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The Seriousness of Concussions in High School Sports
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Pages • 4
Broken bones are taken very seriously in today’s world, but what about injuries people cannot see? Traumatic brain injuries are currently becoming increasingly common, with a majority of them being caused by sports. Both professional and high school athletes suffer from traumatic brain injuries, one of the most common ones being a concussion. Concussions are unable to be seen and can be caused by a hit to the head or an impact that is absorbed by the head. They have…...
ConcussionConcussions In Sports
Correlation Between Concussions and the Sport of Football
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Pages • 4
Football is considered the American pastime and has created a name across the globe. However, this “great” organization has a controversial background. The NFL claimed to not be aware of the distinct correlation between concussions and the sport of football. They related concussions on the same level as “an everyday football injury and mentioned in the same stories as broken bones and pulled muscles”. They feared that the game of football would gain a dangerous reputation would would cause them…...
ConcussionConcussions In SportsFootballFootball Concussions
How Concussions Affect the Game of Football?
Words • 1049
Pages • 5
One team just got blindsided and is now lying on the ground unconscious. He clearly has a concussion, but what will be the effects of that concussion? The impact of concussions and their relationship to playing football has become a major topic of public health concern. Recent studies have attempted to identify the lasting effects of concussions, determine the link between concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), ways to adapt the rules of football to limit the number of concussions,…...
ConcussionConcussions In SportsFootballFootball Concussions
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Why Cheerleading Should be Considered a Sport?
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By definition, a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment (Roenigk, 38).” Although cheerleading fits the criteria of being a sport, there had been a large debate over deciding if cheerleading is a sport or not. The topic has been a controversial one for decades, however, cheerleading has proved to be not only a sport but one the most dangerous sport known to man. Cheerleading…...
Concussions in American football
Words • 1825
Pages • 8
Abstract The purpose of this study is to gain information and insight into the effects that brain injuries have on football athletes. As well as, the safety measures that have been placed to help lower those harmful injuries on the field and their effectiveness. For this study, the Mesquite Independent School District’s 5 high school football teams will be examined during a football season. Players will be between the ages of 14 to 18 years of age. Programs should do…...
American FootballConcussionHealthNervous System
Football and Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know
Words • 1564
Pages • 7
Why is the football one of the most beloved sports in the United States? That is because Football is one of the most exciting sports due to all the violence that happens during every game. Everyone loves and lives for those vicious hits between players but this of course has its consequences of leaving some of the players very badly injured permanently or even dead in some major cases. Even though the football players are aware of the dangers and…...
BrainConcussionFootballMedicineNervous System
Concussions and Domestic Violence in the NFL
Words • 1620
Pages • 7
The amount of legal trouble that NFL players are in from violence is a direct cause of multiple concussions and hypoxia injuries to the brain according to one famous pathologist. However additional research shows that there may be other underlying causes such as drug and alcohol abuse or the genetic disposition of the players. A concussion is a sort of stressful brain injury that results from multiple blows to the head. Concussions occur when a player gets knocked by another…...
AggressionConcussionDomestic Violence
Schools Fail to Protect Student Athletes from Concussions
Words • 1994
Pages • 8
Each year thousands of students across U.S. schools are being injured while participating in school sport programs. It is reported that seven million high school athletes participate in high school sports thus making them the largest group of athletes at risk for suffering concussions and their related consequences (Doucette 503). An astonishing forty-six percent of emergency room visits are for sports-related concussions for adolescents ages 14-19 (Valovich 131). Even though it is not life-threatening, adolescents who are suffering from concussions…...
AdolescenceBeing A Student AthleteConcussionMedicineSchool
Heads Up: Concussion in High School Sports
Words • 446
Pages • 2
For the purpose of this essay, the topic I have chosen to discuss is head injuries, specifically concussions, obtained while playing sport. Within this topic, I will discuss the long-term effect, short-term effects, and the dangers of returning to play after such injuries. “Concussion is an injury associated with sports and is most often identified with boxing, football, ice hockey, and the martial arts” (Powell,2001). With that said, a study carried out by McCrory et al (2013) has suggested that…...
ConcussionConcussions In SportsHigh schoolMedicineMental HealthNervous System
Most of the decisions I have made in my career have been
Words • 1562
Pages • 7
Most of the decisions I have made in my career have been data-driven. But sometimes, I had to make decisions with time or information constraints that required making judgement calls not susceptible to analysis. I want to present one such judgement call that I made recently and describe the decision-making rationale behind it.Problem StatementAs a Product Analyst at Brightlamp, I had to identify and prioritize target markets to devise market entry methods for Brightlamp's patented technology called Reflex. Reflex is…...
CareerConcussionDecisionsHealthMedicineNervous System
Concussions are becoming more prominent in the world of football It is
Words • 1433
Pages • 6
Concussions are becoming more prominent in the world of football. It is increasingly common nowadays to hear about professional football players missing time due to concussions. Is it a coincidence that recently the media has picked up on the severity of concussion-related injuries due to football or has the NFL kept it quiet for so many years? It was not until the mid 1990s when the NFL took action on Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI). The league started in the…...
History Of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Psychology
Words • 1503
Pages • 7
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a syndrome of emotional lability, Parkinsonism, ataxia, and cognitive impairment suffered by athletes who undergo repetitive concussive and subconcussive blows to the head (Cantu 2007). Owing to its initial discovery in boxers, CTE has been various known as “punch drunk,” “dementia pugilistica,” and “psychopathic deterioration of pugilist.” This paper will discuss the history of research into this fascinating topic, starting with the first descriptions in the medical literature and covering the progress made in understanding…...
