce images but also mentally transform them. They present the topics with 2 3D line-drawing of random block shapes. The subjects are asked to decide if the 2 images are the exact same object by pressing 2 different secrets on the keyboard. In many cases the two images are the same item with one rotated by some degree. In other cases the two images are mirror images that are comparable…...

Concept of time

Time seemed to be an important aspect that influences the well-being of the elderly in the study. Time consciousness cannot be ignored when one considers the subjective experience of well-being among the institutionalized aged. The finding showed that many of them had a keen awareness of time or awareness of the present. According to their administrators, a few of them felt the urgency to make the best use of the remaining time in their life: to get closer to God…...

FAQ about Consciousness

Why is the initial consultation in hypnotherapy so important

...In this essay I have included the ethics and also the different theoretical approaches which have to be considered when carrying out an initial consultation and it is very clear to see that the pros outweigh the cons. The initial consultation is a fa ...

What is the concept of self in interpersonal communication

...● First, we are more likely to believe another’s statement if he or she repeats some- thing we have heard several times. If one person casually tells us we have a talent for singing, we are not likely to launch a search for an agent and a recordi ...

Why media is termed "consciousness industries"?

...1.Graeme Turner and Stuart Cunningham, The Media and Communication in Australia Today2.Giddens A. 2001, Sociology, 4th Edition, Polity Press, Cambridge3.Newman D. M., 2004, Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, 5th edition, Pine For ...

What Defines Sane and Crazy?

...Though he is generally of a rational sane mind at the beginning of the book there are a few occasions where the cracks start to show and you can catch glimpses of his "insanity" can be seen such as when Stradlater takes Jane out one night on a date a ...

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