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Exceptional Students
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Special children have considerably different needs depending on their health situations. Hence teaching these types of children is indeed a challenge especially to early childhood educators. Parents at first base may have a hard time accepting the fact that their children are mentally different from other children. This is the reason why the educators of such children are required to have exceptional strategic ways of assisting the special children as well. How would this problem be best resolved? How could…...
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BA HON’s Health and social care
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In this assignment the writer will locate a currently used safeguarding policy from the public domain. The writer will then develop a brief case study in relation to a vulnerable child. Brief case study regarding Mr Brown and Ms Webb; Mr Brown lives at home with his mother. He has Cerebral palsy that affects his movement and co-ordination, caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon after birth.(Krigger, K.W., 2006.) Mr Browns condition means he…...
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What is Cerebral Palsy?
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Background Cerebral palsy (CP) is defined as a neurological disorder caused by a non-progressive brain injury or malfunction, while the child's brain is under development. This condition persists for longer life and leads to disability throughout life. Common expressions of CP include but are not limited; The lack of coordination of the muscles when performing voluntary movements, strong or tight muscles and exaggerated awareness (flexibility), walking with a foot or leg pull, muscle tone, which is either very strict or…...
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Jiban Kada Ki Phool by Jhamak Kumari Ghimire
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I have recently read an interesting book named "Jiban Kada Ki Phool" written by Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, winner of Madan Puraskar-2068. It took her 4 years to complete and the book came in 2010. The book has been printed seven times in between two years making best Nepali seller. As the book is all about Jhamak Kumari Ghimire personal life, a girl who was born with disability thirty years ago and could not move her both hands limbs and feet.…...
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Cerebral Palsy
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Background and rationale of the study One of the leading cases of musculoskeletal trauma is fracture. Fractures are any break in the continuity of the bone. It usually occurs when the stress placed on a bone is greater than the bone can absorb. Muscles, blood vessels, nerves, tendons, joints and other organs may be injured when fracture occurs (Nettina, Sandra B. 2006). It can be caused by metabolic bone diseases such as osteoporosis, or as a result of direct force…...
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Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how they are interdependent
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It is important to remember that each area of learning and development does not work in isolation but they are all in fact interlinked. Good quality activities will cover more than one area of development. For example, allowing children to access the outdoors will not only support their physical development, but encourage their communication and exploration of their environment. Where a child experiences a delay in one area, it is likely to limit their learning and development in the other…...
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“My Left Foot” by Christy Brown
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"When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?'" -Sydney Harris One of the themes in My Left Foot is Christy Brown's struggles with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a disease that is caused from birth. Premature babies are most at risk for the disease, and most that are born with it do not cry in the first five minutes of birth unlike normal babies. The cause of the disease is still…...
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Business Aims and Objectives
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Knowing that you are taking a qualification at Bloomsbury Regional Technical College, you have been approached by several friends who would like you to help with the setting up of their businesses. You enjoy business because the subject constantly changes and you can see the relevance of all that you are learning. You can also apply what you are learning to different situations. a. Alice is thinking of setting up a small restaurant in a village two miles from the…...
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Congenital and Aquired Disabilities
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Centrality means looking at the individual as a whole and putting them at the centre of everything. Therefore person centred planning is an essential aspect of this. This should be holistic and focused on the individual’s needs, lives, history and preferences. By focusing on all aspects of an individual including aspiration will ensure their wellbeing and self¬-esteem is maintained. Person centred care aims to promote the independence and autonomy of an individual rather than focussing on their disability. Instead of…...
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How Disability May Affect Development?
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You should explain in detail how and why the disability affects development because disability affects children's development in different ways. That can be physically and sensory, social, emotional and behavioural and learning or cognitive. There's too many disabilities and conditions to list so I did write in general terms or make examples of specific types of disability eg Hearing impairment affects language and communication in that …. etc. ADHD affects behaviour and social development in that….etc. Emotional and social development…...
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Erickson stages of child development
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Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development is one of the best-known theories of personality in psychology. Erikson believed that personality develops in a series of stages. Erikson's theory describes the impact of social experience across the whole lifespan. Erikson theory focuses on physical, emotional, and psychological stages of development. According to Erikson personality developed in eight developmental stages throughout life span and the need of each stage must be met or resolved before the move to the next stage. If…...
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History of Special Needs Provision in Ireland
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Introduction The history of education for children with special needs in Ireland has been one of neglect and exclusion until there was a change in attitudes and policies. The government had no need for policies regarding education and care of children with additional needs because they were carried out by religious orders. Many children were sent away to hospitals, homes and even asylums. They were hidden away from society. There were three stages in relation to the education and care…...
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Ethics, Euthanasia and Canadian Law. Utilitarianism Theory, Morality
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Utilitarianism Theory Introduction v. Latimer Summary             The case study is about Mr. Latimer and the actions he did in the name of ending the pain and torture that Tracy, his twelve-year daughter, was going through. Tracy suffered from Cerebral Palsy; it was due to this that Tracy was quadriplegic. She was not able to do anything on her own and therefore used to rely on other people for assistance. Feeding herself was difficult; hence, it was the family’s responsibility…...
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FAQ about Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?
...Cerebral palsy is a real problem that affects us today. It is therefore important that more of society is made aware of the problem in order to alleviate cases of stigmatization and victimization. We all have a responsibility to be each other's keepe...
Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how they are interdependent
...It is important to focus on more than one area of development; this is why children with physical disabilities may also have a special worker helping them with the school work they have missed, so they do not get too far behind. From working in a chi...
How Disability May Affect Development?
...Cerebral palsy; cerebral palsy is a condition which affects the movement, posture and co-ordination of a person. A child/young person with this disability may only be affected physically with this disability while others could be affected by seizures...

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