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Overview of Dengue Virus
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Dengue virus is a positive sense single stranded RNA virus belonging to the Flaviviridae family. Dengue virus are classified into four phylogenetically and antigenetically distinct serotypes-serotype 1,2,3 and 4 (Holmes and Twiddy, 2003). Dengue is an enveloped virus with the enveloped coat derived from host cell lipid bilayer. Dengue virus genome is made up of 11kb long single positive- sensed RNA molecule encoding 10 proteins including 3 structural proteins, capsid (C), Membrane (M), envelope (E) and 7 nonstructural proteins (NS)…...
classification of virusDengue Virus
Machine Learning Approach to Identify Nipah Virus
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Pages • 3
According to a survey, it was reported that a total of 19 Nipah virus (NiV) cases, including 17 deaths had occured in Kerala. 18 of these cases were confirmed in the laboratory. Today machine learning has come up with a way to help identify bats that are prone to carry the Nipah virus. A team of scientists, whose research was funded by the National Science Foundation’s Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) program, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s…...
classification of virus
Jonas Salk – Virusology
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This paper discusses the work of Jonas Salk who discovered the vaccine to eradicate polio From the beginning of mankind, man has looked for cures of illness. Jonas Salk found a cure for one of the worst illnesses in the history of man, polio. Jonas Salk's polio vaccine was a great discovery of his time, and it is still being used today to eradicate polio worldwide. Dr. Salk is also known for other medical discoveries. He was a quiet man…...
Biologyclassification of virusFamous PersonHealthInfluenzaMedicine
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What is Rabies?
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Rabies is identified as a zoonotic disease due to the fact that it can be passed to humans as well as other animals. It is commonly known as the disease that causes the foaming at the mouth. rabies is actually a viral infection and extremely dangerous and almost certainly fatal in every animal/ human it infects. What does it do and what symptom does it cause? As it is virus and viruses can only survive inside a cell, it has…...
AnimalBiologyclassification of virusDiseaseInfectious DiseasesMedicine
Managing the Virus Hunters
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Pages • 2
A-1: * Vincent use technical, human, conceptual skills to maintain an environment that encourages innovation and professionalism among the virus hunter by recognizing his employees that can help the new product development of the company. * He know how to communicate, motivate and inspire his team * He understands the relationship of the companies’ subunits and visualizes how his thing fits into its broader. A-2 A. Vincent play the management role as he had weekly security briefing conference calls with…...
Businessclassification of virusCompanyCustomerHuman NatureManagement
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What is Rabies?
...Direct Contact: this is a major contributing factor to the spread of the disease and spreads it dramatically. It is where two or more animals touch and one is carrying the infection. Once nother animal become infected it inadvertently creates a chain...

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