Concussions in the NFL – Communication Studies
Words • 2299
Pages • 10
Communication Studies Concussions in the NFL Recently in the NFL, the issue of concussions has been thrusted into the spotlight, and for good reasons. From the 2009 season to the 2010 seasons, the amount of concussions increased by twenty-one percent denoting a serious problem in the NFL . The current NFL guideline regarding concussions is vague and needs to be changed. Currently the rule simply states that upon having a concussion, the player should not come back until he is…...
Mark Twain- A Ghost Story Vocabulary
Words • 338
Pages • 2
solitude the state of being alone grope search blindly or uncertainly grate a frame of iron bars to hold a fire bygone belonging to an earlier time reverie (n) state of being lost in thought pathos a quality that arouses emotions (especially pity or sorrow) profound of the greatest intensity torpid mentally or physically inactive; lethargic dismal depressing; causing gloom or misery; causing bad feelings placid calm or quiet; undisturbed vast very great or very large extent; immense palsy paralysis…...
A Ghost StoryConcussionMark Twain
Football is dangerous?
Words • 1206
Pages • 5
Football is an all American sport that has led to the downfall of many great athletes who have suffered from the sport in a psychological and physical manner. Football is a dangerous sport that is only played by one country, the U. S. A. Realistically, banning the sport is almost near impossible, but there should be regulations to the sport if that people would have to meet in order to insure safety and knowledgeable facts about the sport. Football is…...
Informative Speech Outline about Traumatic Brain Injurys
Words • 722
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Informative essays
Introduction Traumatic Brain Injury’s are an injury that we are still finding out new information on. The extent of this in sports is also on a significantly more extreme level. The question I’m investigating and informing the audience of is whether or not the NFL taken appropriate measures in concussion prevention and rehabilitation? B) Tie this in with my own personal experience of having two concussions and the emotional and physical effects it had on me. My dad’s hockey career…...
BrainConcussionConcussions In SportsInjury
Cardiovascular and Immune/Lymphatic Systems
Words • 1178
Pages • 5
1. What signs and symptoms did Greg exhibit when he was in the house? Some signs and symptoms Greg experienced were thirst, dizziness, and turgor. 2. Was Mrs. Myron correct when she said that Greg was dehydrated? Which signs and symptoms are consistent with this notion? Mrs. Myron thought that it was not necessary to seek medical treatment. Do you think she was correct? I believe Mrs. Myron was correct when she said Greg was dehydrated. All his signs and…...
Football Concussions – Cases
Words • 2696
Pages • 11
Football is America’s most popular sport. Whether it is a child’s Pee Wee football game, or watching an NFL Sunday night game, we Americans cannot get enough of our football. Over two-hundred million independent viewers watch the NFL every year (Easterbrooke). With all this demand for football, it is hard to see the physical toll the game takes on the players that entertain us. There is a seventy-five percent chance that a football player will sustain a concussion during their…...
ConcussionFootball ConcussionsHealth
Concussions and Football
Words • 1055
Pages • 5
Every year, when summer begins to wind down and the children are getting ready to go back to school, football season is ready to ignite. The NFL professionals have been practicing for a little while now and the high schools and youth leagues are ready to suit up as well. Football in some families is considered a passage to life for many boys. Many players step onto the field with all of their protective gear, never even considering how dangerous…...
A Child Or Young Person Is Injured and Unwell
Words • 380
Pages • 2
Identify The Signs And Symptoms Which May Indicate That A Child Or Young Person Is Injured Or Unwell. The child may complain to the teacher that they don’t feel well or they feel tired, the child’s appearance maybe they look tired, pale and worn out. Also the child may have a high temperature; the child doesn’t take part in any activities and the child keeps saying they want their mum or dad. The child vomits, coughs for a long period…...
NFL Concussions and Their Long-Term Effects
Words • 1803
Pages • 8
On May 2, 2012, the National Football League lost one of its elite players to suicide: Junior Seau. Seau played for the Chargers, Dolphins, and the Patriots during his professional football career and was a 12-time Pro Bowler before retiring in 2009. Three years after his retirement however, Seau committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a gun. This greatly shocked the football world and its image of Junior Seau as a person, but it soon realized the…...
TNS Assignment – Emergency Department
Words • 930
Pages • 4
A 23-month-old infant with a heart condition presented to the ED. The physician examined the infant and , after reviewing the patient's history of a heart condition, ordered a transport to a specialty cardiac hospital. This specialty hospital is 150 miles away from the current hospital. The physician accompanies the patient in the ambulance to monitor blood pressure and pulse oximetry and to review portable ECG tracings. It takes 1 hour and 44 minutes to transport the patient to the…...
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How Concussions Affect the Game of Football?
...This can lead to lead to more concussions, brain swelling, permanent brain damage, and even death. Concussions are serious and can be dangerous. The long term effect of repeated concussions can lead to serious health problems, CTE, and even death. Va...
Why Cheerleading Should be Considered a Sport?
...Bagnulo, Angela. “Cheerleading Injuries: A Narrative Review of the Literature.” Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, vol. 56, no. 4, Dec. 2012, pp. 292–298. EBSCOhost,
Football and Brain Injuries: What You Need to Know
...When you play sports you should always be careful because you’re never safe from injury especially in a high contact sport like football. The athletes who play football should not only be better protected but should be educated about the effects a ...

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