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Impacts of needle exchange programs
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The needle exchange program is a social program that facilitates the provision of clean needles for use during drug administration and safe disposal of used needles and used condoms beside provision of health advice and treatment services to the sick. The program was activated by the spread of Hepatitis B and the spread of HIV pandemic that were claiming more lives. The program helped in reducing the spread of HIV and Hepatitis through the provision of sterilized needles and syringes…...
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Sexually Transmitted Dse
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What Are STDs? STDs are sexually transmitted diseases. This means they are most often -- but not exclusively -- spread by sexual intercourse. HIV, chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, some forms of hepatitis, syphilis, and trichomoniasis are STDs. STDs used to be called venereal diseases or VD. They are among the most common contagious diseases. More than 65 million Americans have an incurable STD. Each year, 15.3 million new cases are reported; half of these infections are lifelong. *…...
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Hepatitis A
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I. Overview Hepatitis is a disease that causes inflammation to the liver. The liver is the largest glandular organ within of human body. It plays the most important function as filter to purify and cleanse our body from anything it ingests as part of the digestive system. Some of its functions include detoxifying alcohol, drugs, pathogens, environmental toxins, and hazardous microorganisms that enter our body whether orally or epidermally. The liver cells remove  soluble substances from the necessary nutrients such…...
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Does Cerumen have a risk for transmission of diseases?
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I learned in the A & P course that ear wax (or cerumen) is a waxy secretion by ceruminous gland (= modified sebaceous gland), mixed with sloughed epithelial cells, which inhibits the growth of certain bacteria due to its acidic pH. It also protects the skin of the external auditory canal by providing a waterproof layer, so, it's something beneficial to us. Sure enough, there appear to be a number of articles written to support this - "Bactericidal activity of…...
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Hepatitis B Virus
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Hepatitis B is a global health problem, it is a liver infection that can cause serious complications and is potentially life threatening arising from the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). This paper will provide an overview of hepatitis B, including demographic information, determinants of health, the epidemiological triangle, the role of the community health nurse and a national organization that addresses the communicable disease.Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver caused by HBV; the infection can be classified as acute…...
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Orlando Garcia, Jr. vs. Ranida and Ramon Salvador
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FACTS: Participant Ranida Salvador underwent a medical examination at the Neighborhood Diagnostics Center (CDC) as a requirement for regular employment. Garcia, a medical technologist, performed the HBs Ag (Hepatitis B Surface area Antigen) test. On October 22, 1993, CDC released the test result suggesting that Ranida was "HBs Ag: Reactive." The outcome bore the name and signature of Garcia as examiner and the rubber stamp signature of Dr. Castro as pathologist. When Ranida sent the test result to Dr. Sto.…...
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AIDS and Needles
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Becton Dickinson, one of the largest manufacturers of medical supplies, dominates the US market in disposable syringes and needles. In 2005, a nurse, Maryann Rockwood (a fictional name), used a Becton Dickinson 5cc syringe and needle to draw blood from a patient known to be infected with HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus). Ms. Rockwood worked in a clinic that served AIDS patients, and she drew blood from these patients several times a day. After drawing the blood on this particular day,…...
AidsHepatitisHepatitis B
Admitting diagnosis: Egtopic pregnancy
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Chief Complain: The patient presents in the emergency this morning, complaining of lower abdominal pain. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: the patient states that she has been having vaginal bleeding more like spotting over the past month, she denies the chance of pregnancy although she states she is sexually active and using no birth control. Gynecologic History: Patient is graved to par 1 abortus 1. her only child is a year old 15 year old daughter who lives in Texas that…...
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